Where To Buy Kratom Online – Best Kratom Vendors 2018

Kratom is grown in three main areas of south-east Asia, mostly in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.  But from that region it has spread in popularity around the world in recent years, and is now very popular in western Europe and the USA.

Because it’s a mostly legal high that has a long tradition and minimal chances of addiction in the same way as narcotics do, people are cashing in by selling kratom online.

That’s why there’s a growing trend for poor quality kratom out there from domestic sellers.

If you want to know where to buy kratom online, then you going to have to know know what good quality kratom is, and what strains you should be using, and in what amount.

But we not just going to give you a kratom vendor list because anyone can do that, and with no information to back up the list you are no better off and could be in the hands of buying poor quality kratom.

So let’s give you the lowdown on what the best kratom is, what to look for, what to avoid, and also give you a couple of really strong recommendations on kratom vendor’s you can trust.

Kratom Quality Matters

Kratom is usually sold as a powder, either as a loose powder or in capsule form. Pure kratom from a good source, one where it is grown, harvested, processed and transported well, costs money and will be everything you are looking for in terms of experience.

But the problem is that poor quality kratom can ruin the experience. Even worse, any type of kratom can be cut with other things to make the powder go further, and God only knows what some of the things it could be cut with by unscrupulous sellers are.

Before we talk about what the best kratom is for pain relief, anxiety, energy, mood and opiate withdrawal, let’s just cover the types of kratom you can buy.

  1. Kratom leaves and types are denoted by the sub -region they come from in most cases. So for example Java, Borneo or Bali. There are around 20 main types of kratom by named sub-region.
  2. For each type of kratom leaf, you can also get another sub-section depending on the vein color which dictates the type of alkaloids and their effects. The three main leaf vein colors are white, red and green.

It’s the combination of the region the powdered leaf comes from, in conjunction with the vein color and the dose level that creates the very subtle changes in kratom that are needed to target the different things it is used for, either to enhance or counter.

Good quality kratom can have powerful effects on pain, anxiety, energy levels and more. It can help with pain relief, reaching a high level of euphoric happiness, and can also help with relieving opiate withdrawal symptoms.

That’s why understanding what type of kratom you are looking for, and where to buy kratom online is key.

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The Best Kratom For Pain Relief

In terms of addressing a specific need, let’s first take a look at what the best kratom for pain is, as it’s one of the main uses of kratom as an alternative therapy.

Many people find relief from pain through using certain types of kratom to address many types of issue, for example:

  • Backache
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle and nerve damage
  • Strains and aches

The main alkaloids in kratom, two forms of Mitragynine, a very good at targeting pain. They affect the active opioid delta receptors, which lower the body’s sensitivity to the pain that is being experienced.

The strains of kratom most associated with pain relief are Borneo, Bali, Indonesian and Maeng Da.

It’s the red vein version of the strains which is used mostly for pain relief, and in a moderate to high dose, depending on the level of pain that is being dealt with.

The Best Kratom For Euphoria

When we are talking about using kratom for euphoria, some of the best kratom for euphoria strains are:

  • Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • White Borneo

All three of the strains are well known for boosting energy and promoting positive emotions, but it is Maeng Da that is usually most closely linked with euphoria.

It has a high alkaloid content, and those alkaloids are more targeted towards euphoric than sedative effect.

It is the green and white veined leaf that works best, with white being more powerful than green.

So if you are looking for the most intense hit, then you are looking for a moderate to high dose of white veined Maeng Da.

In terms of dose, when we talk about a moderate dose we are talking of around 3g of good quality kratom powder. A high-dose is anything above this, but most people would specify a high-dose as around 6g of powder.

If you are looking for euphoria, anything above 7g can be problematic. Because kratom has a sedative effect as well in most strains, the higher the dose, the more the sedation kicks in, counteracting euphoric feelings by tempering mental and physical energy levels.

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The Best Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

When it comes to relieving the physical and emotional pain of opiate withdrawal, kratom can be an incredibly powerful alternative, that is safer and available at a reasonable cost.

A good quality kratom can effectively dampen the worst effects of withdrawal symptoms from opiates, because it targets the same group of opioid receptors in the body.

The best three strains for coping with opiate withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Maeng Da

These three strains should be used in their red vein version. This is because red vein produces the strongest sedative and pain relieving effects.

In terms of dose for relieving opiate withdrawal pain symptoms, you are looking at a moderate to high dose, depending on the symptoms you are experiencing.

A moderate dose is anything around 4g, and a high-dose is around 6g. Anything higher than that and you will be heading into increasingly strong sedative effects, which in the most extreme circumstances might be appropriate, but not always.

