Can Akuamma Powder Get You High?

With the legality of kratom increasingly under the spotlight, people are looking for alternatives. Akuamma is already linked to pain relief and opiate withdrawal benefits, but people looking for euphoria are wondering if there is an akuamma seeds high that can replace kratom.

So let’s take a look at what akuamma is, what its benefits are, and how it stacks up alongside kratom in terms of its effects, and especially its ability to produce a euphoric feeling and make you feel high.

I’ll also cover the right akuamma dosage you should be using, and also where you can buy high-quality akuamma seed powder, so you don’t get ripped off.

What Is Akuamma?

The Picralima nitida tree is common to central and western Africa. For centuries its seeds have been ground for use in tribal medicine and ceremonies.

It’s that medicinal quality that has worked most to make it popular, and why people in the West are increasingly turning towards it.

It has a natural anti-inflammatory property, and it also has an alkaloid in it called pericine, which has a pain relief ability far in excess of that of codeine.

Because of the fact it is an opioid antagonist, directly binding to the receptors but not activating them, it is also very good for alleviating the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.akuamma dosage

Kratom Vs Akuamma Euphoria

But let’s face it, one of the reasons people take kratom, both in the East and the West, is because it can have very strong effects. Red kratom can have the effect of sedation and analgesia, chilling you out and making everything feel great.

On the other side of that coin, most white kratom tends to be uplifting, like a huge caffeine hit, and in some strains at high-dose, it produces a high, a euphoria, that is used to lift you through the night.

But because of issues around legality, the hunt is already on for the next natural substance that could help achieve a natural, legal euphoric feeling.

Akuamma is one of the substances which is currently being put up against kratom by many people.

However, I’m going to say right here that if you’re looking for that real high, then akuamma is not the thing you are looking for.

At a high dose, yes it can make you feel relaxed, relieve a lot of pain, and even make you feel a bit out of it, but it’s not going to send you off on any sort of energized, euphoric journey, in the way kratom can. But its effects do last longer than kratom, which makes it ideal for opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Akuamma Dosage & Effects

So now we have established that akuamma is slightly different to kratom in terms of what it can be used for, we need to look at the akuamma dosage you need to get to the effects it’s best at giving.

Just a couple of grams is enough to give you a good level of pain relief, chill you out, and minimize your cravings, for up to 6 hours.

Double that, and you really will start to feel very different, and benefit from incredible levels of pain relief and the potential to eradicate opiate withdrawal symptoms.

As I said, a decent dose will give you good levels of pain relief, like taking half a dozen codeine, not the you should never do that. Plus feeling a little spaced out and numb, like when you take an opiate-based pain relief tablet.

But if you looking for a high, a buzz, extra energy and euphoria, then unless you mix it with kratom, akuamma is not what you’re looking for, there is very little in the way of any akuamma seeds high.

Akuamma seeds

Where To Buy Akuamma Powder

Okay, so you might get a little buzz, but you not going to get high on akuamma. But it will make you feel good, because it will relieve symptoms of pain, chill you out, and just allow you to do more.

In terms of wondering where to buy akuamma seeds or powder that are really good quality, and that don’t have any nasty stuff added, you’re going to need a reputable online retailer.

You can buy akuamma from Amazon, surprisingly. But when I did buy it from Amazon, it had no effects at all. Very little taste, which shocked me because I know it tastes really bad, no smell, and it just didn’t help with any pain. It was just really bad quality.

Just like kratom, if you want to buy akuamma powder, you’re going to need to get it from a specialist retailer.

I now always buy it from the same place I buy my kratom. It makes sense. If they are good at sourcing kratom, keeping it well, and delivering high-quality kratom, then they going to be just as good at giving you high quality akuamma powder.

If you’re just starting out, I would really recommend They sell high-quality kratom, and they also now sell really good akuamma seed powder as well.

In fact, they’ve gone one step further and they now sell a kratom alternatives variety pack. This contains sample bags of seven natural alternatives to kratom, including akuamma seed powder.

So if you’re looking for great place to start with experimenting with akuamma, kratom, or other alternatives, then their variety pack is actually great value, especially alongside free shipping and a moneyback guarantee.