Quick Fix Review | Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Urine 6.2

 When it comes to passing a urine sample drug test, the absolute best way to do that is to submit a fake urine sample.

Yes you can use a detox drink, but despite what you might think about transporting a fake sample to the lab and submitting it, a detox drink is still higher risk because not guaranteed to mask the toxins any length of time.

There are loads of different types of synthetic urine on the market, most of them being complete crap. But as one of the brands I have used for many years and trust, I wanted to put a proper Quick Fix review out there so that people can be fully informed as to why I believe in it.

Let me say upfront is not the only brand I recommend that you use, but it’s one of only two I really ever would fully endorse trying.  Spectrum Labs Quick Fix is currently in 6.2 formulation, and when many brands have remained unchanged for a decade, that continuous updating of the formula should tell you why it’s a serious player in the market.

In fact, Spectrum Labs guarantee that each new batch of Quick Fix urine they release is tested at a real drug testing lab facility to ensure will pass.

But how effective is Quick Fix? Can it let you down, and what is the best way to use it to get through a drug test every single time?

What Is Quick Fix 6.2?

Quick fix Urine

Quick Fix 6.2 is a brand of synthetic urine, manufactured by company called Spectrum Labs, who have been in business since 1992.

It sometimes confusingly also known as Quick Fix “plus”, but it’s only called plus because it’s a larger bottle size. You basically get it in a 2oz or 3oz plus size. I would personally always recommend you get the larger plus size because a few testing labs demand a larger sample size, and you don’t want to be caught short at the crucial moment.

That’s one of the problems you see, good brands in the drug testing marketplace get ripped off. There are so many low quality fake urine brands (check my synthetic urine reviews to see what NOT to buy).

You’ll also find Quick Fix on cheap unauthorized websites, and especially on places like eBay, which is why I never recommend buying synthetic urine or detox drinks from eBay or Amazon.

What Does Quick Fix Urine Contain?

Quick Fix in its latest formulation  6.2 contains all the natural markers that a drug testing lab will look for in a sample. Things like:

  • Creatinine
  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Correct pH
  • Correct specific gravity

So it’s a high quality synthetic urine that comes pre-mixed and ready to use. The bottle it comes in also has an attached heat temperature strip so that you can always tell what temperature the sample is at.

You also get a hand warmer pad. It’s a bit more complicated than that sounds, it’s heat activated which means it can heat itself up and retain the temperature. You have to activate this ahead of time so that it heats itself up. Talk a bit more about that when we get to the instructions for using it.

Quick Fix 6.2 is definitely a high quality synthetic urine that is a complete solution for preparing and submitting a fake sample for both men and women that will pretty much guarantee you get through a drug test.

I can also tell you that yes it is unisex, both men and women can use it, because it’s illegal to determine sex through a submitted urine sample.

How To Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

The instructions for using Spectrum Labs Quick Fix are pretty easy to follow, but there are some details that you need to be aware of if you want to guarantee you pass every single time: 

  1. Get the heat pad out of its packaging and activate it. It will take some time to get it up the right temperature, to do this a little in advance.
  2. The second step of the process is to microwave the Quick Fix sample bottle for about 10 seconds. I’d recommend doing this with the lid off, to make sure no pressure builds up inside. Shake it gently and check that it is within the right temperature range.

If it’s too cold microwave the sample again for just a few seconds at a time. Make sure it’s not too hot if there is no reading, because if it’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit it won’t read on the heat strip either.

I’ve known people to overheat it, and then keep heating it until the plastic on the bottle warps, so don’t be an idiot like that.

  1. Strap the heat pad to the sample bottle using a couple of elastic bands or tape. Screw-on the submission nozzle that is included and you are good to go.
  2. Make sure you carry the sample close to your body, in underwear is recommended because it keeps it close to your body and body temperature, aiding the heat pad.

A word of warning here, don’t just carry it in your pocket, because even though a drug test might be unsupervised, they can legitimately search your clothing and any bags or coats you carrying on arrival, but they can’t go grabbing your crotch.

  1. When you are in the cubicle, room, behind the screen, or wherever you are submitting the sample, shake the bottle very gently to make sure that the ingredients and temperature are evenly distributed, double check it’s at the right temperature by looking at the temperature strip, remembering it needs to be between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit ideally, and then pour it into the sample container provided. 