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The Best Kratom For Anxiety

When it comes to relieving the symptoms of anxiety, kratom can be incredibly powerful, with the ability to manage the dose level from a slight relief through to a full on sedative effect.

The three best kratom strains for anxiety relief are:

  • Borneo
  • Bali
  • Indo

As well as being the three best strains for relieving anxiety, getting them in their red vein form is ideal because the red vein contains the strongest amount of alkaloids that have sedative effects.

You should be careful with red vein because some strains can have euphoric effects, and what you are looking for with anxiety is the complete opposite effect on the mind and body.

In terms of dosage for anxiety, again anything up to 6g is classed as a medium dose, and anything above that a high-dose.

Around 10g you are looking at a sedative effect that will be almost completely numbing with the best quality red vein kratom.

How To Take Kratom

In terms of taking kratom, it is available in three forms which can affect how you do that:

  • Kratom leaf
  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom resin

Kratom leaf is the least potent and kratom resin the most. Kratom resin should not really be used by beginners, that’s why good quality kratom powder is the ideal medium ground.

Hands down the easiest and best way to take kratom powder is simply to mix it with a liquid and drink it.

Unfortunately kratom does not have a great taste, so mixing it with a good taste and then downing it quickly is best.

Alternatively you can drink it with something thick and creamy like yogurt. This can be better than liquid sometimes because the powder doesn’t taste as bitter or stay in lumps.

A great way to avoid the taste of kratom completely, and control dose more tightly is to buy it in capsule form. It costs slightly more for kratom packaged as a capsule, but it is more easily managed.

However you take kratom, it’s best to take a medium dose to start (off with, and then “top up” incrementally after that if needed. You should wait around half an hour between each top up.

The main effects of kratom are felt within 30 minutes of taking it. You should then start increasing the dose if needed, a gram at a time at 15-30 minute intervals.

It’s always best to start low and work up, especially if you are new to kratom.

Some people advocate simply spooning the powder into your mouth and then drinking it down with liquid.

This is not recommended because the kratom powder can enter your lungs. The long-term effects of kratom on the lungs have not been studied, and should therefore be avoided.

High quality kratom will start to take effect more quickly, especially in a dose of 3g or higher.

That’s why you should always get high quality kratom from the best kratom vendor you can find.

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Kratom Side Effects

Although kratom does not have many negative side-effects, there are some things you need to be aware of to use it safely.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that at high-dose all strains of kratom becomes sedative.

Obviously as we have already spoken about, the red vein strains at high-dose are the most sedative, but around the 10g mark, most strains become sedative, some overwhelmingly.

There are however some other negative side-effects you may experience in some instances:

  • Itchiness
  • Sweating
  • Blushing
  • Nausea and stomach problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Body tremors, similar to caffeine hits 

These are all usually minor in nature, and will lessen as you get used to experimenting with kratom.

It’s right to mention that in a very small amount of people, significant weight loss can occur, darkening of the skin can occur, psychosis can grow, and potential emotional addiction is possible.

But it’s important to note that this is only in a very small number of people, where kratom has been massively abused over a long period of time, or they have had an extreme reaction, or their existing addictions and problems are enhanced.

There are shops where you can buy kratom online for extremely low price, but you get what you pay for.

The chances of experiencing any negative side effects can be minimized if you are using a dose of high quality kratom that has been produced to a high standard and has not been cut with any other ingredients which could cause side effects or addiction.

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Concerns With Low Quality Kratom

If you buy low quality kratom then you are going to potentially be faced with several issues.

The first is that cheap kratom has usually either been produced so poorly that it’s active ingredients have been wrecked, or it’s been cut with other things, lessening its potency.

On top of that, low quality, poor kratom will require a much higher dose, which makes its cheapness pointless anyway.

It will also mean you have to consume more to get the effect, so you get more the bad taste.

So by following the correct dosage for the effect you want to achieve, but using poor quality kratom, you are going to not get the benefit you hope for, and it could ruin your experience if it’s your first time.

Which means it’s ideal to get high quality kratom either in loose powder, or powder in capsule form a vendor who only sells the best kratom, not one who sells it really cheaply in comparison to others, or who offers it for sale by different grades.

As we have already mentioned, if you buy cheap kratom it could have been cut with something else which may increase the chances of an adverse reaction either in the moment, or in the longer term.

Where To Buy Kratom Online

Obviously determining who the best kratom vendor is will be subjective. Rather than just giving you a kratom vendor list, let’s focus on two high quality places where you can buy kratom online, that are established, reputable and have a strong track record both in terms of customer support and supply chain:

Best Kratom Vendors 2018

Coastline Kratom – The #1 Place To Buy Kratom Online

coastline kratom

In terms of buying exceptionally high quality powdered kratom, then hands down the best place to buy it is Coastline Kratom.

