Don’t let the fact that salvia is mostly legal in the USA make you complacent. The truth is that it can produce very strong psychedelic effects at higher doses.

It’s active hallucinogenic component Salvinorin A is one of the most potent natural hallucinogenic’s in the world. So although a lower dose the feeling of wellbeing and dropping out you will feel is manageable, if you inhale a large dose while smoking, the effects can be dramatic.

Your body can go so heavy you can’t move. The mind can wander into another universe, you can have severe and rapid changes in a motion, you can be detached from your body and surroundings, and find it impossible to communicate.

But the amazing visual perceptions, mixed with the potential for revelatory emotional experiences can make it very powerful. People report that as much as four weeks after they can feel energized. So it can be a great thing to do in moderation.

So you need to really seriously get educated if you are considering trying salvia divinorum the first time. Although it’s affordable and obtainable, it’s not too be played with lightly. Nor is it to be considered in the same league as cannabis, as a recreational upper.

However it can be fantastic, so educating yourself is key. Avoiding a horrendous experience is essential, and reading high quality facts, backed with understanding weakened by salvia that is high quality will really help you to enjoy can be a positive experience.