PurKratom Review: Are They Really That Good?

There’s nothing more annoying than buying some kratom online, only to find that it’s really poor quality. I know, because I’ve been there a lot of times in the past two years. There are a few reputable companies out there, and they get glowing reviews.

One of those are PurKratom. But are PurKratom reviews telling the truth?

They are one of these kratom vendors that you read a lot about in forums, and on websites, like mine for example. But how can you know how accurate they are? Well, if they read like an advertisement, they probably are.

From bitter experience, I’ve fallen into that trap as well. But really and honestly, there are only a handful of kratom sellers out there that I would ever buy from, and in this review I’m going to tell you, based on my personal experience as a buyer, how PurKratom stack up, to help you make your own decisions.

Do PurKratom Have A Good Range Of Kratom?

Look, one of the things I’ve found with kratom sellers is that they are limited in the types of kratom they actually sell. But one of the reasons that I like PurKratom is that whatever I want, they sell, and it’s almost always in stock.

For the purposes of writing this PurKratom review, I took a look at their website: 

  • They currently sell 22 different types of kratom powder, with 19 in stock
  • They currently sell 20 types of kratom capsules, with 17 in stock
  • They sell to variety packs, capsules and powder, both of which are in stock 

I compared that to another big kratom vendor who I won’t name because it shames them, and they had nearly 50% of what they allege they sold out of stock. So PurKratom win on the fact that they sell what they say they do.

On top of what’s actually available, the product range is really good. They sell some kratom you can’t really get elsewhere, they sell several types of super kratom for example. I can tell you it’s proper super kratom as well, not just standard stuff re-bagged and then sold at a higher price.

They also sell capsules. I think capsules are brilliant. I buy capsules more than I do powder nowadays, for the following reasons: 

  • Kratom can taste bad and capsules mean you don’t have to taste it
  • You can administer an exact dose
  • You can keep the kratom for longer because it’s better sealed
  • You can use kratom during the day, because you just pop a pill in your mouth 

Now, capsules are more expensive. But PurKratom are pretty good value for money compared to others, and for that little bit more your pay, you are getting a far more easy and pleasant, plus accurate dosage kratom experience.

Finally, in terms of what they sell, PurKratom also sell variety packs of capsules and loose powder. I think these are brilliant for people new to kratom, because they allow you to try different sorts without buying a huge bag, or a full bottle of pills.

You can also experiment with mixing different types of kratom, to see if you can create your own combination that works best for you.

Is PurKratom Legit As A Company?

Like most people, I’ve been through a lot of trial and error over the past couple of years with trying to find good quality kratom from a reliable seller. I fell into the trap initially going for cheap kratom, only to find that you get what you pay for.

In terms of the kratom quality, I have to say that PurKratom is as good as any of tried, and I tried a lot of those recommended companies you find online. So from a quality point of view, sure, I think PurKratom are legit.

Back that up by saying take a look online. Take a look at relevant websites, forums, places like Reddit, and social media, and filter out the nonsense to look at what people are really saying. You’ll see that when PurKratom is mentioned, it’s almost always positively.

Also, I’ve never had a problem with them being legit for customer service. I’ll talk about that bit more a minute, but when I had a problem, they sorted it out quickly. So I can’t complain about that at all.

I guess in terms of legit kratom, PurKratom do something for me that many other companies don’t do. They publish lab reports from an independent testing company on their website.

Every time they get the batch of kratom in from overseas, ready to package and sell, it’s tested by that lab, and the grading and quality published on their website. For me, scammers don’t do stuff like that.

is purkratom legit

Do You Get Guarantees Using PurKratom?

Unless they really don’t want to sell anything, you will get guarantees from any company selling kratom. I found a lot of those guarantees don’t really get honored.

But in terms of PurKratom, I have found that to be the case:

First, they offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee. It’s unconditional, and it’s what convinced me to order the first time. I actually bought some last week, and for the purposes of the review I’m writing now, I triggered the 30 day moneyback guarantee.

They honored it. But I didn’t take it, I explained it was review. But it shows they are legit.

They also offer free domestic shipping in the USA. It’s up to 5 day USPS, which can be a bit slow, but to offer free shipping means that they are not trying to rip every tiny bit of cash from your hands they can.

They also have customer service skills. You can get hold of them on the phone, email, or on social media. I’ve talked to these guys couple of times, and they’ve been responsive.

In terms of another guarantee, you can pay with a credit card. A lot of companies don’t do that because they don’t want chargebacks when you try to get your money back because they sell crap kratom. This is not the case with PurKratom, who have a full secure credit card payment processor.

Can You Get A PurKratom Discount Code?

You can also spot a dodgy company by how many discount codes they grow around. The more they throw around, the more dodgy they usually are, because they’re trying to stoke up traffic and quick sales.

However, there is a working PurKratom discount code out there, it’s just not publicized that much.

It’s a PurKratom coupon code for 10% off. That’s not a huge amount, but that’s 10% more kratom can buy, because you already getting free shipping.

The PurKratom discount code can be entered during checkout, and it’s coupon number is SPI10OFF (I tried it works). So there you go, you have now got your hands on a not very well known PurKratom coupon code.

So Are PurKratom Reviews Accurate?

Look, any review is subjective. It’s either paid, or it’s legit, only you can make that decision. But from my personal point of view, most PurKratom reviews actually are legitimate, because they tell you that it is one of the best kratom vendors out there.

My personal experience of using PurKratom has been excellent, I can’t say any different. They sell some great strains, and for me as an example, their White Borneo for energy boost is some of the best, and smoothest I’ve ever come across. That’s just one example, but I’ve tried six different types, in both powder and capsule from them in the past two years.

I would even say that they are equal to, and in some cases better, in terms of quality, than probably the best kratom seller most people ever use, Coastline Kratom. In fact, the customer service is also just as good as well.

So if PurKratom don’t have what you want, then Coastline probably will. Another seller I’ve used, but don’t so much because they just don’t stack up against PurKratom, are Buykratom.us. They are great, but the quality of the kratom from PurKratom is superior.

Which means my conclusion, both in my own review, and evaluating the accuracy of PurKratom reviews online, is that they are the real deal. Trust them, try them, and talk about them