Easy to contact, and with a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this company is well-established and doesn’t hide from communicating with its customers.

That’s always a good and reassuring sign.

Their website is modern, well-designed, packed full of information, and importantly has a wide range of kratom for sale in a modern shopping cart.

On top of that, they offer a moneyback guarantee and free US domestic shipping.

All these things put together point to a company who is proud of what they do, and have a strong repeat customer base.

In terms of the kratom they sell, they sell all the main types in powder form.

Bali, Borneo, Horned, Maeng Da and Malay are all well represented and available in a variety of pack sizes, with very reasonable pricing for the quality.

They also offer enhanced kratom.

This is a more powerful version of concentrated kratom, because it has been produced only from mature trees, using traditional methods and then exported under tight quality control conditions. But maybe best of all for the beginner is the fact that they offer a beginners pack containing three strains with different effects, red vein Maeng Da, green vein Malay and white veins Bali.

This allows the beginner to experience the different types of effect that kratom has, through the different strains and different vein colors

PurKratom-Best Kratom Capsules Online

Another well-established company, that also gets a thumbs up as one of the best kratom vendor’s on any vendor list because of their long establishment and strong customer interaction.

They are easy to contact, have a social media presence, offer a moneyback guarantee, and free United States domestic shipping on all orders.

Not many other webstores offer that combination.

What really sets them apart is in the kratom capsules they sell. Now kratom capsules are more expensive than powder loose kratom simply because they have to be packaged into kratom capsule form.

But the markup in price is not that great, and what you get is incredibly high quality kratom at a very accurate dose.

On top of that, PurKratom also offer a variety pack in the same way as Coastline Kratom do.

But their variety pack is in capsule form, so you have the choice as a beginner in using powder or capsules.

So if you want to experience the effects of kratom and experiment whatever reason, but don’t want inaccurate dosing, or to deal with a bad tasting powder, then kratom capsules from this reputable kratom vendor is a brilliant starting point.

Either Coastline Kratom or PurKratom will be a great starting point for experiencing the powerful positive effects of kratom.

Whichever you choose, it’s important to be sensible, and make sure that you always dose low and work up, and are not driven in your buying decision by price.


kratora reviews

ultra enhanced Maeng da

Don’t let the US domain name fool you, although this company are mostly domestic, they do ship kratom internationally as well. Which is brilliant news because of the quality of the kratom they sell.

I’ve ordered from these guys on three occasions over the past year, and each time I’ve enjoyed free shipping, for spending more than $50 each time. That means it arrives in 2-3 days, fully insured, at no cost. You can’t beat that.

They sell a full range of high quality kratom, including powerful enhanced kratom. Be warned though, these are incredibly powerful, especially the ultra enhanced Maeng Da.

One thing I really love, which really helps people who want to try kratom the first time, is you can buy variety packs from buykratom.us as well. This is a trick a lot of companies miss, because many people won’t commit to a purchase of a bigger order.

The fantastic range of kratom products from this company are also backed up by a great moneyback guarantee. If you claim within 30 days, and send back at least 75% of the product you purchase, you will get a 100% refund.

Kratom FAQ

Does Kratom Show Up On A Drug Test?

The alkaloids in kratom are mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Although they work in the same way as opioids, they don’t bind to the transmitters in the same way, so they are not actually opioids.

So they will not come up in any standard drug test, unless the two kratom alkaloids are specifically looked for. Some more modern special drug tests can detect these alkaloids as part of an upgraded kit. But an average drug test won’t detect kratom.

Can You Buy Kratom At Walmart?

No you cannot buy kratom at Walmart. It’s not the sort of products they would want to be associated with because it has significant hallucinogenic effects, in line with LSD.

Also, it’s not recommended to buy kratom from a non-specialist retailer because you simply don’t know where it’s coming from, or how it’s been stored.

Does GNC sell kratom

No matter what anybody tells you, you cannot buy kratom in retail stores. So the answer the question around does GNC sell kratom, is the same as any other retailer: no you can’t.

You can buy kratom from smokeshops and headshops, but this kratom is often low quality.

The best place to buy kratom is online, through a trusted kratom vendor. There are not many of these around, but there are a few recommendations you will see consistently mentioned in knowledgeable discussion groups.

So the bottom line is that because of the nature of kratom, and it’s gray area legal status, it’s not carried by mainstream retailers.

Where to buy Kratom Online In Capsule Form?

The best place to buy kratom in capsule form is definitely PurKratom.com, but there are other kratom vendors who sells kratom in capsule form. Alternatively you can also make your own kratom capsules, however it can be quite time-consuming.

How many kratom capsules should i eat?

