Kratom Vein Colors: White Vein Kratom

Kratom can be confusing because on the surface there are so many different types. Plus you have the three vein colors, which seem to dictate the effects. But that’s not the whole story.

White vein kratom is generally linked to a certain range of effects which people can either love or hate, but there’s a lot that feeds into that.

White vein kratom is not as popular as red vein kratom, because of the effects it generally produces. But that’s to misrepresent it certainly. If used correctly, white vein kratom can be brilliant for certain situations.

So let’s talk about the benefits of white vein kratom, so you can understand how it can be positively used, and clear up the misconceptions which could be leading you away from it.

The Different Kratom Vein Colors

When it comes to understanding kratom, it basically comes down to the three vein colors, green, white and red.

However, what’s less well known is that these vein colors mostly occur after the leaves are removed from the kratom tree.

On the evergreen kratom tree, most of the leaves have veins that are red. But after removal, it’s the different processing methods that change the vein colors to green or red. This isn’t universal, some strains have naturally green or red veins, but mostly that is the case.

Red vein kratom is the most popular. It contains the highest concentration and range of alkaloids generally. This makes it suitable for a wide range of situations, depending on the dose, but mostly it’s strengths are around its ability to relax and act as an analgesic.

Green vein kratom tends to be the weakest in terms of its strength of alkaloids, however its range is usually as broad as red. This makes it more suitable for a middling range of effects: it helps to relax and instil focus, deliver some energy, and relax, but without being as potentially overwhelming as red kratom.

And then we have white vein kratom. We will talk about the dosage and effects of white vein kratom shortly, but generally, white vein kratom is strongly associated with energy and euphoria, but without much ability for relaxation and analgesia.

It’s the red vein kratom which most closely mimics that of opiates. The alkaloids in kratom are closely related to other opiates, and it’s the red vein which is more closely matched to those effects. White vein kratom can produce those effects, but the balance of alkaloids tends it towards more upbeat and energizing outcomes.

The Major Strains Of White Vein Kratom

As we’ve already discussed, it’s actually mostly the processing of the leaves which determines the vein color, and therefore the range and amount of alkaloids present.

So nearly every type of kratom has a white vein variety. But the white vein kratom strains that are most well-known, in terms of effects we will discuss, include:

I just want to touch on one of the above before we talk about dosage effects, White Vein Maeng Da. This type of kratom is mostly associated with the red vein variety, which has strong links to relieving anxiety, analgesia, sedation, and retaining focus. It is generally accepted as the strongest strain of kratom.

However, White Vein Maeng Da also exists, and it has the same range of effects, but it tends more towards the retaining focus and energizing side of things. But it still retains the same depth of alkaloids, just not cross the same spectrum.

They are less dramatic at the sedative end of the spectrum than red, which is why the white vein variety of Maeng Da is known in Indonesia as “Day time Maeng Da”.

white kratom powder

White Vein Kratom: Dosage & Effects

Generally, and I say generally because white vein has some subtle differences between the different types, white vein kratom is associated with energy, euphoria and focus.

Some people describe it as a massive caffeine hit, but much smoother, and that lasts for hours.

At its strongest, white vein kratom at high dose can be overwhelmingly powerful. It can produce euphoria, focus and energy which is almost on a level with narcotics. That’s why it’s white vein kratom that is sold to young Thai and Indonesian people in drinks in the fashionable clubbing areas.

However, that’s not the whole story. As we’ve discussed, White Maeng Da retains some of the range of effects that it’s red variant does. So it’s a smoother, broader spectrum of effects that also starts to embrace relaxation, focus and analgesia. It’s also well-known for and energy boost.

White Sumatra kratom is often linked with this powerful energizing boost that borders on euphoria. In fact, it can be too powerful for a lot of people.

But I hope you getting the picture here, white vein kratom is mostly to be used for energy and euphoria, to lift you and push you on, sometimes relentlessly.

Although there are elements of pain relief and anxiety relief, a lot of people find white kratom can actually create more anxiety because it can bring irresistible energy and irritability.

That’s why it’s known in the countries it originates in as a morning kratom. It’s the one you take before you go to work, before you go off to your day, in a moderate dose of course, to give you some pure energy and focus, and to lift your mood for what lies ahead.

In terms of dose, a low dose is up to 3 g, a medium dose up to 5 g, and a high-dose above that. Some people find that the dose of 7 g or higher can be overwhelming, unless you want that out-of-control euphoria.

Side Effects Of White Vein Kratom

The side-effects of white vein kratom tend to be those that are general to all types of kratom. Whether you feel a side effect, and how intense it is, will depend on the frequency in taking kratom, and the dose: 

  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive issues
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Trouble with sleeping
  • Respiratory problems 

However, you are unlikely to experience lethargy with white vein kratom, but because of how it can energize you. But you could more easily suffer from an inability to relax, producing insomnia and potentially therefore anxiety.

The Benefits Of White Vein Kratom

So as you can see, the benefits of white vein kratom tends towards energizing and euphoric outcomes.

It’s a great strain to use a little of in the morning, or if you need a real boost in the evening. At high-dose it can be incredible, but to some people overwhelming, and it can make them feel out of control.

There are minor benefits for relaxation and pain relief in some white vein strains, but generally people steer towards red vein kratom, or even green vein kratom, if they want those results.

Sometimes, people even mix a little red kratom in with white to get its effects, but to balance them out with some of the calming effects of red kratom.

Which means white vein kratom is definitely something experiment with, around the 3-5 gram dose level, if you want a real kick of energy and a significant lift in your mood.