Most Synthetix5 Reviews Don’t Tell The Truth

If you’re looking for fake urine to pass a drug test then you will quickly come across loads of positive Synthetix5 reviews telling you that it is one of the best brands you can use.

It’s a comprehensive product in terms of containing stuff drug labs look for in a real sample, has a long history of people buying and using it, and it still continues to be marketed and sold in large quantities.

But what is the truth? Is it as good as the other big brands now out there, or is it that most Synthetix5 reviews are either trying to sell you the product, or worse making it all up as they go along based on old forum and website positive comments?

What Is Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine?

Let’s look at the positives straight away.  Synthetix5 contains key markers that drug test labs look for to see if the sample is genuine:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Correct pH
  • Correct gravity

The correct temperature is obtained through a heat pad you warm up to keep the sample within human urine temperature range. Obviously that human error in this, but the product gives you the tools to do the job.

So on the surface it all looks good, and you will still see a lot of positive reviews, even quite recent ones, out there. People claim it works, but what’s the truth?

synthetix5 labcorp

Lab Test Results: Synthetix5 Fail?

Anecdotally, one of my friends used Synthetix5 for an employee urine drug test last year and failed. He is no fool and has done it before, so I know it was at the correct temperature and that the sample was in good condition, but it still failed.

When he got the call to say his sample been rejected and that he had to retake the test, that gave him a clue as to what was wrong, and it certainly does me.

The evidence seems to suggest that you will get a Synthetix5 lab tests fail more nowadays because the better labs out there are now testing for the presence of something called biocide.

Biocide is present in a lot of fake urine products, in fact I reckon about 90% of them. It’s used to preserve the product and give it a longer shelf life.

It never used to be a problem simply because it wasn’t something the testing labs looked for at all.

Why I Can’t Recommend Synthetix5

So I think it’s clear why I can’t recommend this product, when it looks like you are going to fail if you use it for a Synthetix5 Labcorp or Quest diagnostics drug test.

Basically it looks like Labcorp have realized that they can spot most fake samples simply by checking for the presence of biocide in a submitted sample.

I’m guessing that if Labcorp have cottoned onto this then you can bet your bottom dollar that Quest Diagnostics also have, and as these two labs do a huge percentage of the everyday employee drug testing in the USA, that’s a lot of people being set up to fail. 

Which means that Synthetix5 failing you is a high possibility now and exactly why I can’t recommend it.

In fact I’d go as far to say that you would be nuts to use Synthetix5 with this growing evidence of samples containing biocide getting busted.

synthetix5 fail

Synthetix5 Fake Urine Alternatives That Work

The bottom line here is that it’s not just positive Synthetix5 reviews flying in the face of the evidence that worry me, it’s most synthetic urine reviews that worry me.

The reason for this is that I’ve been tested several times and used two different brands in the past couple of years and they’ve passed each time.

So I can’t look beyond Sub Solution and Quick Fix as a recommendation for anyone.

And it’s not just me, my friends have used those brands as well and it’s been a pass each time for them as well.

Look at forums and product reviews as well, they are all positive, positive, positive.

Neither of them contain biocide that I’m aware of, in fact I know for a fact Sub Solution is marketed as one of the only brands out there that doesn’t contain biocide as a preservative.

So my recommendation from years of experience, plus the word on the street from people through my Facebook page and website is to go for Sub Solution or Quick Fix 6.2.

As long as you keep the sample at the right temperature, and Sub Solution especially is great for this as it comes with heat activation powder which gets it’s the right temperature and keeps it there, and as long as the urine sample drug test is unsupervised, then you are as good as home and dry. 

But there’s another side the story, which is that the friend of mine who failed using Synthetix5 recently got in touch me to tell me he had another test coming up.

He was terrified of using any brand of synthetic urine after getting busted before.

So I instead advised him to get a bottle of Rescue Cleanse 32oz.

It’s a detox drink, the best there is. You drink it about an hour before you leave submit your sample, and it does a brilliant job of masking drug metabolites, the toxins that the drug labs pick up in your sample.

Again, don’t go for any brand of detox drink, I always recommend Rescue Cleanse, or Mega Clean if you can’t get hold of it.

Following instructions closely and you’ll stand a great chance of submitting a clean sample.

Synthetix5 Reviews: conclusion

But at the end of this negative Synthetix5 review, I have to say fake urine is still the best chance you have of passing a drug test, as long as it’s high quality, comes with heat activator, contains urea, uric acid, its balanced for PH, specific gravity and of course doesn’t contain biocide.