Kratom is one of those perfectly legal substances which can be a godsend for a range of legitimate personal reasons.

The reason can be used for a wide range of purposes is that range of effects can be dramatic. There are lots of different strains, 15, including the main ones Bali, Maeng Da and Borneo. On top of that, there are three leaf vein colors, white, green and red. This combination can produce a complete range of effects from sedative, through to pain relieving, through to euphoric, and everything in between.

And these effects and their level can also be dictated by the strength of the dose, moderate through to high.

One of the reasons for this amazing range of effects is that kratom contains 28 identified alkaloids, which can affect the body and mind in different ways.

It’s ideal for example if you are trying to get off an opiate like heroine. Picking a strain and moderate dose that produces a mix of pain relieving and uplifting effects, can really ease things and make the whole process of withdrawal easier.

So kratom is a fantastic leaf that can produce positive effects. It’s as simple as taking in capsule form, drinking it in tea or some other liquid, and then enjoying the effects. It’s not easy to overdose on kratom, but obviously getting educated and using it responsibly is the key.

Good quality articles, information on the strains, combinations and doses, plus reviews of the different kratom sellers to find out which ones sell the real uncut concentrated kratom powder, all of these things are crucial if you want to enjoy the benefits of kratom without having to go through a long testing process.