Xstream Synthetic Urine Review – Does It Still Work?

There’s loads of choice out there if you are going to try and pass a urine drug test using synthetic urine.

About 10 years ago Xstream was one of the biggest brands of synthetic urine on the market, but have things changed?

In this Xstream synthetic urine review, I’m going to look at everything in detail so you can make a good decision on whether you should buy this synthetic urine, or steer clear of it and look at another brand instead.

Why Use Synthetic Urine?

When it comes to passing a urine sample drug test, you really only have three options available:

  1. Use a detox drink, which isn’t always possible, and even if you do, you only have a few hours to submit your sample before the toxins start creeping back into your urine.
  2. Do a natural detox, which is going to take at least a week, often longer, and most drug testing notifications don’t give you that amount of time your sample.

Which leaves you with the choice of using synthetic urine. It a great choice, because for most employment drug test you only get one or two days to submit your sample, and a synthetic urine sample is the safest and quickest way of doing this.

What Is Xstream Synthetic Urine?

Xstream synthetic urine amazon

Xstream used to be seen as a quality synthetic urine brand. However, in the 10 years since it came onto the market, things have simply moved on massively.

The main thing that happened is that drug testing facilities have become far more complex in their testing processes. They can now test for the presence of substances that are only in fake urine, for example biocide is one of these substances, and very few synthetic urine brands don’t contain it.

On top of that, they look for the presence of lots of natural ingredients like urea, uric acid and creatinine. Although Xstream claim that their formula has now been updated to include uric acid, it just doesn’t have the range of natural markers to give you full confidence.

The other point about Xstream synthetic urine I want to make is that it’s actively marketed on the product as “fetish urine”, which means the company themselves are marketing it for sex games rather than a serious way of passing a drug test.

I think the combination of lack of ingredients, its description as a sex aid, and the fact that it’s average retail price is around $20, in comparison to the number one brand Sub Solution costing $75, tells its own story.

Xstream Instructions To Use

So, let’s say hypothetically that you’ve taken the plunge and have decided to ignore the good advice and have bought Xstream synthetic urine on Amazon or eBay or somewhere like that, how do you use it? 

  1. Take the foil seal from the top the bottle and microwave it for about 10 seconds.
  2. Look at the temperature strip on the bottle, it should be between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s not, reheat it for another 10 seconds. If it already feels very warm to the touch, it’s probably too hot and isn’t registering on the temperature strip. Leave it for a couple of minutes and keep looking at the temperature strip to see if it records a temperature.
  3. Once it is in the correct temperature range, use the elastic bands to strap it to the heat pad. This heat pad should keep it within the temperature range for about six hours. 

Now you would be crazy to dry and submit this stuff in an observed drug test, but thankfully employment drug testing is almost universally unobserved.

So just go behind the screen, give the bottle of Xstream synthetic urine a gentle shake, check the temperature, and then pour the sample into the pot they provided.

Where To Buy Xstream Synthetic Urine

xstream synthetic urine .My recommendation in this Xstream synthetic urine review is simply not to buy it. I had a guy come to the smoke shop I work in the other week and buy it, but he came back a few days later angry because the lab rejected his sample.

Now I know that is only anecdotal, but it is one of hundreds of failures I’ve heard about online. We used to sell quite a lot of in the smoke shop, hardly any nowadays, and to be honest I try and steer people away from it and towards the better brands.

You can buy Xstream from some dedicated websites, but you can’t get Xstream synthetic urine from Amazon, but you can on eBay and its just $13. For me that makes it either fake, out of date or it just tells you the need to know about the quality.

Xstream Synthetic Urine Review: Conclusion& Alternatives

My conclusion in this Xstream synthetic urine review is simply to not buy it. It’s poor quality, has a high evidence of failing, and I just don’t get why would buy it as a preference just to save a few dollars.

There are several better brands out there that I would strongly recommend you look at first:

  1. Sub Solution

This is the number one brand of synthetic urine for good reason. It contains all the natural markers that a lab will look for. On top of that, it doesn’t contain biocide, a preservative present in many brands of synthetic urine, which many drug testing facilities now check for.

As well as the high quality of the actual fake urine, Sub Solution is number one for convenience. You don’t need a microwave or heat pad. It comes with a unique heat activator powder. You just pour the powder in, give it a gentle shake, and the sample should be at the right temperature in a couple of minutes.

That makes Sub Solution ideal to carry around with you, meaning you are always safe from an on the spot urine drug test, you just need a few minutes in the restroom to mix it up.

For more info and detailed instructions, check out my Sub Solution synthetic urine review.

Sub Solution review

  1. Quick Fix

This is the second best fake urine brand, only just slightly behind Sub Solution. It will get you through pretty much any standard employment drug test no problem.

It uses a heat pad rather than powder, which means you need a microwave to use it. However, in terms of quality, you are getting everything you need to pass a test. For more info, check out my Quick Fix 6.2 review.

The latest formula is Quick Fix 6.2, and you should not buy anything older than that.

3.Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz is my third recommended choice of synthetic urine to get you through a drug test. It’s not as high quality as my other two recommendations, which is why it’s a much lower price, but for a basic drug test, it will be fine.

It contains a kit that makes it very easy to use, easier than the other two recommendations to be honest. You get a special belt that you strap to yourself, which not only contains the fake urine sample, but also can hold the heat pad to keep it the right temperature.

On top of that, the pack that contains the sample has a tube and nozzle you can turn on and off. This means that you can be confident of being able submit the sample even if somebody’s in the room. You can make likely going to try it normally, and submit it into the pot through the nozzle.