What Is The Best Synthetic Urine Kit? | Fake Urine Reviews [2018 updated]

So what is the best synthetic urine kit? It’s a simple question which will get you a dozen different answers.  Clear as mud.

And why use synthetic piss? There are many detox products available for drug test. Can’t you just do a natural detox, or use some of your friends urine, or use a detox drink? Or some pills?

Why would you spend all the time and money on synthetic urine, especially when there is a higher risk of being caught, literally submitting a fake sample?

When you add to that the fear of having to strap it to your body and submit it in a professional testing facility, which takes balls of steel, then you can see why people start to think that synthetic urine is a dangerous option.

But the truth is that submitting a fake urine sample is your best option. And if you do it right, using the right methods and the right brand of synthetic urine, it’s the safest option possible, both in terms of passing the test, and not getting caught doing it.

But it’s a minefield, and you need to get educated. If you do this right, you will never have to fear and sweat over taking a drug test again.

You will never have to worry about being offered a job and then told you have got to go and pass a drugs test to get it.

So let’s get you educated and fear free so you can enjoy whatever it is you like to take in peace.

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Why You Will Fail A Drugs Test

It’s a real tragedy that so many people have failed drug tests, especially for recreational marijuana use which doesn’t even impact on their professional lives at all.

It’s outrageous that you can turn up for work completely fit mentally with no traces of the effects of cannabis, or any other drug, and yet potentially you could fail a drug test and lose your job.

I’m so outraged that 29 states in the USA have legalized medical marijuana, and eight have now legalized recreational cannabis, yet it’s still a federal offense, and even if you smoke it legally in your state, you can still lose your job or be prosecuted under federal law.

And it’s scary that even with states starting to take a more liberal view on cannabis consumption at least, the last figures I saw say that 40% of employers still use a urine drug test during the pre-employment process.

That’s not even taking into account drug test within work for accidents, promotions or anything else. That’s in states where it recreational cannabis use is legal, and in states where it illegal.

So you have to protect yourself, which is why we are discussing the potential of submitting fake urine samples if you are called for a drugs test. It’s a ridiculous situation, but it’s reality.

You will fail a urine drug test if you smoke cannabis, or take any drug, and have traces of either the drug itself, or metabolites created in the body, present in your sample.

Traces of drug use will be present in urine for anything between a handful of days and a handful of weeks, in most cases at least a week. If you are a regular weed user, then you have to prepare for the fact that the metabolites of THC will be present in your system for 2-3 weeks.

So if you know you going to have traces of drug use present in your system when you go for a urine drug test, you have the following options:

  • Submit a fake sample
  • submit someone else’s sample
  • Do a natural detox
  • Use detox pills or supplements
  • Use detox drinks

The option you choose is of course up to you, but the bottom line is that the surefire way to pass is to submit a high quality synthetic urine sample.

It stands a better chance than any other evasion technique and if you have the confidence, it’s the only choice you should consider.

Why Use Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drugs Test?

If you use synthetic urine to pass a drugs test and get it right, then you are 99% guaranteed to pass every single time.

The key reason to choose a quality synthetic urine kit over any other method of trying to pass a urine drugs test when you have toxins in your body which would fail you is simple:

If you submit it correctly, it’s the method most certain to pass. Any type of detox carries risks of failure, submitting a fake urine sample removes that risk.

So the bottom line here is that synthetic urine means you are gambling less. The problem is most people see it as gambling more because you have to carry it to the lab and submit it, which can be stressful and problematic.

There is a margin for error, which could get you caught in the act, which is why people gamble more by trying to detox instead.

But for me that’s the wrong strategy, and most of the people I know, including myself, always get through a drugs test for employment every single time, by using fake urine. It just takes some education and practice.

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Is Your Drug Test Supervised Or Unsupervised?

If you are up for a urine drug test, the first thing you need to do is do some research on the lab you are going to have submit your sample at.

You will know in advance if its supervised or unsupervised, you will be told.

Unsupervised means can go behind a screen, or even into a different room, submit your sample, come out and hand it to a lab technician. So that’s a cakewalk.

Supervised means there will be at least someone in the room with you. The reason you need to do research is that some labs are hardcore. They can make you partially strip, they can make you lift up your top and pull down your bottoms, within reason.

Remember that whether it’s supervised or unsupervised, they can’t touch you. They can’t body search you to feel for signs you are carrying anything. But they can make you remove clothing and put on a robe, and if it’s supervised they can physically watch you.