Note that if you haven’t got access to a microwave, then you can heat it right temperature using just the heat pad and body temperature, but it will take longer to achieve. It’s important that if you don’t have access to microwave that you prepare about an hour in advance so you don’t get caught out.

Quick Fix Review

Does Quick Fix Really Work For A Drug Test?

I have used Quick Fix to pass a pre-employment drug test, and so have a couple of my friends in the past as well.

As I said right at the beginning of this, it’s one of only two brands of synthetic urine I have ever fully recommended, the other being Sub Solution, which I will talk about a bit more at the end of this Quick fix review.

Spectrum Labs are so confident that you will pass, they offer guarantees and in addition you just have to look at the long track record and have a look at forums around the Internet to see the amount of people saying that they passed an unsupervised drug test using Quick Fix urine.

One thing to remember is not to panic if the sample is slightly below human body temperature range, because United States testing labs will accept a sample that is 90° Fahrenheit or higher, giving you 10° wiggle room.

As the heat pad is high quality, you shouldn’t have to worry about it falling out of this range.

The other quick tip to make sure you pass is to always shake the sample before submitting it. The ingredients can settle, and heat can sometimes not be evenly distributed.

To avoid submitting a sample that will fail analysis, or fail the heat test, always give it a gentle shake. Just a gentle shake, don’t shake it so hard that it’s full of bubbles which anyone looking at it would spot could not have been squirted out of your body in a way to create that many!

Another great thing about Quick Fix is that if you heat the sample and then don’t use it for some reason, you can simply reheat it. It doesn’t go “off” like some other brands do. So one purchase of Quick Fix will do you until you actually submit the sample.

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix

Where To Buy Quick Fix

As I said earlier, Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2 should only be purchased from through fully authorized reseller websites.

The reason for this is that there is a high amount of counterfeit Quick Fix out there because it’s so well known and trusted.

Just don’t risk of buying Quick Fix, or any other type of high quality detox product from eBay or Amazon, they will usually be fake or expired.

Buying Quick Fix from eBay or Amazon might seem like a great deal, because the prices are low, but there is a reason for that and you have to ask yourself why.

Especially now that I have told you that it’s probably fake or expired, one earth would you take the risk?

The recommended shop but I always buy Quick Fix from is called quickfixsynthetic.com  a fully authorized reseller who always delivered fantastic service to me. On top of that, they usually also run a buy three get one free promotion. If you are in an environment where you could face several urine sample drug test, or your looking for a new job and might have to submit several samples, then this is a fantastic way to get one pack of Quick Fix urine completely free.

I would always recommend going for the larger Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2 plus product, because it’s a 3oz instead of a 2oz bottle, meaning you can always submit a sample even if the lab requires a large one.

The cost of a bottle of Quick Fix plus is usually about $45, on the site I recommend it’s $39.95. Considering its high quality and the fact that it can almost certainly guarantee you keep your job, that’s an incredibly low price for such a fantastic product.

Sub Solution review

Quick Fix 6.2 Review: Conclusion&Alternatives

There is literally only one synthetic urine out there that I would recommend buying more than Quick Fix. I feel that any proper Quick Fix review has to also mention this alternative, in the spirit of full disclosure.

The only one out that it’s better is called Sub Solution. It’s a more complex fake urine, which means basically it contains more chemicals.

I’m not saying quick fix is more likely to fail, it’s got all the ingredients needed to pass basic drug tests, but if you are facing something which could be more complex, or a modern lab with cutting-edge testing, then Sub Solution could be the better bet.

When it comes to a comparison, basically Sub Solution vs Quick Fix, Sub Solution wins because it has a heat activation powder that you pour into the fake urine sample.

The powder then rapidly heats the sample to the correct temperature. If it’s not the correct temperature, just add a little bit more of the heat activation powder into the sample.

I literally mean it takes a few seconds, you don’t have to hang around at all, making it perfect to have in your locker at work if you are in an industry where you could be faced with a drug test at any moment.

It’s basically that Sub Solution is a little bit more accurate for great quality lab testing, and also that you can fine tune the temperature of your sample right up until the point you submit it, something you can’t do with any other brand of synthetic urine.

You can get a bottle of Sub Solution with heat activator powder for 75$ from the manufacturer.

But if you are not in a hurry, and you don’t want to pay the premium for Sub Solution, then the great news is that this Quick Fix review conclusion is that it will get you through standard panel drug testing in pretty much any situation, and at the price you are paying, you cannot really ask for more than that.