The Best Kava Kava Supplements Explained

Kava has been around for centuries, and is used in Polynesia during social occasions of importance. However, it form has developed beyond grinding the root into a powder to mix with water, and you can now get a range of sophisticated kava kava supplements.

The best kava kava supplements are those which are high-quality, and easy-to-use. But that’s easier said than purchased, which is why so many people get a poor experience using kava.

So let’s talk a bit about what you should look for when you buy kava, what the best kava for anxiety is, whether kava kava capsules are worth the premium cost, and a bit about how kava feels. Plus, I’m going to tell you exactly where you can buy quality kava supplements.

What Is A Kava Kava?

Kava kava, basically mostly known as just kava, is available as powdered root. It’s also available in a concentrated format called micronized Kava.

A kava kava supplement is just extracted kava alkaloids in a different format other than standard medium grind powder. It is available in capsules, tablets, and other processed formats as a concentrated supplement.

In terms of what the best kava kava supplement is, that very much depends on what your needs are. However, it’s crucial that you buy a kava kava supplement from a specialist retailer who is not going to sell you poor quality kava.

How To Take Kava Supplements

How you take the kava supplement will depend on the kava supplement you have bought.

Let’s be clear here, traditional kava is a powder, that you mix with water to make a muddy tea. It doesn’t taste good, but it is the pure way to take kava.

Kava supplements are extracted Kava, which is then put into other forms. So it could be capsules, which you simply take like you would any other types of pill. Or it could be a concentrated form of Kava, known as micronized Kava, but you also drink, but you need far less of.

So if you’re looking for a traditional experience, where you are not going to get a high dose, and have full control over how much you take in, then sticking to kava powder that you drink is a good idea.

However, if you’re looking for a more powerful punch, or you want a more convenient way of taking it, then supplements Kava capsules and tinctures are ideal.

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What Does Kava Feel Like?

When you take a kava supplement, within about 15 minutes you will start to feel more relaxed. The level of relaxation will depend on how much you take, and the quality of the kava. It will also depend on whether your stomach is empty. Some people with a full stomach report that the kava effects are very few.

But generally, you will feel chilled out. Your worries will start to vanish, and although you won’t lose cognitive skills, unless you take a lot, you will feel very chilled.

Kava isn’t going to make you feel high, and it’s not going to give you significant pain relief either, it’s not in the same league as kratom. But in terms of chilling you out, relaxing you, and melting away worries, it is very effective, and with good quality kava you will feel slightly euphoric.

In terms of the best kava supplement, you’re looking at kava capsules mostly. Most of these capsules have between 50 and 500 mg of Kava extracted alkaloids in them. So you will need to take as few as one, or as many as half a dozen of these types of kava extract to feel the benefits.

The Best Kava For Anxiety

When it comes to determining the best kava of anxiety, you don’t really have to make a choice on a type, it’s about the quality of the kava and the dose.

Kava has undoubtedly been linked in several studies to having a very strong relaxation effects, and in these clinical trials, kava has been as effective at reducing anxiety levels in people with generalized anxiety disorder as effectively as pharmaceutical solutions.

The thing to be careful with is the dose. Too high a dose of kava could be counter-productive, because firstly, as you ease off the feelings, your anxiety could come back strongly. Secondly, if you take too much, you will build tolerance.

So in terms of using it for anxiety, you should use the bare minimum possible kava dose that you need for the reduction of your symptoms.

Are Kava Kava Capsules Worth Using?

Kava kava capsules are certainly worth using. This is especially true if you really don’t fancy drinking Kava powder mixed into a drink, because the taste can be very bitter. In fact, the word kava is Polynesian for bitter.

So sure, kava capsules and other supplements, can really help because they give you control dose, and without the taste and uncertainty.

The only thing you have to watch out for is the kava capsules tend to be a more concentrated form of using kava, because they contain concentrated extract. So you should always be very aware strength of the capsules you have, and use the bare minimum number to achieve the effect you want.

Kava Kava Vs CBD

I think it’s important to make clear that kava kava and CBD are very different animals. They are completely different in their composition, and the effects they can have.

As we’ve already discussed, kava supplements have the potential to ease anxiety. They make you feel calm, and they have an effect on the body and mind.

CBD does not do this. It does not have the active ingredients, the alkaloids, to give you that sense of calmness. The active alkaloid in marijuana does this is, it’s called THC, which works alongside CBD, but in CBD supplements, there is no THC.

So taking CBD is not going to calm you and give you a sense of well-being in the same way that kava does.

However, CBD is definitely safer to take on kava. Kava at high-dose can potentially interfere with daily functions like driving. High doses of kava have also been linked to negative side-effects, some of which are unproven, but which you should bear in mind.

However, having said how different kava and CBD are, they do both have potential properties that are very closely matched. For example, there is a growing body of evidence that kava and CBD can interact favorably with cancer cells, both in stopping them growing, and in reducing them, although this type of research is in its infancy.

On top of that, CBD does interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, that can help to level out neurological messages, helping with calmness, pain relief, and anxiety. But it does this in a different way to kava, where you will get the effects without feeling that little euphoric kick that kava delivers.

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Where To Buy Kava Supplements

I always give this advice, whether it’s kava, kratom or any other type of natural supplement. Always buy it from a reputable online retailer.

Headshops and other outlets do not store the supplements well, and they buy the cheapest possible to sell at the highest price. Likewise, online stores like Amazon and eBay mostly sell awful kava. That’s because the quality is not guaranteed, and it’s often bought from very poor sources, and stored poorly as well.

If you want to get started with kava, but don’t want to worry about the taste or mixing drinks, then I recommend you use capsules. sell very high-quality kratom capsules, obviously, but they also sell equally good quality kava capsules.

There’s obviously a price premium, but I can guarantee you that the quality of the kava you get will be absolutely first-class. They offer free shipping and a moneyback guarantee, and because they also sell kratom capsules if you are interested in both, you can double up and by kratom capsules alongside kava kava supplement capsules.