How To Infuse Marijuana With Chocolate – Cheap & Easy

Chocolate is delicious and we know it’s something we shouldn’t eat too much of but sometimes, we just can’t help it. So, what happens if you infuse chocolate with cannabis?

You create a mixture of goodness. We’re not talking about some cheap recipe where you just bake some pot brownies and get everyone at your bake sale stoned, we’re talking about making a real cannabis chocolate mixture. The best part is, it’s really easy to do, it’s really cheap and its beginner friendly.

A quick history lesson: The main ingredient in chocolate is actually called Theobroma Cacao. When translated, this simply means that it’s the food of the Gods. A lot of different cultures dating back to a millennium have used both chocolate and cannabis to help treat different illnesses and ailments.

Making Your Own Marijuana Chocolate

This will be a beginner’s guide to making a simple recipe that everyone can enjoy. You won’t need too much but you will need the following things:

  • Up to 5 grams of your preferred grounded cannabis (it can be as low as 3 grams but 5 grams is better)
  • A bowl (it can be glass or solid steel but preferably glass)
  • A large quantity of some dark chocolate, around 100 grams should work
  • A saucepan
  • A chocolate molding pan, the shapes, and sizes of the chocolates don’t matter, just pick whatever looks good to you
  • A baking tray to hold your marijuana

Step 1 – First, turn on your over and make sure it’s pre-heated at about 245 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2 – Place a baking sheet or tray inside of the oven once it’s properly heated and spread out your cannabis all throughout the tray, try to make sure nothing is being overlapped and it’s spread evenly.

Step 3 – While the cannabis is being processed, you need to have a little bit of water inside of your saucepan that’s simmering so that you can place your chocolate and stir. Cover the saucepan with the glass bowl from earlier or a solid steel bowl that can cover the pan.

Step 4 – You can use a grinder or a cutting block but you want to cut the cannabis as small as you possibly can. Some people prefer to use a grinder to make it really fine and small.

Step 5 – Then, add the cut cannabis into the chocolate and make sure it’s being mixed thoroughly.

Step 6 – Pour the chocolate slowly into the molding and then let it sit to the side and cool, preferably in the fridge. 

cannabis chocolate

That’s really all there is to it. All you need is some chocolate, some cannabis, a saucepan and to pay attention to the chocolate to make sure it becomes silky smooth without getting burning the chocolate. You can always mess with the amount of cannabis you’re using but we’d recommend using 5 grams at the most to start out with because you don’t know exactly what kind of high you’re going to get. If you’re comfortable with using more, then use more.

Don’t really feel like making your own or don’t trust yourself not to burn the house down? There are plenty of stores in areas where it’s legal to sell where you can just simply buy some weed edibles straight out of the box. Always ask about the dosage used because the potency from business to business will be a little bit different.

The temperature used to heat the cannabis is important because 245 degrees Fahrenheit is important to make sure you’re getting the most out of the THC and the effects.

There are a lot of benefits to making marijuana-infused chocolate.

#1 – Both chocolate and marijuana are great stress relievers and people usually take one or the other but when paired together, it makes a powerful calming concoction.

#2 – You won’t be able to taste or smell the marijuana, it’ll almost feel like you’re eating chocolate with nothing else in it so make sure you pick chocolate that tastes good.

#3 – The possibilities for flavoring are endless as you can experiment with different ingredients to enrich the flavor and the high.

It’s relatively cheap and it’s really easy to mix marijuana and chocolate together. It’s one of the less intensive methods of getting high with food and once you’re really good at it, you can start making your own recipes or creating custom chocolates.

Maybe you could even open your own store, just make sure you’re doing it somewhere it’s legal first.