Scientists Try To Find Out Why Cannabis Use Disorder Is On The Rise

It is generally true that cannabis poses fewer risks than other drugs. In fact, it might even be safer than alcohol. Nevertheless, there are some risks involved. In recent times, cannabis use disorder has become more and more prevalent. This has stumped scientists. They’re on the hunt to find out why the disorder is becoming more common. More about their research will be provided below.

The Problem

During the past few years, public opinion regarding cannabis has changed completely. People are starting to realize that cannabis can provide many perks. They also understand that it is much safer than some of the alternatives. Nevertheless, there are still some risks involved and those risks are more frequently ignored today.

Until recently, researchers have focused on finding ways to use cannabis as a medicine. They have ignored the potential risks. Thankfully, a new study which was published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal will attempt to place more emphasis on finding out about cannabis addiction and dependency.

How Many Will Develop A Dependency?

Now, you should understand that not everyone is going to develop a dependency on cannabis. In fact, the number is pretty low. In general, it is estimated that just nine percent of all users will eventually develop a cannabis dependency. When compared to other drugs like heroin, that number is significantly lower.

Still, it is true that cannabis has a far bigger user base and that means that the smaller 9% is actually going to include more individuals. At this point, scientists are not sure what the lethal dose of cannabis is. At the same time, the physical withdrawal symptoms are minor and very difficult to detect.

This creates the opinion that there is no such thing as marijuana addiction. The science proves that this might not be true after all. There are actually three Cs associated with marijuana dependency. They include loss of control, compulsive use and harmful consequences. Once these things begin showing up for the user, there is a good chance that they’ve developed a dependency on cannabis.

Difference Between Dependence And Addiction

It is also important to understand that there is a difference between addiction and dependence. Addiction is considered psychological, while dependence is physical. It is common for people to use the terms interchangeably, but this shouldn’t be. They’re totally different.

The Potential Causes Of Cannabis Use Disorder

Cannabis use disorder is a very complex subject. It is not all clear cut. Instead, researchers use a combination of dependency and addiction to pinpoint cannabis use disorder. It is also unclear why the disorder is becoming more common. There is one key factor that could be the source of the problem and that is the increasing potency of modern cannabis.

Today, cannabis is more potent than ever before and that is making it more addictive. When a person smokes marijuana for the first time, they’re going to be ingesting more THC today than they would have ten years ago.

This is going to increase the likelihood that they’re going to develop CUD.

Teens And CUD

The truth of the matter is that teens are far more prone to cannabis use disorder. The good news is that psychologists have found new ways to intervene. It is believed that early intervention is the best way to combat the problem. Many teens believe that cannabis is risk free and this is leading them to use the drug without worrying about the consequences.

This is ultimately one of the main reasons that teens are becoming victims of CUD. If it is possible to educate them ahead of time, it might be possible to help them avoid the disorder completely.