What Are The Differences Between The Sativa, Indica, And Hybrid Strains?

The Two Major Types Of Cannabis Plants

When it comes to choosing between the indica strain and sativa strain, it really comes down to personal opinion. Both of these strains will without a doubt provide you with the optimal results that you are looking for. With that being said, there are some major differences between the two strains and they can provide users with different effects.

It doesn’t matter if you are using these strains for medical or recreational purposes; you want to choose the one that will provide you with your desired results. Also, keep in mind that marijuana affects everyone in a different manner based on weight, frequency of use, the source of the strain, along with many other factors.

A Look At The Sativa Strain And Plant

When it comes to physical attraction, there are few strains out there that can compare to the sativa plant. This plant is usually grown outdoors and it will grow between eight and eighteen feet in height. It has extremely thin leaves that give off that classic marijuana plant look.

These plants are typically grown in warm climates like Mexico, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Due to their unusual size and growing patterns these plants are usually grown outdoors, because this is where they truly thrive and yield more product.

After smoking a sativa bud, many individuals have reported feelings of energetic, inspiration, focus, and general uplifting with a stimulated head high. In addition to this, sativa buds have a fruiter taste. If you are going to a social gathering, need to clean the house, or looking for inspiration for your next book, the sativa is without a doubt your go to strain.

Sativa vs Indica strain

A Look At The Indica Strain And Plant

Indica plants, on the other hand, are completely different, as they are short and stout with full-figured leaves. Indicas plants are a bit more unique, as they are more tolerant to cold and inclement weather. This is probably due to the fact that the plants are native to the Himalayan area, where the weather is usually colder.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that this plant can actually protect itself from the cold weather. It does this by producing a cannabinoid-dense resin, which provides warmth and protection from the cold. Due to the fact that this plant produces this type of resin it greatly increases the levels of the THC in the plant. This can potentially make the plant extremely potent.

If you are on your way to work or have a bunch or errands to run, you probably want to stay away from the indica strain. In fact, when smoking this strain it can make you feel extremely relaxed and sleepy. The plant also has the ability to reduce nausea, fight depression, and increase appetite, which makes it the perfect medical solution for a variety of illnesses.

If you just want to sit on the couch and watch a movie or listen to music, the indica strain is your best option.

Growing The Indica Cannabis Strain

Indica strains have always been a popular choice amongst many growers throughout the world. And, this probably has something to do with their ability to produce higher yields, and the fact that they have much shorter flowering periods. Shorter flowering periods basically means that the plants mature and finish faster.

If you are growing outdoors and live in a climate where fall turns to winter quickly, these plants will grow and mature fast enough for you to produce a yield. In addition to this, they can protect themselves from the cold weather, due to the fact that they are indigenous to the Himalayas. So, an unexpected, early frost won’t kill off your whole crop.

When you combine this with their short stature, this makes this plant suitable for indoor gardens or growers with limited space.

Growing The Sativa Cannabis Strain

The sativa plant’s genetics really come from areas that are near the equator. The plant really thrives in climates that have long summers and short or mild winters. The sativa plant grows in a long and lanky manner, so it makes them more suitable for outdoor growth.

While the plant can grow between eight and eighteen feet, there are some individuals that will opt for growing this strain indoors. Along with this, these plants take their time to flower, which means fewer yields throughout the growing season.

best Hybrid Strains

Best Hybrid Strains

There are currently more than 1,000 cannabis strains on the market. So, how do you choose which strain will produce the best effects. This is a million dollar question, because the all users will describe their experience as unique, with some similarities.

The hybrid stain offers the best of both indica and sativa, as they are a combination of various forms of cannabis. What this means is, a single hybrid strain offers benefits of both the sativa and indica strains. For example, you can consume a hybrid strain to relieve your chronic pain and your mind will still be as sharp as ever.

In fact, hybrids are utilized to treat the same conditions as the sativa and indica strains.

  • Cannatonic – is better known as the “antianxiety cannabis strain.” It contains a very low level of THC – rarely higher than six percent – and a higher level of CBD. Users have reported improvement in their condition within at least 10 minutes of consumption. It is rare to experience psychoactive effects, which makes Cannatonic a favorable hybrid strain for treating anxiety. The effects range from a sense of relaxation to an “uplifting high.” Cannatonic is blend of MK Ultra and G-13Haze, making it the perfect strain for treating ADHD, chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Remedy – is described as an “indica dominate”, as it contains 75 percent of the strain. It is a cross between the strains, Cannatonic and Afghani Skunk. Its most notable quality is its high level of CBD (18 percent). It is most often utilized to treat anxiety, producing both a sedative and psychoactive effects. Users like this hybrid, because it does not leave them feeling “couch locked.”