Is Salvia Divinorum A Better Hallucinogen Than DMT?

There really are countless ways that any given individual can experience a trip thanks to Salvia and DMT. Both of these natural occurring hallucinogens have grown extremely popular since their discovery. Both of these psychoactive substances can provide a non-synthetic window into another world.

People have been taking advantage of these substances for years and will continue to do so. That being said there is still a lot of debate regarding which substance can provide the most meaningful trip.

A Look At Salvia And DMT

Salvia is an herb that is a member of the sage family. It is most commonly found in two areas of Mexico. The plant is highly known to these local areas for its powerful hallucinogenic properties. It has been used by the local natives for a number of years number for religious and medical purposes.

In fact, use can be dated back centuries. It is the salvinorin A that really is the psychoactive substance in the plant. Some people have been quoted saying that Salvia is the most potent naturally occurring psychedelic drug available. And this is compared next to mescaline and magic mushrooms.

The Growth And Use Of Salvia

Salvia can be grown indoors or outdoors and it can also be turned into a tincture or extract. These forms of the psychoactive substance will produce greater hallucinations, but the most common method of consumption is the smoking of the leaves.

When the leaves are dried they can be smoked and when smoked the plant interacts with the brain through neurotransmitters. When smoked the effects are usually immediate and can last anywhere from five to ten minutes. Most people describe the experience as visually pleasant and introspective. The after effects can very from individual to individual.

However, the most commonly reported after effects are improved mood and feeling one with nature. Salvia is still legal in most states, you can buy Salvia divinorum online, however lawmakers try to outlaw it. It’s banned in many countries already.

Salvia divinorum vs dmt

A Little More About DMT

DMT is another powerful hallucinogen that has been utilized for centuries during religious ceremonies. DMT can naturally be found in many plants that are indigenous to South America. It is important to note that DMT can also be manufactured. Another interesting thing is that DMT is actually present in animals and in the human body.

It is actually produce by the pituitary gland. DMT can also be consumed in a number of ways, but the most common modern method of consumption is the smoking of the leaves. Some people will also use the leaves in a vaporizer.

Other Ways To Use DMT

In the past and still day in the Amazon regions most users of this drug will mix it with a tea known as Ayahuasca. The DMT is usually combined with a MAOI rich plant known as the changa plant. When the DMT and MAOI are combined together it can increase the potency of the psychoactive compounds making the trip much greater.

The effects might be short, but they are extremely intense due to the fact that when consumed the substance actually breaches the blood brain barrier. This gives the substance the ability to produce intense mental effects.

What Do Salvia And DMT Have In Common?

It is now doubt that both Salvia and DMT are potent psychoactive substances that are completely different and offer different trips. That being said there are some things that they do have in common. The first and probably most obvious thing they have in common is that they are both naturally occurring psychoactive substance.

Another thing they have in common is that they can be consumed in a number of ways. However, it is the smoking of both substances that are the most popular. Another unique thing about both substances is that the duration of the trip is the same. A trip on Salvia and DMT can last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

This is one of the things that have made these substances so popular over the years.

You can literally go as far down the rabbit hole as you want and return a few minutes later. This gives the user the ability to travel to another dimension and be safe while doing so. With such a small trip window you probably wouldn’t even require a sober sitter. The same thing cannot be said about mushrooms or LSD. Yes, both of the substance will take you to another dimension, but the trip is much longer.

How Are Salvia And DMT Different?

The biggest major difference between the two substances is in within the trip itself. And, this is all due to the fact of the different psychoactive ingredients. The psychoactive compound in salvia is salvinorin A, which attaches itself to opioid receptors in the brain. This is one of the very few substances in the world that can affect these receptors.

This is not the case with DMT. A DMT trip is actually induced by N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, which attaches to the 5-HT2A receptors. These are the same receptors that mushrooms and LSD attach to. This makes the effects of DMT extremely similar that what one would experience when consuming LSD or mushrooms.

What Are The Trips Like?

Many individuals have said that the DMT trip is much more beautiful and elegant than a salvia trip. It has also been reported that the trip is easier to digest. You wouldn’t think that this would be the case considering that DMT is a much more potent hallucinogen.

When taken in low doses DMT will provide you with open eye visuals, but you won’t feel like your judgment is being altered as much. With salvia at low doses you won’t have sensory hallucination, but your perception will be altered. You will see things as normal, but you will be able to envision them.