Can Kratom Create A High Similar To Opiates

There are many people that believe Kratom can create a high similar to opiates. Is this the truth or nothing more than a myth? The answer will be provided in more depth below.

Kratom’s Make Up

At this point, you should already have a good idea about Kratom and what it is. It is very popular in the medical field and it is used recreationally frequently. This specific substance includes two alkaloids. They are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. They’re actually agonists against opioids receptors.

The two alkaloids are believed to impact the kappa and mu receptors. This means that kratom is capable of creating effects that are very similar to opiates. For instance, it can stimulate you, while also boosting energy levels. It can also create a sense of euphoria, while also enhancing cognitive functions.

At higher levels, kratom is actually capable of sedating the user.

More About Opiates

Everyone knows what opiates are. They’re a type of narcotic, which tend to have some depressant characteristics. They impact the user’s brain and body. These drugs actually impact the user by interacting with their central nervous system. It is also possible for opiates to have an impact on the levels of endorphins in the body.

They’ll increase them and this can lead to a sense of euphoria for the user. In return, this helps to alleviate pain. They’ll also increase serotonin levels to provide the user with more pleasure. Opiates are commonly prescribed for pain. Heroin was once used in the same manner. However, it is now illegal because it is abused so frequently.

Suffice to say, opiates can be pretty dangerous and they’re incredibly addicted.

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Can Kratom Be Stronger?

Some people believe that kratom is better than opiates. This substance is capable of delivering stimulation and intense euphoria. However, it doesn’t prevent the negative effects that are often linked to opiates. When taking kratom, you will never have to worry about having an uncomfortable feeling. It is more about providing stimulation and sedation.

It is only possible to get high on kratom when using it at higher doses. Getting buzzed on kratom can happen pretty quickly. In fact, many people will begin feeling the sensation within just 15 minutes.

A recent study concluded that kratom can provide the user with the effects they’re after within just five to fifteen minutes after use. It is possible to maintain those effects for a maximum of 5 hours. At smaller doses, opiates tend to provide stronger effects.

This includes higher alertness levels and improved sociability. At higher doses, kratom can be a good sedative and it is great for combating numerous problems, including fibromyalgia, anxiety, opiate addiction and arthritis.

Kratom is also capable of alleviating pain and relaxing the muscles. However, kratom will not actually create a high or euphoria when used at much lower doses. The effects are not even close to opiates when used at lower doses. The user will usually feel mellow and chilled out. They’ll also be able to escape their anxiety.

Just remember that kratom is not an opiate. It works in a similar manner, but the addictive nature is far lower.

Most users agree that opiates are far stronger than kratom. Shooting up heroin would get a burn high much quicker than using kratom.

Which Is More Dangerous?

It should come as no surprise to learn that opiates are far more dangerous than kratom. More people are killed each and every year by opiate overdoses. At the same time, opiates tend to be much more addictive than kratom. With that being said, users would be better off sticking with the kratom even those it might not be as powerful. After all, it is much safer and kratom is legal to buy, not like many opioids.

kratom as a natural alternative to opiates

Does Kratom Produce The Same Effects As Opioids?

Over the years there have been a lot of assumptions and misconceptions made about Kratom. Some individuals and researchers have even been noted for saying that Kratom is a type of opioid simply because it produces similar effects. Is this true and what exactly are the opioid like effects that they are speaking of? Well, some individuals state that the get a great feeling of euphoria when ingesting the substance, while others same that they get the same exactly feelings as when the consume opioids.

It is true that when ingested Kratom does target the same receptors in the body that are targeted by opioids. This is what causes this powerful substance to produce a sense of relaxation. When taking Kratom there are also effects of clarity and analgesic, but this does not mean that Kratom is an opioid.

In fact, the stimulation is nowhere near the stimulation that you would achieve when partaking in narcotics like hydrocodone or suboxone.

Kratom Versus Opiates – What Are The Likenesses And Differences

Many herbalists believe that kratom’s analgesic properties and effects are similar to prescription opioids. However, it is questionable whether kratom is capable of producing the same powerful “high”, offered by opiates. Advocates of kratom will swear that it is a safer alternative to prescription opioids. The logic behind this belief has something to do with the idea that kratom is less addictive than opiates. They also believe that it is much more difficult to develop a tolerance to kratom than opiates.

Kratom is classified as a “natural analgesic” and not a “narcotic”. Even though it can produce euphoria, when taken in low doses and stimulating effects, when taken in high doses, the effects are minimal.