Discovering the world of natural and artificial psychedelic herbs, along with mushrooms and leaves, that can give you a positive experience is a fantastic journey, if you get it right.

But there are so many types out there which have dramatically different effects, that unless you know you are doing then it can be messy and unrewarding.

When you add to the problems around knowledge and choice, the fact that nowadays there are an increasing number of herbal “legal highs” that are actually far more dangerous than illegal narcotics, and then throwing stuff like the fact that some new types of herbs are artificial and not actually natural at all, then it really does it confusing.

So whether it’s an artificial psychedelic herb, where something is coated in a psychoactive substance, or it’s something more traditional like magic mushrooms, then getting high quality information, especially as a newcomer, can be vital to having a good and safe experience.

Which means education is vital, and that’s why we have put together a great range of articles, reviews and resources so that you can navigate the minefield around which herbs are illegal, which are legal, which work, which don’t, and which are safe and which might not be.

Whether you are looking to achieve a deep transcendental state through a range of intense psychedelic experiences, or you simply looking to have a great time and do something new, then using this as a starting point on your journey will certainly help you to save money, not waste time, and keep yourself having fun while stay safe.