How Marijuana Can Help Cure Your Migraines

Migraines are one of the most difficult things to treat because there’s nothing that actually pin-points them and there’s nothing that immediately makes them go away. Especially with over the counter medicine that can take hours to kick in and some of them just flat out don’t work. Migraines can ruin your entire day and you can lose your concentration. Some people suffer from chronic headaches and get migraines every single day.

What is a Migraine?

Instead of just a normal headache, migraines can take many forms and they’re usually a far more bizarre version of a headache. For some people, it starts out as pain behind their eye and then gets worse with every second. Migraines are usually a pounding headache that can be intense and they can last for hours.

It’s still unclear exactly what causes migraines. Some people think it can be caused by stress and some doctors say that certain foods can cause migraines. There are many different causes of migraines and the problem with treatment in traditional is that it only manages the symptoms that migraines can cause without addressing the actual migraine.

Does Marijuana Work on Migraines?

In your body, you have an entire network of different receptors known as cannabinoid receptors. Inside of your body’s ecosystem, there are different protein chemicals that can affect how you feel pain and how much pain you can feel. When you smoke marijuana, the chemicals from marijuana then go into your body and change how the receptors work.

The compounds of these receptors are then increased and the level of pain you experience will be greatly reduced.

So, Does it Actually Work?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Online studies and publications state that no actual research has been shown to prove that marijuana actually works for migraines. However, independent studies show that marijuana has made a significant impact on the number of people who suffer from migraines and the intensity of those migraines.

The short answer is, yes. The long answer though is that there’s not enough conclusive evidence to prove it one way or another.

Inhaling vs Smoking vs Edibles

People who inhaled marijuana found the biggest benefit and saw the biggest reduction in their migraines. People who smoked saw a relatively positive benefit but not as much as inhaling. Then, there are people who tried edibles to help reduce the intensity and duration of migraines but results were inconclusive and not effective at all.

People who inhaled said it was easiest for them to control the amount of marijuana they were smoking and they found the biggest benefit overall when it came to controlling their migraines.

What About CBD vs THC For Migraines?

There are over one hundred different compounds that you can find in marijuana or cannabis in general but there are only two main compounds. THC which is the compound known for giving you psychoactive effects is the main ingredient in alcohol that can give you the euphoric feeling. CBD can give you some benefits just like THC but it won’t get you high and you won’t get that euphoric feeling.

Both of these compounds can reduce the amount of pain you experience but how do they square up against migraines? Independent studies have been done to study the effects of CBD vs THC when it comes to taking care of migraines. Some research has shown that while CBD oil has some effects on migraines, it doesn’t really compare to the effects of THC.

THC is far more potent when it comes to altering your protein levels and reducing the amount of pain you get from migraines. CBD oil does help reduce the pain and nausea that’s associated with migraines.

Are There Any Side Effects?

So, are there any downsides or negative effects of taking marijuana for migraines? 

  • If you experience anxiety due to migraines and the pain associated, your anxiety levels may be increased
  • The amount of paranoia you experience could be greatly increased as well
  • Your short term memory is also one of the most greatly impacted as some people have troubles remembering where they are or where they were going
  • Your concentration levels might be affected
  • Some people experience an increase in their heart rate, which may make their migraine worse but this is a very rare side effect
  • If you suffer from low blood pressure, you probably shouldn’t consider marijuana to be a cure to your migraine problem because your blood pressure will be lowered 

Legal Issues

One of the main problems with marijuana is that it’s not an approved form of treatment by the FDA, so this isn’t something you’ll get from your doctor for your migraines and even for that to be a possibility, you’ll have to live in a state that’s approved for medicinal marijuana. Even then, you can only have a certain amount on you at all times or you can penalties and fines.

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Marijuana & Migraines – Poll

One poll that took nearly 8,000 votes asked people how marijuana impacted their migraine pain. 50% of people in the poll said that their symptoms were reduced significantly. 23% of people said that all of the symptoms were completely eliminated and they had no more problems with migraines.

Only 12% of people said that the symptoms were cut in half. Then, a surprising 5% of people said that marijuana had absolutely no impact at all. The remaining 9% of people had symptoms that were slightly deviated.

Another poll asked people who took marijuana for migraines if they had any kind of side effects when they took marijuana for migraines. Over 50% of people in the poll said that there were absolutely no side effects what so ever. Around 26% of voters said there was some slight discomfort and they experienced slight side effects. A very small 3% of people said that their side effects were so severe that they would never consider using marijuana for their migraines ever again.

The evidence isn’t there to conclusively say marijuana has a huge impact on migraines but people who have actually used it claim it’s been a lifesaver.