The Different Colors Of Kratom Leaves

Sumatra is a very unique strain of Kratom. It just happens to be available in several different colors. What do these colors mean? You’ll found out below.

About Sumatra

Sumatra is a very unique strain of Kratom. It is given its name due to its origin. The plant is actually grown on the Sumatra Island in Indonesia. This island provides the plant with great sunlight and moisture. This specific plant is prized for many of its most unusual properties.

It is capable of providing users with a massive boost of energy, while also providing them with an uplifting feeling. This variety of kratom can improve mood and provide the user with feelings of calm and relaxation.

It may also be beneficial as a muscle relaxer and painkiller. The Sumatra kratom contains a lot of alkaloid. This makes it a good choice for people suffering from chronic pain. The alkaloids contained in the plant actually interact if the Mu Opioid receptors in the brain. This ensures that you’re able to get the results that you’re after.

About The Red Vein Kratom

The Sumatra Kratom is a type of kratom in which the leaves are actually red in color. This is primarily caused by the climate and environment in which the plant is grown. The environment causes the alkaloid content to change and this is what makes the colors of the hues change.

This is what causes the colors to change to red. Most red Kratom strains are known to provide the user with relaxing effects. However, there are a few red strains that can actually be very good as stimulants. The red version of Sumatra is great for boosting the user’s mood and providing them with a calm and relaxing feeling.

This variety of kratom is capable of providing the user with pain relief and even sedation. It is good for easing the nerves and allowing the user to sleep better at night. Since red vein Sumatra hit the market, it has become one of the most popular strains of kratom.

Sumatra red vein kratom

About The White Vein Kratom

The white vein strain of kratom got its known from its leaves, which have vivid white colored veins. This strain is believed to enhance mood and energy. It also considered being very similar to other white kratom strains. Its powerful energizing properties are contributed to its high content of Mitragynine.

Many people prefer white vein Sumatra to caffeinated coffee and tea, because of its powerful energizing properties. In addition to this capability, the strain is also capable of enhancing focus and wakefulness. So, if you are suffering from chronic fatigue, narcolepsy or depression, you could benefit greatly from white vein Sumatra. Some users compare white vein Sumatra to nootropics, because of its cognitive boosting properties.

Some kratom experts believe that white vein Sumatra can ease anxiety. While there is currently no research to prove this belief, many users have reported improvement in their condition after consuming white vein Sumatra. Of course, this is subjective information, but it just happens to work in raising awareness of the many health benefits of this strain.

Sumatra white vein kratom

About The Green Vein Kratom

Like white vein Sumatra, green vein Sumatra also gets its name from its leaves, which have vivid green veins. This strain of kratom is extremely popular, as it is believed to have the ability to provide users with a stimulating experience. These energetic effects are similar to those of the white and red strains of kratom, just not as powerful.

Unlike other strains of kratom, green vein Sumatra is known for its ability to deliver intense effects. In fact, it is more known for its mild effects. This strain of kratom is classified as a stimulant, which means it produces alertness and wakefulness. Individuals who have difficulty staying awake during the day and focusing on tasks can benefit from green vein Sumatra.

Unfortunately, green vein Sumatra does not have any sedation or pain relieving properties. However, some herbalists believe that it can be an effective treatment for anxiety disorders. It is also considered to be a safer alternative to prescription antianxiety medications.

Some users have reported feeling calmer after taking green vein Sumatra. While it is not capable of delivering intense euphoria, like the white, yellow and red strains of kratom, it is still very popular. Some users who have tried other kratom strains find this green vein Sumatra more suitable, because it improves their mood and calms them down without taking it too far.

Sumatra Green vein kratom

About The Yellow Vein Kratom


yellow vein kratom

Not many people have experienced the effects of the yellow vein Sumatra, because it is extremely rare. It is considered to be one of the least common strains of kratom. The kratom strain is only grown in controlled environments.

The flavonoids are infused into the plant during the growing process. These flavonoids are combined with bioactive compounds, such as Isospeciofoline, Speciociliatine, Epicatechin, Mitrafoline, Mitraciliatine and Paynantheine, to give the leaves their unique yellow coloring.

Yellow vein Sumatra’s unique capabilities are contributed to the yellow veins that run through its leaves. This strain is believed to be the most potent of all the kratom strains. When consuming yellow vein Sumatra, a low dose is all that is needed to produce extreme effects.

Yellow vein Sumatra is classified as a stimulant, which means it is capable of enhancing focus, wakefulness and energy. This strain is ideal for individuals who have difficulty focusing, sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, and fatigue.

This strain of kratom is also capable of improving mood. In fact, it is considered a much safer treatment alternative to antidepressants. Its antianxiety properties also make it a great treatment for stress and anxiety disorders.

Yellow vein Sumatra can be taken in high doses, but only in controlled environments. When consumed in this manner, the strain will produce euphoric effects, which are only short-lived.

Some people who have been lucky enough to try yellow Sumatra believe it could be a utilized for occasional recreational purposes. Since it is so rare, even utilizing it occasionally is difficult to achieve.