Once you know if it’s supervised, you can research. If the lab you are going to is bad-ass then you are going to have to go down the detox route. If not, then it’s game on to submit a fake urine sample.

Using A Synthetic Urine Belt Or Fake Penis…Yes Really!

Okay, so if it’s an unsupervised urine drug test, then you’re fake pee for drug test options are unlimited. You can just carry it in a small bottle at the right temperature and pour it in behind a screen, or in the cubicle, either by hand or through a delivery system.

But if it’s going to be supervised, then your options are limited. They are going to notice you pouring something out of a bottle.

Which is why you can also buy fake urine belts, and even a fake penis to submit your sample.

A fake urine belt consists of equipment that will allow you to strap the pre-made fake sample to your body, and submit it through a tube with a tap on the end.

That sounds a bit nuts, but in reality with practice, you can do it smoothly and easily without arousing suspicion as long as you are not directly being watched.

And if you could be directly watched at some stage, and don’t worry, they can’t just stand in front of you and stare at your penis, or if you are a woman just look at your lady bits all the time, that’s not what they do.

But they could check.

Which is why there are things out there like Clear choice’s Incognito Belt and the Monkey Dong.  The Monkey Dong is basically fake a penise in various body colors, incognito belt is a “classic” synthetic urine belt.

The Monkey Dong have a belt which attaches and your body, you attach the fake urine, and then you pull it out and submit the sample through a fake penis.

Monkey Dong comes with a bottle of fake urine, I haven’t used the device myself yet, so you should check out some Monkey whizz synthetic urine reviews before buying it.

It’s not cheap, the dong plus fake urine is about $120, but it works, unless you have a particularly evil technician closely observing you.

So if you think it could be supervised, then you need to research for what you think could be the best synthetic urine kit for your needs, get it, and then practice lots before your test.

Even if it’s an unsupervised test, carrying it using a strap on kit and submitting it through a fake dick will obviously remove the risk.

synthetic urine belt

Aren’t Detox Drinks Easier And Safer?

To answer the question directly, yes detox drinks are easier and safer. They are easier to do and you don’t have to submit anything so they are safer.

But when it comes to the key point, will you pass a drugs test, they are not as safe as submitting a high quality fake urine sample for several reasons:

  • Most detox drinks are very poor quality
  • There are a lot of fake versions out there
  • Many detox drinks are nothing more than sugar, coloring and water
  • You have to follow a strict set of instructions
  • The time during which toxins are masked is just a few hours
  • You have to abstain to stop the toxins overwhelming the detox drink

When you put all those reasons together, detox drinks begin to look like a choice you shouldn’t make if you can get hold of a good quality synthetic urine kit, a delivery system and the confidence to do it.

I will mention that there are a couple of exceptions to my conclusion the most detox drinks are poor quality and probably won’t work.

The two that I have found which really can work, and evidence from friends and the Internet suggest the same, are Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse (for detailed info on how they work, and what are the best brands, check out my detox drinks review artice).

These are not cheap, and the reason for that is that they really can work. They still only give you a small window of opportunity, but if you follow the instructions correctly, you stand a 90% chance of passing.

But again, if you want 99% certainty, then fake pee for drug test is your only choice.

detox drinks vs synthetic urine

How To Choose The Best Synthetic Urine Brand

Well, that’s the million-dollar question, what is the best synthetic urine you can buy?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a kit or not. The best synthetic urine kit is not necessarily the same as the best synthetic urine.

In terms of the synthetic urine kit, you are looking for one that is high quality, fits well, is easy to use, and won’t be detected. There are lots out there, and some are packaged up with the two best synthetic urine products out there which I’m going to tell you about in a minute.

Obviously if you know your test is going to be observed, then a fake penis kit like the Monkey Dong is going to be your best buy.

But generally, the best synthetic urine you can buy will be the brand that will fool professional lab, such as Labcorp or Concentra if you live in USA.

Synthetic Urine Reviews – Brands That DONT Work

What isn’t an easy choice is selecting the synthetic urine brand to try, because you will only get one chance to try. Some of them have been around for years, and have a huge positive following in terms of reviews and ratings.

However, the problem is that a lot of those brands haven’t been updated in formula composition for years. So on the surface it looks like they are being raved about, but the truth is that people are failing when they use them.

UPass synthetic Urine: is a brand that has been around for years and has had a huge following. But it hasn’t been updated in ages, and all the evidence suggests it’s failing every time now. But it’s going to be a while before the negative reviews start to balance things properly.

Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine Kit:It’s a fake urine brand which is made for kinky sex games. It’s called the “Ultimate golden shower kit” and is made for those who want try „watersports” without using with real human urine. However it’s also marketed as fake pee for drug test. The problem is it doesn’t contain the essential chemicals what a quality fake urine should.

Xstream Synthetic urine:It used to be a trusted and very popular brand, but those days are long gone. Same as Upass, its formula wasn’t updated for ages. The company claims now it contains Uric acid, but its not nothing enough to pass a urine drug test in 2018. I personally know one guy who have failed his test with Xstream. Avoid it like the plague!

Xstream synthetic urine
Magnum Synthetic urine review:Magnum has a very bad reputation, we don’t sell it in our shop anymore because we got so many complaints. The company offers 400% money back gurantee for their products, but if you email them, they never message back. You can find many negative Magnum synthetic urine reviews online, like this one. His sample was rejected because “characteristics not consistent with normal human urine”. Magnum costs 39.95$ for that amount, you can get something much better!

Synthetix5: It’s a much better synthetic urine than Xstream, U pass or Ultimate Gold, but still far from safe, this synthetic urine brand contains bioicide which is normally not found in human pee, if the lab checks for biocide, you are in big trouble, for more info, check out my review.

You might get lucky with these brands. It could be that it’s a low quality test, or a low quality testing lab and they just test the sample contents in isolation. What I mean is, they don’t check to see if the sample is fake or not.

Any lab should check to see if it’s fake by screening it for the temperature to match body temperature, for it to contain urea and uric acid, and the dilution of the sample.

They test dilution to stop people flooding their bodies with liquid or detox drinks. This can water down the sample and mask the toxins, but is obvious if they test for composition. That’s another reason why detox drinks can be a poor choice if they aren’t used correctly.

U pass fake urine for drug test

What Does A Good Quality Fake Urine Brand Contain?

Whether its supervised or unsupervised, you have to submit a high quality sample which won’t be detected is fake. This means it has two be like urine:

  • Smell
  • Color
  • Organic compounds
  • Urea
  • Uric Acid
  • Creatinine
  • Temperature
  • Dilution
  • Correct pH

Thankfully, you are not going to have to look at loads of synthetic urine reviews, because it comes down to a straight choice between two trusted brands.

The Top 2 Best Synthetic Urine Kits Are:

best synthetic urine

    • Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Pee When it comes to synthetic urine reviews, this is always going to be in first or second place, depending on the preferences and evidence presented by the reviewer. Quick Fix is frequently updated, with version 6.2 the latest. However, 6.1 is almost identical and still gets reported as working. It’s not cheap, costing $39 for 3oz for the latest 6.2 version, but it’s money worth spending to get the quality which will pass a professional lab test.
    • Sub Solution Synthetic Urine
      You will always see this brand mentioned as a clear first or second choice in most synthetic urine reviews. If it’s not mentioned, and another brand like P-Sure, Magnum or UPass is mentioned, you can bet it’s a poor review to sell you that rubbish. Just like Quick Fix, it contains all the ingredients (11+ chemicals, including urea and uric acid) to pass a professional lab test. On top of that, it’s not cheap, around $75 for 3oz, but you get what you pay for. The difference between Sub Solution and Quick Fix comes with the method each brand users to heat the sample to the correct temperature. You can order it directly from the manufacturer.

IMPORTANT: Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocide! Cheaper brands have biocide in their synthetic urine, which is not something present in real human urine, so if a lab checks for biocide in your sample then you are in trouble.

How To Choose Between Quick Fix And Sub Solution

Both of these synthetic urine brands are high quality and if submitted at the right temperature unobserved will get you a negative drug test result.

The difference comes in how these two brands keep the sample at the correct temperature mostly.

Sub Solution comes with a heat activator powder. You pour it in, agitate it, and it heats the fake sample to the correct temperature, which you then maintain by holding it against your body using a strap.

Quick Fix uses different approach, it comes with a heating pad. It is heated to the correct temperature and then the pad is used to maintain the sample at that temperature.

So both high quality brands use a different approach to heating, and that’s really where the majority of your choice lies. Sub Solution is definitely easier to heat and get the correct urine temperature (wrong urine temperature is the number one reason why people fail).

fake pee for drug test

What To Do If You Need Fake Pee For A Drug Test

I’m hoping the conclusion you are reaching here is that the only surefire way of passing a urine sample drug test is to choose the best synthetic urine, Quick Fix or Sub Solution, and go with that rather than the detox drink route.

To make sure you don’t ever get caught out, through being told at work you suddenly going for a test the next day for example, you need to get some in stock.

