Kratom Vein Colors: Red Vein Kratom

When you start investigating kratom, you will be led to believe very quickly that red vein kratom is where it’s at. Red vein kratom is often linked to the strongest effects, and the highest concentration of alkaloids.

However, that’s not quite the whole story, as white and green strains of kratom also have their strengths, and some of their effects can be equally as powerful, just in different ways.

But red vein kratom is definitely linked to a certain range of effects, which have been used to relieve medical symptoms, and also been used for leisure, for centuries. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 3% of the population in Indonesia take kratom daily.

It’s a sometimes confusing picture though, so let’s talk about the benefits and side effects of red vein kratom, so that you can understand exactly what it is, and how you can get the most out of experimenting with it.

 Why There Are Different Color Veins In Kratom

It may surprise you to know that most the time it’s pretty tough to see which type of kratom is on the tree. Often, the veins are not the same color as when they are processed.

What’s important with determining red, green or white vein kratom, is how it is harvested and processed. After harvesting, the leaves are stored and dried out, in different conditions. These different conditions can change the vein color, which changes the balance of alkaloids, with red being the process that retains the highest concentration of the 25 main alkaloids.

So kratom is in some ways all born pretty much equal, it’s how it’s processed that determines the main effects. These effects are more predominant at low to mid dose, but tend to even out the higher the dose taken.

What Are The Main Types Of Red Vein Kratom?

Every major type of kratom is available with a red vein variation, because as we have seen, in most cases it’s actually the processing of the harvested leaves which creates the red vein.

The main red vein kratom strains are as follows:

red kratom powder

Dosage & Effects Of Red vein Kratom

Although each of the major strains of red vein kratom can have different subtle effects, in general, red vein kratom has a specific set of effects.

However, having said that, the dose makes a big difference in terms of the effect you will feel. This is both in terms of the range, and intensity.

Maeng Da is generally accepted as one of the strongest strains of kratom, containing a very high concentration of alkaloids, if you get good quality powder. Its main ability is how it allows people to retain energy and focus, while keeping them relaxed.

In terms of maximum relaxation, red vein Thai is linked mostly to sedative and relaxing effects. People with sleep disorders often turns red vein Thai to help them. It’s definitely one for relieving anxiety and chilling out with, rather than improving the day.

Even though you will need less of most red vein kratoms, you still need a decent dose, more than a couple of grams, to have much effect. However, around 4-6 grams the effects will really kick in, and if you go higher than that, they can be overwhelming.

The key thing here is that up to a point, it doesn’t matter which red vein kratom you take, at a certain point, the strength of the dose will mean you receive so many alkaloids, that the effects are maximized.

In terms of the main beneficial effects from red vein kratom, they are: 

  • An ability to focus better
  • Feeling relaxed
  • Lowering of anxiety
  • Lessening the physical pain (analgesia)
  • Sedation (especially at higher doses)
  • Improving mood
  • Increased energy (although at higher doses sedation can mean less desire to use energy) 

Red vein kratom is particularly good for relaxation and pain relief. It also contains a blend of alkaloids which most closely mimic that of opiates, when compared to white and green vein kratom strains.

This is why red vein kratom is used by a lot of people for opiate withdrawal symptom relief, and to help them get off drugs and alcohol. It can lower anxiety, it can lower pain and withdrawal symptoms, and it can offer improved mood, focus and energy, just when you are feeling low.

Side Effects Of Red Kratom

All strains of kratom have negative side-effects, but these are not universal, and less than 10% of people will experience more than one, or experience significant symptoms.

These side-effects will range from non-existent through to significant, depending on the dose taken, and the person taking them.

These side-effects include: 

  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory problems 

However, it’s important to note that not a lot of research is gone into kratom use, which is why some of these side-effects are possibly suspicious. For example, people suffering with anxiety from it, could already have anxiety problems, and have misappropriated their symptoms to kratom use.

Respiratory problems are common to any substances which interact with the opioid receptors in the body, which is why the majority of heroin deaths are due to that person stopping breathing.

However, it’s important to note that kratom actually has a lower level of respiratory depression than codeine, so it is not a significant factor in people who suffer from this in most cases.

So as you can see, higher doses, frequent use, and personal circumstances can cause problems when using kratom. But these problems are not related to any particular strain, and not worse with red vein kratom and any other type, and in overwhelming majority of cases are very minor, or non-existent.

The Benefits Of Red Vein Kratom

So there are good reasons why red vein kratom is the vein color that most people turn to. In fact, more than half of all kratom sold in the USA is red vein kratom.

The primary reason for this is that it can make you feel relaxed, relieve pain, minimize anxiety, but at the same time allow you to retain focus and energy. This is especially true of the most widely used strain of kratom, Maeng Da.

In contrast, white vein kratom is more linked to a euphoric energy, without relaxation. This is why some people find it unpalatable if they are suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms for example, it makes them even more anxious, even though they seem to have limitless energy.

But overall, red vein kratom, when used responsibly at moderate dose, is a very good non-pharmaceutical option for people suffering with anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, or who are lacking in energy or focus.

However, the final point to make is that you have to be very careful on the dose of red kratom, if you intend to take it during a normal day, because it can act as a sedative, and analgesic, and if the dose is too high then you could find yourself more tranquilized than energized.