Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom Review: Dosage, Effects, Where To Buy

There are lots of different types of kratom, and Indo kratom is one of the most popular. But it has several variants, which creates confusion. So let’s do a proper UEI kratom review so that you can understand which will be best.

It can be a bit confusing, and unfortunately, some of the poorer kratom vendors out there sell standard quality kratom and still claim it’s Super, or Ultra Enhanced, which is completely untrue.

So let’s make sure you know exactly what EUI kratom is, and how to spot the good stuff, so you don’t get ripped off.

What Is UEI Kratom?

Indo kratom comes in several forms, and it can be confusing to understand what the differences are. Let’s clear that up here, by telling you about five different types of Indo kratom you can buy:

  1. Standard Indo kratom powder

This is your standard kratom. The leaves are processed to extract the kratom, which is turned into a powder.

  1. Premium Indo kratom

You have to be careful with people claiming Premium Indo kratom is different because often it’s just a word they slap on to put the price up a bit. True Premium Indo is where the kratom is extracted using the stem of the kratom plant leaves, rather than the whole leaf. This is supposed to create a better quality kratom.

  1. Super Indo kratom

The next step up the ladder is super Indo kratom. This uses only the largest leaves on kratom tree, as these are meant to be the leaves which develop the highest concentrations of alkaloids.

  1. Indo kratom extract

Kratom extracts are made by boiling down the kratom as usual. But more kratom is used to create the same volume. So in effect, you are getting a higher amount of alkaloids because you are getting more kratom leaves per gram of finished powder.

  1. UEI kratom

Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom is often confused with Super Indo kratom, as well as kratom extracts, and the term can be used interchangeably, which is why it can get confusing. But true UEI kratom is standard kratom that’s infused with additionally extracted alkaloids. So it’s not just a higher natural volume of alkaloids like you get with extracts, this is extracts on steroids.

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Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Review: Dosage& Side Effects

UEI kratom is very potent if you get the real deal. You’ll know if you have the real deal after your first experience with it, as long as you have already tried standard kratom of good quality to know the difference.

True UEI kratom, as you now know, is standard kratom powder, stuffed full of additional alkaloids, which can pack a potent punch. Usually, the dose of kratom I would recommend is rough as follows: 

  • Beginner dose: 1-2 grams
  • Moderate dose: 3-4 grams
  • High dose: 5-6 grams
  • Very strong dose: 7grams¬†

Now if you are going to experiment with Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom, I’m going to suggest that your initial Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom dosage is a gram lower. So if it’s your first time, just take a gram. If you are experienced, a moderate dose would be 2-3 grams.

Of course, you can just take the usual dose and see if the effects are more overwhelming, but some of it can be so powerful that that’s not a good idea.

All kratom has some side-effects, which may affect you a little bit, a lot, but for most people not at all. These side-effects include things like nausea and other minor things.

However, kratom can build up a tolerance. The more you take, the more used to it you get.

This can be deceptive if you are taking UEI kratom because you are taking in so many more alkaloids than you would usually. So building up tolerance could be something that starts to happen, which will obviously mean you are having to take more and more to get to the same point, which isn’t great.

So I would suggest you only ever take Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom once per week, maybe twice at the most. This is not a daily kratom to take, otherwise, tolerance could be a problem.

Where To Buy UEI Kratom

When it comes to wondering where to buy UEI kratom, so you don’t get ripped off, you’re obviously looking for the best UEI kratom vendors you can find.

The thing is, these aren’t that easy to find. I’ve tried four, probably more, different suppliers of Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom. Two were not great, and they were big sellers that populate the first page of Google search results.

Another one was good and opened my eyes to the benefits of UEI kratom. Unfortunately, that seller isn’t in the business anymore (for the list of my favorite kratom vendors, click here).

So what I’m saying here, is that it’s actually not that easy to get good quality UEI kratom. In fact, it’s easier to get ripped off than it is to get the real deal. Too many sellers slap labels like Super, Ultra Enhanced, or Premium, on standard kratom powder so they can just get more profit.

UltraEnhanced Indo Kratom review

Best UEI Kratom Vendor

But I do have a “go to” UEI kratom vendor, who has been reliable over several orders, and honestly, the kratom is awesome.

BuyKratom.us, as you can tell by the domain name, are in the USA, and they are really good. They ship free domestically, it usually arrives in about three or four days, and they have a money back guarantee.

For me, they are definitely the best UEI kratom vendor, because the quality is superb, and you can tell this stuff packs a punch that you simply don’t get with normal kratom.

If you’re starting out, I would recommend the extract variety pack. You get sample packs of 25x extract, 50x extract, and a bag of Ultra Enhanced Indo as well.

So for a small outlay, you can experiment with a whole range of punch-packing kratoms, to decide if they are right for you, as your main type, or to supplement standard kratom use.

Like I said at the start, if you get the real deal, then UEI kratom is insane. However, it needs to be treated with respect, and you have to get it from the best UEI kratom vendor, so you don’t get ripped off.