So click to a high quality online specialist retailer like Testnegative, And get hold of either of these top synthetic urine brands.

That way you can never get caught out, and it doesn’t matter when you are going for a test, you will always be able to beat a drug test.

Buying Synthetic Piss From Stores

One other piece of advice is for God’s sake don’t buy synthetic urine over the counter, or from general online retailers.

Buying synthetic urine from Amazon runs the risk that it could be faked or out of date, leading to it not working. Don’t ever buy it cheaply from a general retailer to save a few bucks, always go to a specialist.

It’s the same over the counter. You can buy fake urine in specialist stores and even in sex shops where it is used for fetish purposes. But the stuff you are buying is almost useless. It might look and smell like the real deal, but when it comes to a chemical analysis, a lab will just laugh.

Whether you are male or female, the same rules apply. You need a high quality synthetic urine that you can discreetly dispense into the sample container either observed or unobserved. Don’t cut corners, don’t cut costs, get some Quick Fix 6.2 or some Sub Solution in stock in a cupboard in your home as soon as possible.

best synthetic urine kit

Your Top 11 Urine Drug Test FAQs Answered

There are loads of common questions out there about urine drug tests and using fake pee to pass drug tests. There’s a lot of this information out there, lies, marketing claims and stupid advice.

So let’s help you get educated by covering the top 10 urine sample drug test frequently asked questions out there.

1.Is synthetic urine guaranteed to work?

As you’ve already read, if you choose a high quality synthetic urine brand like Quick Fix or Sub Solution, and prepare yourself for submitting a sample by practicing with the delivery system, and it submitted at the right temperature, then you will pass.

The problem comes with the variables you can’t control. These are most likely to occur if it’s an observed drug test. Which is why you will have to take a decision on whether to go down the fake urine or the detox drink route in that situation.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but for an unobserved urine drug test, synthetic urine will get you through about 99% of the time, which is why you shouldn’t look at any other option unless you have to.

2.What temperature does synthetic urine need to be?

The temperature at which you submit your sample is critical. The sample will always be tested to see if it’s the right temperature to be real, and that it’s within the right range of dilution to be real, or not have been flushed by excessive liquid intake.

The exact temperature that urine leaves the body is between 94°F and 98°F. Honestly this is a small margin of error, which is why the sample bottle that you deliver through has to be good quality and supported by either heat activator powder or a heat pad.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just having the sample strapped against your body will be enough to get it to the right temperature and keep it there.

Think about it. It’s on the outside of your body and is exposed the elements more. It could be a couple of degrees cooler, which is enough to fail.

Buying the best synthetic urine kit you can afford, with a heat powder or pad, removes this risk.

3.Where can I buy synthetic urine?

It’s always recommended to buy your synthetic urine kit from a specialist retailer. Over the counter, or on a general website like Amazon is running a higher risk of buying a spoiled or out of date products, or even a fake. You might also get talked into buying other stuff you don’t need.

A good quality specialist seller will have a high quality stuff in stock, with rapid shipping, discreet billing and of course discreet shipping.

4.How much is required for a urine drug test sample?

The most common sample size that most labs take as a minimum that can be tested is 2 fluid ounces. If you can’t produce that amount for your sample, they will ask you to wait until you can submit another sample of greater than that amount.

Looking at the two brands we have recommended here, Sub Solution and Quick Fix, you will see it’s no coincidence that their standard pack size is 3oz.

So remember that this is another factor to consider. On top of it containing the right ingredients, markers, composition, being at the right temperature, and not being observed, you also have to factor in submitting the right amount. Once you get all this right, it’s easy.

5.Can you just submit someone else’s urine?

Well yes you could. It’s free and easy to obtain. Seems like a no-brainer, so why spend money on fake urine?

But think about it. If you are taking stuff which could be picked up in a urine drug test, it’s a possibility your friends sample will do as well, no matter how much they protest they haven’t taken anything.

Unless you are going to get a sample from your young sister, or your mum (and let’s face it even she could be on something and not tell you!) Then it is a risk you don’t need to take.

Plus there’s a bigger risk. Fresh urine needs to be submitted within an hour. You still have the problem of submitting it at the correct temperature on top of that.

After an hour it will start to change composition. This can be detected in the lab.

Bacteria can multiply and urine starts to darken once it is expelled from the body. If it’s held up to the light, urine will start to develop thin, translucent strings through it which increase as it spoils.

All of these tell-tale signs increase your risk if you are using someone else’s sample.

6.What’s the best way to hide synthetic urine?

