Fake Pee

Passing a urine test, even when you are still a heavy weed smoker or drug user, is incredibly easy if you know exactly how to do it.

The surefire way to pass a urine drug test every single time is to submit a fake sample. Basically you buy synthetic urine and submit that fake sample at the lab you visit.

Whether it’s an unsupervised test, or a supervised test there are strategies and products you can use to get you through every single time: you just need to know what to do. And for the supervised test to have nerves of steel in order to submit the sample, but it is perfectly possible, we can tell you how.

Between all of us here, friends, family, workmates, plus online users on Facebook and email, there are probably 50 years experience of preparing for and taking urine drug tests on here. We have got the lowdown on the latest lab techniques, what they look for, and what they don’t.

So if you are looking for high quality information on the products to use, how to use them and what the labs will look for in the sample, both to prove its valid, and to look for a fake sample, then that info is right here.

The picture is always changing, with labs tightening up their procedures and change them all the time, and when it comes to synthetic urine it means that there are only a small number of brands you can trust right now. We have reviewed all of them to tell you which ones work, and which ones don’t.