What Is Kush?

Kush is one of the more popular strains of Cannabis and it’s a very powerful strain. The majority of Kush comes from Afghanistan, from landrace plants. These plants can also be found in some parts of North-West India and North Pakistan. Kush didn’t arrive in the United States until the 1970s and to this day, they’re still a popular strain of cannabis.

How to Tell If A Weed Plant Is Kush

If a weed plant has strong Kush genetics, then it’s going to have a few of the following characteristics:

  • The overall appearance of the plant may have some leaves that purple coloring on them. Also, the plant will have a dark green color overall and deep green colas. The hairs on the plant can be several different colors. Some of the hairs may have a rusty appearance, some of them may look like they’ve been bronzed and some of the hairs can look bright orange.
  • There’s a distinct smell to how Kush weed smells as well. There is a mixture of aromas you might smell when you’re in close contact with Kush. Most people say that it smells like citrus, pine, incense, some sweet fruit, a floral arrangement, pungent, different herbs, pine, and some people even think it smells like an odd smelling gas.
  • The flavoring of Kush is relatively strong as well. There’s a different wave of flavors you might taste, ranging anywhere from the taste of the Earth to even diesel. Other flavors you might taste are grapes, flowers or citrus but the taste of a Kush strain should be really smooth and easy to taste. It’s never too heavy.

The Effect of Kush

One of the most indicative effects of Kush is how heavy it is. The effects are relatively hard hitting and it can almost act like a sedative, which is why it’s not uncommon in the UK for this strain to be used as medical marijuana.

When you hear about the stereotype that people who smoke are usually just tied to the touch and don’t move, this is more than likely a stereotype of the Kush strain, because of how powerful the sedative effect can be.

Some people also get lost in their deep thoughts and they have an introspective moment where they reflect on their past or feelings. This is a relatively common effect when people smoke Kush and it’s not negative in any way. However, these effects will vary depending on how strong the strain of Kush is and what strain you have.

Different Kush strains are grown differently and each of them has a unique phenotype (genetic expression).

Being from some of the toughest lands in the world, Kush plants have adapted to some of the harshest of environments. 

  • They’re able to survive cold temperatures and survive through winter weather such as heavy snow and blistering cold winds
  • The water consumption even when moderate doesn’t present a challenge in the growth
  • In harsh climates with unstable weather conditions and no predictable pattern, these strains can thrive without becoming damaged
  • They’re naturally resilient towards weather effects that would otherwise not allow vegetation to grow in an environment 

Some strains of Kush can survive harsh weather better than native land vegetation can.


What Are the Best Strains of Kush?

If you look for the different strains of Kush, you’ll find dozens or even hundreds of results as people over the years have attempted to come up with their very own strains, but we’ll start by going over some of the most popular.

#1 – OG

OG Kush is by far, one of the most popular and one of the strongest strains out of the bunch. It’s one of the most hybrid strains out there that produces a wild euphoria of different feelings. It’s extremely potent and produces a mixed feeling of relaxation, happiness, sleepiness, euphoria and it’s pretty heavy on the hunger too. If you do a lot of OG Kush, expect your snack pantry to be empty soon after.

#2 – Bubba

Bubba is a rather odd strain of Kush and it’s one of the most popular strands when people want to get more Indica dominant effects. This strain is a bit more on the sedative side, so it’s pretty popular when people want to go to sleep or people want to get a more relaxed feeling. This is definitely one of the most popular couch brands as they call it. Bubba Kush increases your appetite as well, so you’ll experience an increased hunger feeling.

#3 – Purple

You’ve probably heard a lot about Purple Kush in different popular hip-hop songs about getting high. Purple Kush, however, has been a little over-exaggerated as one of the strongest strains of Kush. Kush is one of the strongest brands but Purple Kush isn’t as strong as Bubba or OG. One of the more common positive effect people reports is that Purple Kush can have a grape-like flavor. It’s a pretty good sedative but it’s not one of the most powerful, it just makes you really calm and relaxed.

#4 – Skywalker OG

Unlike Skywalker, the Skywalker OG strain has a more sedative effect. You’ll get all of the same effects that you would normally get from OG Kush but Skywalker provides a bit more flavor. Skywalker OG almost tastes kind of like a fruit-flavored strain and many people say that it almost tastes kind of like a diesel-rich aroma that makes them happy. This strain is known to uplifts people’s spirits and to calm people down. There are sedative effects but instead of being instant or hard-hitting, they tend to creep up on people who smoke this strain. However, once the strain kicks into full effect, you’ll have a nice really deep sleep.

#5 – Master

Master Kush is one of the most popular strains of Hindu Kush. The attributes of Master Kush are pretty distinct and there’s not a lot of other strains like it. It has a nice mixture of every kind of effect you can get, which is where the name Master Kush comes from. It has a nice mixture of sleepiness, happiness, and relaxation. It’s not as hard-hitting as other strains but it makes a really good alternative to the otherwise happy strand of Bubba Kush.

There are many other different strands out there but the five mentioned above are the most popular strands. You get everything from powerful sedatives to strains that will just leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Growing Kush, however, isn’t easy and it’s relatively difficult, so growing Kush isn’t recommended for newcomers.

Growing Information

  • It takes around 7 to 9 weeks for the flowering process
  • The overall yield is relatively average and it gets you 1 to 3 ounces per square foot
  • The height of Kush can grow to more than 80 inches tall as they’re a relatively tall plant and easy to manage once they’re grown
  • It’s one of the most difficult strains to grow in terms of difficulty and isn’t beginner friendly at all

Other Uses of Kush

  • Kush has been shown in the medical field to drastically reduce the amount of stress someone has
  • Kush has also been shown to cure people’s depression
  • People experiencing chronic pain have been shown to have great benefit from Kush, from a wide range of Kush strains whether it’s back pain, neck pain or other pain
  • People with insomnia are also known to take Kush because of the powerful sedative side effects
  • If someone has an appetite that’s non-existent, then Kush will take care of that as Kush has been treated to use lack of appetite

The only real negative effect of Kush is some dry mouth, so you should drink plenty of water to negate that effect.