Kratom Vein Colors: Green Vein Kratom

When it comes to kratom, you will find people mostly talking about red kratom. Then you will find people talking about white kratom. And in the middle, your find a minority talking about the benefits of green vein kratom.

Sometimes, green vein kratom is seen as the poor cousin in relation to the other two types. This is because of a misconception around the power of its effects. Because it’s weaker in specific effects, it seen as less effective and less value for money.

So in this post we going to give you the lowdown on green vein kratom, including the benefits of using it in relation to red or white vein kratom.

Hope you’ll discover that it’s very popular with a certain group of people for a very compelling set of reasons, and conclude that it’s definitely worth trying.

The 3 Kratom Vein Colors Explained

With a few rare exceptions, most kratom leaves on the tree have red, or slightly red, veins. It’s the harvesting and processing of the leaves which changes the vein color. Whites and reds are produced from the way they are dried out, and it’s the same with green vein kratom, which tends to be dried outside.

Red vein kratom is linked to having the highest concentration of alkaloids, producing the most intense effects. However, these effects, even a moderate dose, tends towards analgesia and sedation. You can retain focus, but this is increasingly diminished the higher the dose.

White vein kratom is linked to the opposite of red, although it might have some relaxing properties, it’s mostly about energy and euphoria. If you want to sleep, you don’t take white vein kratom, if you want to go out and party, or have got a really hectic day ahead of you, then you do take white vein kratom.

Which leaves us with green vein kratom, which most people describe is in the middle between the other two. This is because it retains the broadest spectrum of alkaloids, but not at such a high concentration at either end of that spectrum. This is what sets it apart from red and white.

So green vein kratom tends to be used by people who want an even kratom experience, who want some energy, want some relaxation, want some pain relief, want some focus, but not too much of any one thing.

It’s the reason why people tend to think that green kratom is lied about, because they think the claims that it can produce all the effects of white and red, and everything in between, can’t possibly be true. It is true, it’s just the intensity is lower.

The Main Types Of Green Vein Kratom

Although every single different type of kratom can produce its own rewarding experiences, depending on the type and dose, almost every type of kratom is available in green, white and red vein varieties.

When talking specifically about green vein kratom though, these are being types which are most widely associated with its positive effects:

I will just talk about Green Maeng Da. Most people associate this “pimp grade” kratom with red. And certainly, that’s where the most powerful effects of this type of kratom lay.

You can get White Maeng Da as well, which also produces a strong energetic high, but retaining some of the properties of red Maeng Da. Green Maeng Da benefits from all of this. It retains a high concentration of alkaloids, across the whole spectrum, meaning that it can produce a very significant range of effects, but not to the same extremes as white and red.

green kratom powder

Green Vein Kratom: Dosage & Effects

The interesting thing about green vein kratom therefore, is that although its effects tend to be less dramatic than white or red, the range of effects it can produce is more broad, and allows more variation in dose and benefits.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the main types of green vein kratom, and the effects they are associated with: 

  1. Green Malay tends towards the pain relief side of the spectrum, but retaining elements of mild stimulation. It’s also long-lasting, and has been associated with use as a nootropic, allowing study in a relaxed state, while improving focus for several hours.
  2. Green Thai also has pain relief elements, but is far more associated with an energy boost and euphoria.
  3. Green Bali deliver strong analgesic properties, but without the levels of sedation in red kratom, and a lot of other green strains. But on the other side of that coin, it can also produce energy and focus, which is why it’s one of most popular green kratom strains, because it has a good balance. 

So as you can see, the general picture of green vein kratom is that it’s weaker at the extremes of energy and euphoria, or sedation and analgesia, than white and red respectively.

However, because it can deliver all of these effects in a a milder format, it can really help in all situations, which is why it’s known as the “Afternoon kratom”.

In terms of dose, green kratom is milder, so you can be less overwhelmed by a moderate dose. In terms of the exact dose, a low dose is usually a couple of grams, a moderate dose three or four, and a high dose above 6 g.

At very high levels, green kratom is the same as most white kratom, and all red kratom in that it starts to produce sedation. However, some green strains at high-dose can produce irritability and feel like a massive caffeine hit.

Does Green Vein Have Side Effects?

All kratom leaf colors carry side-effects, but because green kratom is milder than red or white, those side-effects are usually less pronounced.

What we mean by that is white kratom can produce dizziness and anxiety, because of the energy it produces. Red kratom can produce lethargy and nausea, because of the sedation it produces.

Green kratom tends to produce one or more of the usual side-effects in a very small number of people: with those side-effects generally being:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Digestive problems
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Respiratory depression at high volume and frequent use

Harness The Benefits Of Green Vein Kratom

Green kratom is talked about less than white or red. Hopefully now you can see that that is something which is an injustice.

Green kratom is generally milder than white or red, and can produce a broader of effects, making it great for people who need a slight lift, relaxation, pain relief and focus, but a little bit of all of it, in balance, with less extremes.

That’s not to say that green kratom can’t be powerful, some types are more powerful than others at certain things, but that will depend more on the person, the dose and the quality.