Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine Review

There are literally loads of synthetic urine brands out there, some far better than others. As lab testing becomes more advanced, these brands start to fall by the wayside, even though they are still marketed and recommended.

I thought I would do an Ultra Klean synthetic urine review because I still see a lot of people talking about it online, and it’s a product we used to sell in the smoke shop I work in.

We don’t sell any longer, which is exactly why I wanted to write this review of Ultra Klean. So does it work, or would you be better off buying a different brand of synthetic urine?

What Is Ultra Klean?

Ultra Klean is also known as Ultra Pure synthetic urine.  It is a premixed synthetic urine, which costs about $30.

Instructions are pretty straightforward to use it, you heat it up and submit the sample, keeping it warm before you do using a heat pad, in much the same way as most other brands of synthetic urine.

It’s been on the market for a few years, but it’s hardly sold anymore, including in the smoke shop I work in, we ditched it totally a while back.

So Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Failed

The reason we stopped selling it in the smoke shop is because too many people came back saying that Ultra Pure synthetic urine failed them a drug test.

As well as not working in those circumstances, I’ve researched online and it’s pretty quick to see that in user reviews and forum chat, plus Reddit comments, it’s not got a great reputation at all.

The bottom line is that many of these brands simply don’t work anymore. Ultra Klean synthetic urine might have worked a few years ago, but lab testing has become more advanced and samples are better scrutinized, which means that many of the brands that are not updated regularly become utterly useless.

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What To Use Instead of Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine

So this Ultra Klean synthetic urine review is basically a warning.

It doesn’t work anymore, and I suggest you don’t waste your time and money on it.

You will fail even the most basic employment drug test using it.


It cost about $30, and for a little bit more, as little as $10 more, you can buy a bottle of Quick Fix 6.2, which is a far superior synthetic urine.

If you want to go a step further, for an extra $20 you can buy some Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s simply the best synthetic urine on the market, it’s formula keeps up-to-date with trends and changes in testing, and it doesn’t contain biocide, a preservative that labs sometimes check for trying detect a fake sample.

So I don’t see the point in trying to save $10, or $20, or experimenting when you could lose your job, or not get the job you are going for.

This review of Ultra Pure, or Ultra Klean synthetic urine has a clear conclusion: it failed.

Spend your money on Sub Solution with its fantastically versatile heat activator powder, or if you want spend a little less but have high quality synthetic urine then go for Quick Fix instead.