The number of kratom capsules you should eat will depend entirely on what exactly is in the capsules. It will depend on the dose in each capsule, the type of kratom, and the quality of the kratom. The quality of the kratom is often unknown unless you are a regular user from the same source, and experimenting with the different types of kratom strains will allow you to determine which one works best for you, which will depend on the result you want to achieve.

In terms of dosage, it will depend on the number of milligrams of kratom in a capsule. An average capsule from a reputable seller can contain anything between 500 mg and 1000 mg. A safe average starting dose is around 4 grams to achieve moderate effects, which would mean consuming eight 500 mg capsules.

Does suboxone block kratom

Suboxone has the ability to block the interaction of most opiates, but with kratom it’s more complex.

The reason for this is that kratom doesn’t directly bind to the mu receptors, it interacts with them. It is possible for Suboxone to “beat it to the punch” by reaching those receptors first and affect their future interaction with kratom, but it doesn’t appear to happen in many cases.

Plenty of people report that they take Suboxone daily, and the effects of kratom when they on it are no different when they are not taking Suboxone.

The reason for this is that kratom has a more diverse range of alkaloids than opiates do, and interacts in a different way to the receptors in the body, which is why it can’t be classed in the same way as opiates when it comes to the potential to being blocked by Suboxone.

So although it might be the case with some people, the majority of people appear to be able to take kratom without any of the effects being diminished when they are also taking Suboxone.

Are there any allergic reactions to kratom

Kratom does not appear to produce allergic reactions in people who take it.

There are a range of side-effects associated with kratom, especially higher doses, in some people. These side-effects include:

Nausea, unsteadiness, lack of appetite, dry mouth, increased frequency of urination, thyroid problems, mood swings and muscle problems. However these are mostly not common.

So the bottom line is that although kratom can produce side effects, which in only a small minority of people are actually significant, kratom is not known to produce allergic reactions.

Best time to take kratom

The best time to take kratom will depend on what you want to achieve when you take it, and also the type of kratom you are taking.

Broadly, kratom can be divided into two types, mostly white kratom that uplifts you and gives you energy, and mostly red kratom that can deliver relaxation and sedation. Green kratom is in the middle, and tends to be gentler.

That’s why people often describe kratom strains as morning, afternoon or evening strains, depending on what you want to do. If you going out partying, then some white strains of kratom are great gaining euphoric energy in the evening.

Some green strains can also achieve that euphoric energy, but not to such a high level, which is why some white, and particularly green strains tend to be morning and afternoon ones, where you need more energy and alertness, but without relaxation.

Most red strains tend to be evening strains. This is because they have the ability to relax you, and sedate you. However, at lower doses, and in some strains more than others, red kratom can be taken during the day, because it can retain alertness, while still having analgesic effects.

In terms of a brief general daytime guide, most people advocate taking kratom on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. If you can’t achieve that, wait three hours until your stomach is empty again.

Does kratom get you high like opiates?

Kratom is often compared to opiates like heroin because it’s main alkaloids also work on the body’s opioid receptors. However it is important to remember that kratom is not actually an opiate and does not have significant and consistent results in the same way.

At low doses kratom tends to be a stimulant and a high-dose as it tends to be sedative, and this varies depending on the strain you take. So it’s not as simple as saying that kratom could be a safer way of getting the same sort of hit as an opiate, but it is possible to achieve a euphoric state more safely with experimentation.

Does kratom work for pain?

Yes kratom can work for pain. Although it is not an opiate, it works in the same way, affecting the body’s opioid receptors to lessen pain signals. Some strains of kratom are more uplifting than sedative, but a good strain of sedative kratom, usually red vein kratom strains, at medium-high dose can significantly reduce pain levels.

How long can kratom be detected in urine?

If you are an infrequent user then kratom is usually only detectable in urine for around three days. However in a frequent user traces can still remain detectable up to a week. It’s important to note that there are no current mainstream drug tests that check specifically for kratom though, and neither is it widely reported to trigger false positives either.

So concerns around detection the kratom use are far lower than for narcotics or abused prescription medicines.

Can you overdose on kratom?

There are no known examples of people overdosing on kratom in the same way as there are with narcotics. At high doses kratom becomes highly sedative and mostly you are more likely to just lose consciousness before you could take a fatal dose. On top of this, the active ingredients in kratom tend to provoke nausea when high doses are reached, so the combination of sedation and being unable to take it calmly seems to be a natural insurance policy against a dangerous overdose.

Does kratom expire?

Kratom doesn’t expire rapidly as long as you keep it in an airtight container and out of direct sunlight. Under good conditions in dry air, kratom will lose its potency very slowly, sometimes being usable for several years. Sunlight, damp and air exposure are all ways that will lose the potency quickest. Keeping capsules of kratom in airtight pill jars great way of maximizing potency and shelf life of kratom.