A Sneak Pick Into BitCanna

Avid cannabis users or humble cannabis merchants know that the cannabis industry has forever been changed. It is true that more and more states are legalizing the substance for both medical and recreational purposes. However, there are still on institutions out there that are making it hard on both the consumer and the vendors.

Institutions like banks and credit card companies simply don’t want to touch currency that has anything to do with the cannabis market. This is exactly what BitCanna strives to change.

Who Are BitCanna And What Do They Do?

BitCanna has formed what is known as the BitCanna Alliance. This alliance includes many of the major cannabis players in the European cannabis market as well as like-minded legislators. They want to work together with legislation to help bridge the gaps between the cannabis industry and these banking institutions.

Along with this, they want to provide customers with a completely transparent look into the cannabis industry. They do this by offering what is known as the BitCanna coin. This coin works and operates just like any other type of cryptocurrency out there. This coin will allow customers to directly purchase cannabis right from the vendor without going through a middleman.

BitCanna has created an entire platform that offers an easy to use application that can be accessed by mobile phone. Once you have the app installed on your phone, you will privy to any number of actions and benefits.

How Does The BitCanna Platform Work?

BitCanna really has created a platform here that completely decentralizes the payment network. With the use of BitCanna coins, there is no need to go through a credit card company or a banking institution to purchase or sell your already legal cannabis.

The merchant will directly receive payment from the customer and the customer will directly pay to the vendor. All transactions are run through and recorded in the company’s blockchain technology, which created what is known as a ledger keeping track of every transaction.

This new system of operation really provides all the players in the cannabis industry with a secure and transparent currency system. It doesn’t matter if you are a producer, distributor, shipper, government agency, or the lone consumer, you can really benefit from everything that BitCanna’s platform has to offer. Their platform also includes analytic tools, loyalty programs, and inventory management. All of these qualities will be extremely useful to both the consumer and the vendor.

Easy To Access And No Transaction Fees

One of the most exciting things about this Bitcanna platform is just how easy it is to access. All you need is a simple Internet connection and a mobile device. After downloading the app and creating a user ID and password the consumer will be able to deposit money in their e-wallets, which will then be turned into BitCanna coins.

These coins then can be used to purchase a variety of cannabis products throughout the world. Sure, this is impressive enough, but what’s even more impressive is that they are willing to offer this to you with no transaction fees attached.

You have probably used a cryptocurrency in the past. If you have, you probably already know that while these services are extremely discreet and handy, there is always a transaction fee associated. Sure, the fee might not be substantial, but when you are making four or five transactions a week they can really add.

BitCanna is willing to offer you an e-wallet to covert your money to BitCanna coins and the ability to make purchases with those coins without suffering transaction fees.

A Comprehensive Look Into The Industry

Buying cannabis online these days can be somewhat scary. Heck, it can be scary buying it is a land-based shop in a legal state. This is because there are some many vendors and so many products to choose from. Most people don’t know who to trust or where to start.

Not all cannabis is created the same and not all vendors are created the same. This is where BitCanna should really be praised. As it has been said throughout this whole article that the company wants to provide a transparent look into the industry and that is exactly what they have done here.

When you download the app, you will basically have unfettered access into the marketplace. You will be able to view offline and online stores that are offering product, you will be able to see where these products come from, you will be able to see what products a store offers, and what’s even more important is that you will be able to review in-depth reviews that previous customers have submitted.

With just a little bit of time and few swipes of your fingers, you will know which vendors are trustworthy and which vendors aren’t.

A Complete Tracking System For The Vendor

The BitCanna Network doesn’t just offer the consumer benefits. It offers the vendor plenty of benefits as well. First, the aforementioned transparency must be mentioned again. When you give customers a completely unbiased look into your shop and products it is going to build a type of trust that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

You might also remember a mentioning of a ledger from above in the platform section. When transitions are made on BitCanna blockchain server they are recorded and saved.

This will come in extremely important if you are hit with an audit. BitCanna can pull these records and sent them over. Sure, you probably keep track of your own billing records, but you would be surprised to learn how hard this is when you are dealing with multiple international sales at a time.

BitCanna Offers Complete Anonymity

Even though cannabis is legal in many parts of the world now it is still highly looked down upon. And, this is where BitCanna offers the anonymity that most consumers need when buying cannabis. As mentioned earlier, you will have to create a user ID before signing into the app. This is the name that you will be recognized as. There will be no other personal information that is required, which provides you with the ability to stay completely under the radar at all times.