U Pass Synthetic Urine Review

U Pass used to be one of the biggest names in high quality synthetic urine. If you wanted to pass a urine drug test, then you could grab some U Pass, submit it and…U Pass!

But things haven’t been so good in recent times. I’ve heard a lot of negative anecdotal evidence, which is why I thought it was time I wrote a proper, fresh and honest U Pass synthetic urine review.

I don’t want people being caught out because they are reading old material online, so decided a proper review was needed. So will U Pass still get you through a Labcorp test, or is it past its sell by date?

What Is U Pass Synthetic Urine

U Pass is a classic formula synthetic urine, currently in version 8.4. The years it’s worked well and was one of the best solutions to passing a professional urine test.

It is still advertised really heavily, and a lot of old U Pass Synthetic Urine reviews and forum threads still rank highly on Google, which is why it is still very well known, despite its dodgy recent history.

I work in a smoke shop and often have people coming in saying they have a lab test and what can they use?

They know that it can take weeks for THC to disappear from their system, and they don’t want to risk a detox drink, which only leaves synthetic urine.

I don’t recommend U Pass to people who come into the smoke shop asking to buy, even though we sell it, because I’ve had so many conversations with people about failing tests.

Even a few days ago, I had a guy come back to the shop saying he failed a Labcorp test using it.

He said it was the correct temperature and it was an unsupervised test, but they rejected the sample. So either it was a spoiled bottle for some reason, or it triggered markers in their testing to spot for spoiled or fake samples.

U Pass synthetic urine Labcorp

U Pass Synthetic Urine Labcorp Pass Or Fail?

I have had quite a few complaints in the past six months from people who bought U Pass, plus anecdotal evidence from friends, and online through my website and Facebook page, saying it doesn’t work anymore.

I think I would have to say that U Pass synthetic urine is a Labcorp fail and should be avoided.

Yes it contains uric acid, and has had a lot of reformulations over the years, but something in it, or not in it, is being spotted by the labs.

U Pass Synthetic Urine Review: Alternatives&Conclusion

Now of course it could be that people are buying old batches of U Pass from sites like eBay and Amazon, where unscrupulous sellers are selling fakes, or out of date product.

So basically, the U Pass synthetic urine Amazon buying strategy is nuts.

But I’ve also tested it at home using a fresh 8.4 bottle and it failed that as well.

I got to say that the only thing I would recommend you try if you are going for a urine test is Sub Solution (click here from my detailed synthetic urine review).

It’s more expensive at around $75 a bottle, and you can’t just grab a bottle in smoke shops. But there’s a good reason for that, it’s a more specialized product.

It contains all the markers in a real sample, and has heat activation powder which really helps to keep the temperature of the sample correct. It’s the only brand of synthetic urine I 100% recommend.

If you can’t get hold of Sub Solution, then your second best chance is Quick Fix. Make sure you get the latest 6.2 formula and only from a reputable seller where you will get fresh stock. 

Either of these two trusted brands stand a great chance of working, which unfortunately is not the case with U Pass. If you see U Pass synthetic urine for sale avoid it.

So the conclusion of this U Pass synthetic urine review is don’t trust it, don’t use it and if you’re desperate and can’t get hold of either of my recommended urine brands then try a detox drink like Rescue Cleanse rather than rely on U Pass.