Could Shrooms Really Be The Safest Drug Out There?

In 2017, the Global Drug Survey concluded that shrooms or magic mushrooms actually posed the smallest threat to consumers. And, it offered a lot of medical promise.

The Study

Those that enjoy using magic mushrooms will be happen to know that they are one of the safest recreational drugs on the planet. The Global Drug Survey questioned more than 120,000 individuals across 50 countries. The survey was taken in 2016 and released the following year. The study focused on trying to determine the number of emergency treatments needed after people used an assortment of drugs. Surprisingly, magic mushrooms tend out to be the safest.

Magic Mushrooms Win

The survey ultimately concluded that the possible harms associated with using medical mushrooms was much lower than other drugs. LSD and cocaine were significantly higher. In fact, the rates of medical treatment for LSD and cocaine were approximately 5 times higher than mushrooms. 12,000 individuals had ingested magic mushrooms. Only .2% of these people needed medical attention. LSD was much higher at 1%. 28,000 individuals confirmed that they had taken mushrooms at some point during their life. 4/5 of the participants admitted that they had entered a psychedelic state after using these mushrooms.

What To Know About Magic Mushrooms

So, what exactly are magic mushrooms? The truth of the matter is that this term is used to cover a range of psychedelic mushrooms. They’re usually associated with causing hallucinations and allowing the user to enter an altered reality.

These mushrooms contain many similar ingredients, including baeocystin, psilocin, and psilocybin. These ingredients are actually available in tons of mushroom species. Just remember that each user is going to experience something different. The affects that you experience will depend on numerous things, including the setting, type of mushroom and the quantity that you consume.

Some people will actually hallucinate, while others will enter a euphoric state. It is also possible to experience a combination of these things and more. In the early days, these mushrooms played a vital role in cultural and ceremonial events. Today, mushrooms are frequently used recreationally.


What Makes Magic Mushrooms Safe?

Why are shrooms actually safe? Unlike the alternatives, there is one major difference. This specific recreational drug is completely natural. It is possible to experience some negative side effects, but they’re usually mild. Plus, you don’t have to worry about overdosing.

Each time you consume magic mushrooms, you’re going to experience something different. Each trip will deviate from the ones before it. The good news is that the risk of overdosing is slim to none. Just remember to use mushrooms with caution. Make sure that you’re in a safe environment and start with smaller doses in the beginning.

Non-psychedelic fungi may actually be riskier than magic mushrooms. Finding a sitter who will be happy to watch you while you trip is a good idea. This will ensure that you remain safe and sound throughout the duration of the trip.

Are There Any Dangers?

Anything you put into your body will pose some risks. Nevertheless, it is true that magic mushrooms tend to be much safer than other drugs. It is essential to keep the risks lower by avoiding using mushrooms with other drugs. To avoid problems, you should never mix mushrooms with alcohol or cocaine. If you do, you’re going to be at a much greater risk of getting injured along the way. It is also important to understand how magic mushrooms can impact you.

There is no doubt that they can create intense feelings of panic and paranoia.

These are just mental manifestations and nothing you have to worry about. Plus, you may be able to avoid these feels by using caution and avoiding a bad trip.

What To Know About Bad Trips

There is no doubt that some magic mushroom users are going to experience bad trips. This might not be good for them at the time, but it can help create conversations about this drug. While it might not be physically dangerous, you need to understand that magic mushrooms and other psychedelics are going to change the way you perceive things in life.

They can even cause you to remember things from the past. This may cause you to believe that you’re experience a bad trip when you’re not. To avoid problems, you should start with a low dosage and make sure you have a friend watch you during the trip.

dried shrooms

Can Magic Mushrooms Be Beneficial?

Whether or not you know it, magic mushrooms may actually offer benefits to consumers. Besides being fun for recreational purposes, the substances may actually be able to provide you with real medical benefits. Several studies have concluded that these mushrooms would actually be able to reduce the depression and anxiety commonly linked to cancer. It is also believed that psilocybin may actually be effective for treating certain psychological illnesses.

Plus, magic mushrooms will open you up to a whole new world. They’ll force you to have a real conversation with yourself. There are been some evidence that magic mushrooms can also improve memory and learning capabilities.

Using Caution

If you’re going to experiment with magic mushrooms, you really need to do so with some caution. After all, these mushrooms can cause some problems. Start by sticking with a very low dose. This will help you avoid having a bad trip right off of the bat. You’ll also want someone to watch over you. Choose a sober person who you can really trust. Also, never mix the mushrooms with other substances, unless it is marijuana.

What Should Consumers Know?

At the end of the day, there are some risks associated with magic mushrooms. Nevertheless, those risks are significantly lower than what you would expect from cocaine, heroin, and other dangerous substances. The recent Global Drug Survey has shed a little more light on magic mushrooms.

Still, consumers should do their own research. Magic mushrooms are night idea for everyone, but they’re a great option for many. The Global Drug Survey also concluded that marijuana or cannabis was actually the 2nd safest recreational drug.