Does Done Deal Synthetic Urine Work?

 Done deal synthetic urine is one of tons of obscure synthetic urine products out there, some which have been around for years. A lot of these brands are very cheap, and completely unsuitable for anything much at all, let alone passing a drug test.

I decided to do a Done Deal synthetic urine review, as Done Deal is a brand that has been around quite some time, and unfortunately some people get caught out by it.

The key question is, can done deal synthetic urine pass a drug test, or is it a dangerous waste of money?

What Is Done Deal Synthetic Urine

Done Deal is a synthetic urine that is very similar to other comparable brands like U Pass and Magnum.

It’s similar because it’s incredibly cheap. In fact, when you search for it on Google, you will find wholesale sites selling it for literally a few dollars a box.

Done Deal and similar brands I think are basically made abroad, and then packaged up under various labels. They are then imported and sold really cheaply on websites, and in smoke shops.

If you look for Done Deal synthetic urine online, apart from wholesale sites, dodgy retailers, and a few negative reviews, you will struggle to find much about it at all. It also doesn’t even have an official company website, which tells you everything.

Will Done Deal Work For A Drug Test

So the thing is, this isn’t even really a proper Done Deal synthetic urine review. There’s no point in reviewing Done Deal because it’s a complete crock.

Just like all those other dirt cheap synthetic urine brands out there, this is cheap, imported rubbish.

Sure, it’s fine for some sort of fetish use, sex play, stuff like that. It smells like the real thing and looks like it. But that’s as far as it goes.

Done deal will fail you a drug test for several simple reasons: 

  • It doesn’t contain uric acid
  • It doesn’t contain urea
  • Done Deal is stuffed full of artificial ingredients a lab test will pick up 

Done Deal synthetic urine doesn’t even come close to fooling even the most basic level of modern professional drug test.

If you use Done Deal, you might as well use water. It really is that simple.

This is not a review of Done Deal fake urine, this is a warning to anyone out there thinking that you can pass a drug test using it. You won’t.

Fake Urine That Will Pass

To add insult to injury, done deal fake urine costs around $20 a bottle. That’s $20 you will never see again, on top of losing a job.

The truth here is that a good quality synthetic urine kit, one that will get you through a drug test because it has all the ingredients of real urine in it, costs a lot more.

As an example, the number one brand, Sub Solution costs around $75. It’s expensive, but for your money you are getting an almost guaranteed drug test pass.

So please don’t waste your money on some rubbish like Done Deal, spend the extra money on Sub Solution, so you don’t get caught out.