P Sure Synthetic Urine Review

P Sure synthetic urine, sometimes known as “Pee Sure”, has been around for quite a lot of years.

It’s a bit like “Golden Flask” synthetic urine, it used to be talked about and used a lot to pass drug tests, but it’s just not popular anymore because people say it doesn’t work.

It’s only sold in a few headshops, and it’s not even available on eBay anymore, so why is that?

In this P Sure synthetic urine review I want to explain in detail how effective P Sure will be to get you through a drug test, and what the alternatives are if you decide it’s not worth trying.

What Is P Sure?

P-Sure has been around for a lot of years. It used to be really popular, but it’s lost that popularity recently because of more and more examples appearing of people failing a drug test using it as a fake sample.

On top of that, other brands have come a long which definitely do contain everything you need to pass a drug test, something you just can’t be confident of with P Sure any more.

It used to be a great brand, back in the day when labs were less thorough about testing, but nowadays unfortunately it’s joining a long queue of failing brands like U Pass and Xstream synthetic urine.

Does P Sure Contain Urea & Uric Acid?

Pee sure synthetic urineThere’s a bit of a debate and controversy about this online.

The bottom line is that labs test for the presence of both urea and uric acid nowadays, because they are found in real urine but not in many poor brands of synthetic urine.

The controversy is that some people say it contains both of these ingredients, while others say doesn’t contain either of them.

The bottom line is that you just can’t be sure it does contain urea and uric acid, which is a huge risk to take, and as the formula has not apparently been updated for years I would bet it doesn’t contain these.


On top of that, the word on the street is that the thermometer you get with it is awful and inaccurate, which will give you yet another reason to fail if you trust this brand.

P Sure Synthetic Urine Review: Conclusion

I’m going to stick my neck out here and tell you that it doesn’t work anymore. It might have done in the good old days when the labs did very basic tests, but in this day and age when they even check for the presence of artificial preservatives in a sample, P-Sure simply isn’t going to cut it.

You got the dual problem of a poor thermometer and not knowing if it contains the two key ingredients labs look for.

So I would suggest that it doesn’t work and it’s something you should steer well clear of.

Better Alternatives To P Sure

For me, and thousands of other people have passed drug tests using synthetic urine, there’s really only two brands you should consider.

The first one is Quick Fix 6.2. It only costs $10 more than P-Sure, but for that extra money you getting a guaranteed high quality synthetic urine product. It contains urea and uric acid, and it smells and looks like the real thing, which is another complaint about P sure.

The other one I recommend strongly is Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s the most expensive brand out there, but you’re getting the highest quality. It doesn’t even contain biocide, the synthetic preservative some brands of urine product use, and which labs look for.

On top of that, it contains a unique heat activation powder, giving you close control over the temperature of your sample. Quick Fix uses a self heating pad solution to achieve the same thing, and that’s high quality as well, but just not as flexible.