Noxide Synthetic Urine Review

Noxide is a minor brand of synthetic urine. It’s not a brand I have come up against much because it’s just not out there, it’s not widely sold.

To be honest, this is not really even a proper Noxide synthetic urine review. A guy asked me about this urine in the smoke shop the other day, and I told him what I thought about it.

Which made me realize I haven’t done a proper review of it, and I thought I should express my reasons for not doing so.

Let’s take a look at why Noxide is so obscure, and whether it’s worth using to trying get through a drug test under any circumstances.

You Can’t Really Buy This Stuff Anywhere!

The first thing about Noxide synthetic urine is that you can’t buy this stuff anywhere at all really.

A few smoke shops sell it, but nothing around where I am. On top of that, do a search for it online and you find virtually nowhere that sells it.

Yes a few smoke shops online seller it, but mostly it’s wholesale smoke shop suppliers, where it’s being sold in bulk for about three dollars ago. When you consider you can buy a bottle of Noxide retail for less than $10, that should tell you everything you need to know about its quality.

Will Noxide Synthetic Urine Pass A Drug Test?

There’s no way on earth you are going to pass a modern urine lab test using Noxide synthetic urine. It’s just not going to happen.

It doesn’t contain any of the ingredients that real urine does, and that a lab will check for. It will need to contain a group of essential chemicals, and fit the profile of real urine, and I’m pretty sure that for nine dollars or so that Noxide does not contain urea, uric acid, the correct pH, or creatinine.

On top of that, I bet it’s stuffed full of artificial chemicals that even a basic test will pick up on.

Noxide Synthetic Urine

Alternatives To Using Noxide Synthetic Urine

You would basically be nuts to think that you could spend less than $10 on synthetic urine and get through a modern lab drug test.

The only reason I’m wasting my time and words with this Noxide synthetic urine review is to state the absolutely obvious, it’s just not suitable for using on a drug test.

You can’t save money on the quality of synthetic urine you will need. The only brands around at the moment which I would recommend as being able to pass a modern lab drug test for employment purposes are:

All three of these great brands of synthetic urine will get you through a basic drug test.

Quick Fix 6.2 and Sub Solution are the two top choices for me, with Sub Solution coming out marginally ahead because it:

  1. Does not contain biocide, an artificial preservatives that some labs look for when advanced testing is paid for.
  2. It contains a heat activating powder rather than a heat pad. That means you can adjust the temperature more easily. You can do it just before you go into the lab, and you haven’t got to worry about the quality of the heat pad to retain the heat.

So seriously, forget Noxide synthetic urine, you might as well go and submit water.