Learning to cook with marijuana can be easy, cheap, rewarding and it can also broaden the experience of using cannabis.

Even if your friends don’t like smoking cannabis, they could be amazed if you can produce an easy recipe packed full of THC in 20 minutes. That’s why we have put together a collection of really easy to make cannabis recipes so that you can enjoy marijuana in a completely different way.

Of course eating weed isn’t for everyone, but if the food tastes good, then why not? If on top of that it’s easy and cheap, then it’s certainly a great way to get a different sort of high.

You can’t manage the dosage levels or get such an instant hit, because eating cannabis takes longer to take effect, and it’s more gentle. But what’s awesome is being able to sit and munch away and slowly get high at the same time.

The marijuana recipes we have put together are cheap, easy and pretty foolproof unless you are totally wasted. Most can be created easily and cooked in a short space of time, and some don’t even need cooking at all.

If you are looking for a great way to broaden your cannabis experience, and give your friends some fun as well, then learning how to make everything from a complete cannabis meal through to quick and easy munchies could really help.

The resources are right here you to get started straight away with creating a wide range of cannabis recipes.