If you know which sent unobserved test then you can possibly get away with just carrying it strapped your body with no delivery system. However, even if it’s not observed, you could still be checked out prior to submitting the sample.

If you just carry it in a bottle that is not strapped your body, that clothing might have to be removed.

Whether it is observed or unobserved, it’s best to submit your synthetic urine sample via a high quality synthetic urine kit, that contains a delivery system.

What this means in reality is that you mix up the sample, get it to the correct temperature, strap it to your body and then submit it through some sort of tap dispenser.

Don’t ever use tape because that can make noises, all can start to tear at skin and hair, causing issues!

7.How long does fake urine last?

This question actually requires two different answers, depending on the actual question you are asking.

Firstly, once it’s mixed up, heated and in the bottle, the time it will last is anyone’s guess. Air and bacteria will immediately start to spoil the fake urine sample.

The color will change and the smell will change. It could take a few hours, or a few weeks, it’s anyone’s guess. Just submit the sample as soon as possible after pouring it into the dispensing container.

In the original container, sealed and ready for use, brands mostly guarantee that it will be ready to use for a couple of years. That’s certainly the case with both Sub Solution and Quick Fix.

So it’s not a big deal to just replace what you have in stock at home every year to make sure it’s good quality.

Just use a bit of common sense whatever the situation. If it doesn’t look right or smell right, then a lab technician is going to pick up on it.

8.Does Labcorp test for synthetic urine?

This is a very common question as Labcorp are about the biggest submission lab in the USA. Most employment tests are done through this huge company who have benefited from the uncertainty of the laws in the USA.

The answer is that they do test samples to make sure that they are both real and not spoiled.

They will check it contains urea and uric acid. They will check it is at body temperature. They will check it looks and smells right. They will check it is not diluted. All of these things you can cover by following everything we talked about.

The only way you can get caught out, apart from the reasons above, is if the lab also doesn’t follow the government rules around not undertaking genetic screening.

Real urine contains something called Glycoprotein Immunoglobulin, which no fake urine can reproduce.

9. What if I’m too scared to submit a fake urine sample?

This is a common concern. There are two ways around it.

Firstly, you can practice. Get yourself the best fake urine kit you can, strap it yourself fill it with water and practice time and again. Get your friend round and put a robe on, and see if there are angles you can submit a sample at without actually being seen.

Or if it’s a supervised urine test go one step further and get yourself a Monkey Dong, Tell your friend you want to practice but don’t tell them you’ve got a fake penis on. Then see if they spot it.

That will give you confidence for the actual thing.

Another thing that will give you confidence is wondering how much you care about the sample you are submitting.

If it’s a job you don’t care about, and you are looking around for another one anyway, or if you lose it that you have money to tide you over for the time it will take to find another job, then why not take the risk?

Although it is an offense to sell or use fake samples in order to fool a drug test, you won’t get arrested by the lab. They will report it to the person who commissioned the test, usually your employer. It’s highly unlikely your employer will have you arrested.

Fired sure, but have you ever heard of anyone getting arrested?

But if you really don’t want to take the risk of submitting a fake urine sample, then you need to look at high quality detox drinks, preferably supported by Toxin Pre-Rid pills.

The two brands you should look at are Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean. They have a track record of working, most of the others are rubbish and should not be trusted.

10.Can labs detect synthetic urine?

The answer is yes, no and maybe. Yes they can detect poor quality synthetic urine because it doesn’t contain the natural markers they look for, things like uric acid and urea. Some synthetic urine is so poor in quality that you can tell it fake just by looking at it or smelling it.

Even good quality synthetic urine might be found out if they do additional tests, for example to look for biocide which is a preservative in some brands of synthetic urine. However, some very high quality brands of synthetic urine are rarely, if ever detected in a standard drug test, and if you are going to use synthetic urine you should always spend good money on top quality brand..

11. Is there any natural way to detox for a urine test?

If you have at least seven days before a urine drug test then possibly. If you have 14 days or more then 99% probably.

If you have more than 14 days you can do it completely naturally, your body will work things through on its own, and it’s only if you are an incredibly heavy weed smoker that you will still have the potential for metabolites to being your system.

If you have less than 14 days you can slightly speed up the expulsion process through using Toxin Rid pills.

If you only have a couple of days, then you’re back to either going with a good synthetic urine kit like Sub Solution, or a detox drink

You must not believe any of the stories you hear online. You can’t flush out your system with water, exercise home remedies like juices or tea.

Your body works at certain rate and there is very little you can do to speed it up other than through specialist products.

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