Everything You Need To Know About Red Sumatra Kratom

Red Sumatra Kratom is a strain of Kratom that comes from Indonesia. It is an extremely smooth and comforting treat that can provide any user with a variety of benefits. However, it stands out amongst the other Kratom strains because of its relaxing effects. If you are looking to relieve some stress and relax your muscles, the Red Sumatra Kratom strain could provide the soothing therapy that you need.

Origin And History Of Red Sumatra Kratom

This strain of Kratom grows right on the island of Sumatra, hence the name. Sumatra is one of the most populated islands in the world. Sumatra is actually a part of Indonesia and it contains more than fifty million inhabitants. The Mitragyna Speciosa tree is one of the most common species of trees found on this island and this is where Kratom comes from.

The locals of the island have been utilizing Red Sumatra Kratom for a number of years. Chewing on the leaves can provide therapeutic and relax benefits. However, the Red Sumatra Kratom that most people buy today comes available in capsule and powder form that can be mixed with teas or other beverages (make to check out my list of the best kratom vendors).

What Compounds Are Found In The Red Sumatra Strain?

You will find that the Red Sumatra Kratom strain is comprised of a variety of different alkaloids or compounds. However, the most important and abundant alkaloid present in the substance is mitragynine. In fact, mitragynine makes up 82 percent of the substance. Other active ingredients within the Red Sumatra Kratom strain are mitraphyline, 7-hydroxymitragynine and corynantheidine also know as rauhimebine.

Another alkaloid that can be found within this strain is raubasine. It is this alkaloid that is responsible for the sedative effects that the strain produces.

Red Sumatra Kratom: Effects&Benefits

This strain is growing such a following due to all the amazing health benefits that it can provide users. The effects are pleasant and similar to opioids. However, that does not make the substance an actual opioid. It just reacts within the body in the same manner.

Consuming this substance can help users manage pain and feel free from the problems and troubles of everyday life.

This strain can give you the peace of mind that you need to just drop all your worries and relax. It literally calms the nerves and sedates the user, making it easier to fall asleep. This also makes the strain perfect for battling sleeping disorders.

Not only can this powerful strain regulate your sleep cycles, but also the unique alkaloids can lower the blood pressure, while increasing the tactile pressure. It also possesses some euphoric properties, which will greatly elevate your mood levels and make you more energetic. Some users have even been quoted saying that when consuming this strain it increased the sensitivity towards the temperature, but it was in a pleasant way.

Red sumatra kratom powder

How Long Do The Effects Linger?

It is important to remember that Kratom will react different within different individuals. Some people might get certain effects while other might not. Some users might even experience the effects on a higher level with a lower dose. The same concept will apply when it comes to the half-life of Kratom.

That being said, Red Sumatra is one of the longest lasting strains on the market. After consuming the substance you might experience the effects for up to ten hours. This strain can provide you with the all day relief that you need.

What Is The Proper Dosage For Red Sumatra?

Red Sumatra is without a doubt one of the more potent strains available on the market and that is why it is wise to scale down a bit when consuming this strain. Once again, there are certain factors that can come into play when you are considering the dosage.

You have to know if you are sensitive to the substance, you need to know your tolerance levels and something as simple as your weight could play a role in the dosage.

That being said, anywhere from one to two grams is considered a threshold dose. This is probably where the novice user should start. However, two to three grams is probably the most proper dosage for this strain. Individuals with a higher tolerance might want to consume anywhere from three to four grams.

If you want stronger relief with longer lasting effects the user should consider consuming four to five grams. It is recommended to never go over six grams with this strain, as it might produce some unwanted side effects.

Red Sumatra Compared To Red Bali

Red Bali is another extremely popular strain that comes from the red vein family, but how does it compare to the Red Sumatra strain? The hallmark for Red Bail is its pain management abilities. It possesses the benefits to help anyone that is dealing with chronic pain. It is also high sedating.

Red Sumatra is sedating too, but not as sedating as the Red Bali strain. Both can elevate the mood and cause feelings of euphoria. Both strains are excellent for stress relief and battling anxiety. Red Bali also contains a variety of alkaloids that are similar to the Red Sumatra strain, but it is the 7-hydroxmitragynine that is the most abundant in this strain.