OPMS Kratom Review: What’s The Truth?

As a brand of kratom out there right now that’s getting a lot of buzz in the world of kratom, is OPMS. You’ll find a lot of OPMS kratom reviews out there, singing its praises, telling you how awesome is.

But then you’ll read other reviews saying it’s either not that great, or dodgy as hell. So what’s the truth?

I decided to do an in-depth OPMS kratom review, and test it for the purposes of writing it. I noticed this stuff on a website I trust and use for buying salvia from, so I thought it was worth looking into, as they wouldn’t sell rubbish, or fakes, of which there are quite a few OPMS ones out there.

This stuff is different, and it’s contentious. But where is the truth? Is it an expensive but awesome concentrated kratom, or is it a marketing gimmick?

Who Are OPMS Kratom?

OPMS kratom have been around for quite a few years. The initials stand for Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa. Now, I spotted it straight away, and you may have as well, but the initials also feels suspiciously like they are alluding to opium.

Now to put something to bed straight away about this, there has been a lot of claims around the Internet that OPMS is not actually pure kratom. Its potency comes from it having opium-based research materials mixed in to give it a bigger kick.

This would make it a gray area legal high, rather than kratom. Now obviously, that would be a cause for concern, and something I looked into in quite a lot of detail.

I can’t find any evidence that this is actually the case. What I do know is that there are a lot of fakes of this brand of kratom out there for sale, because it’s profitable.

The fakes are definitely out there, you can see examples online the quick search, and even the company themselves have a page on how to spot fakes. So my feeling is that a lot of these are awfully made fakes that have been cut with other stuff, and people have attributed it to the original company, believing they bought the real deal.

OPMS is made differently. It uses something called cold water pressure extraction. You see, usually, kratom is extracted using a boiling process, either with water or another type of liquid. This creates a resin which is then ground into kratom powder.

The company claim that their extraction technique does not lose alkaloid concentrations, which means you get more the the alkaloids than you do using the traditional heat extraction process. In effect, you could be getting something like 15x kratom extract, but even more concentrated with alkaloids.

opms kratom review

Types Of OPMS Kratom Explained

OPMS make just three different types of kratom, all made from the same unique extraction process:

  • OPMS Gold kratom capsules
  • OPMS Silver kratom capsules
  • OPMS liquid kratom extract

The gold and silver designations relates to the potency. Gold is only sold in packs of up to 5 capsules, because it is apparently so powerful.

OPMS silver kratom is less potent, and is sold in packs of up to 64 capsules. You have to watch out though, because some retailers listed for sale by weight, rather than capsule count, to make sure you understand the amount you are paying for.

Now, the two I was really most interested in are the gold kratom capsules, and the OPMS liquid kratom. Firstly to see how powerful capsules are up against my usual kratom capsules, and secondly see how a liquid extract works in terms of taste and potency.

How It Went When I tried OPMS Kratom

I usually buy Salvia divinorum, from this trusted retailer. Because they are trusted, I know they will only sell real OPMS kratom, they aren’t buying in fake stuff.

So when I ordered some salvia last time, for the purposes of this OPMS review, I also ordered five OPMS gold kratom capsules, and a liquid kratom shot container.

I tried the capsules first. I took 2 to start off with. That was actually enough. They are potent. But I took a third, and it really was a fantastic hit. It was smooth, it was definitely kratom, but there was an extra depth to it.

I don’t know if it’s just the quality of the kratom alkaloids, or if there is something else in this stuff, but it worked. They took about half an hour to fully kick in.

A few days later, I tried the OPMS liquid kratom shot. Again, it was awesome. Not as powerful as I thought, but it worked within about 20 minutes, because the liquid it’s your stomach and gets absorbed far more quickly.

Other than that, it was a standard kratom experience, which lasted for about the same amount of time. But the main thing is it came on fast, and was powerful when it hit.

OPMS Gold kratom

OPMS Kratom Review: Conclusion

So look, based purely on trying it, this OPMS kratom review has to conclude that it works. Now I’m not saying it’s pure kratom. I’m not saying that they have an amazing patented extraction method that is streets ahead of the traditional method.

But it really does work. I would also say you need to be damn sure you getting the real deal, because there are fakes out there which are cut with all sorts of crap.

That’s why I would only ever recommend to buy it from trusted source.

Never, ever buy this stuff in headshops, it will almost certainly be fake, and possibly dangerous. When it’s expensive anyway, and more risky, why would you? If you want to try it, go ahead, but treated with respect and caution.

If you not convinced by trying OPMS, or you only want to try it if you can get it from a trusted kratom seller, then you can find out more by checking out my recommended kratom vendors list.

But the bottom line here, the conclusion of this review is that OPMS kratom is powerful stuff, and is well worth trying, if only once to see what the buzz is about.