Best Marijuana Detox Pills For Drug Test [100% Success Guaranteed]

The surefire way to pass a drug test is to be naturally detoxified so that your body does not contain any of the metabolites a drug test will look for.

Marijuana detox pills are something a lot of people are looking for so that they can be free of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that the body converts into metabolites.

The great news is that detox pills will work for any type of drug metabolite, not just marijuana THC. So basically detox pills for drugs of any type are what you’re looking for. And that’s an important distinction because not just any detox pill for work, and we will explore why in a minute.

It doesn’t matter what sort of detox pills you get, most of them won’t work and most of them are just day complete rip-off. But how do you know which ones to use?

Well, they have to be used in conjunction with a proper detox, and you have to know how long it’s all going to take. So some education and investment are required.

If you have a drug test coming up, have you got long enough to detox naturally, or do you need some high-quality detox pills to help you get rid of those toxins?

Let’s answer that question now.

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How Do Detox Pills For Drugs Work?

When you smoke marijuana it’s the active ingredient, THC, is converted by the body into metabolites, which move around your bloodstream, and eventually pass out of your system.

This can take up to 2 weeks, sometimes 3 weeks and in rare cases months to achieve.

The body is actually very efficient at getting rid of toxins generally, but the more you put in, and the worse your lifestyle, the harder it will have to work, and the longer it will take.

A detox pill helps you by giving the body things it needs to work better.

Not only better generally getting rid of toxins, but also getting rid specifically of drug metabolites by helping to activate the parts of our system which deal with the most.

Detox pills work as an accelerator.

But it’s important to note that you need special detox pills for THC or any other specific drug ingredient.

If you get them, they will work for any drug toxin. So you don’t need special marijuana detox pills, or THC detox pills, you just need detox pills for drug metabolites generally.

Marijuana Detox Pills & Scams You Should Avoid

If you are searching to detox products to buy, you’ll see detox pills at GNC, Walmart, and Walgreens. You can also buy them on Amazon and other general online retailers.

Most of these are fakes, scams or simply not designed to detox your system from drug toxins.

The problem is that they are low quality, and just not meant to achieve the sort of detox we are aiming for. They are meant as a gentle supplement to aid a natural detox at a natural pace, making it a little more speedy and efficient.

On top of them being non-specialist, the amount of time they claim you will need to detox is basically the time it would take naturally anyway. So you not really gaining anything by spending the money on them mostly.

If you ask for your money back, they will just say that you obviously didn’t stop taking something, didn’t do a natural detox properly.

Personally, my advice has always been steer clear of any of these types of pills. The more generally they are marketed, and the bigger the websites they are on, the less specialist and worse they seem to always be.

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Detox Pills For Drug Test Vs Detox Drinks: What’s The Difference?

Before we talk specifically about doing a natural detox supported by proper drug detox pills, let’s talk about the difference between detox pills and detox drinks, because it is often confusion that costs people dearly.

THC detox pill helps your body in flushing out toxins permanently. It can’t do it on its own, it merely accelerates the body’s natural system to do it more efficiently and therefore faster.

A detox drink temporarily masks toxins in your body. It does this by flushing the toxins out of your system that is reaching the bladder, or in it.

You are given a window of opportunity of just a few hours after drinking it to submit your sample before the toxins in your body move into your bladder again and are then still detectable

  • Detox pills aid a permanent detox, drinks are temporary
  • Detox drinks rarely work unless you use a trusted brand
  • Detox pills won’t work unless they are designed for a drug detox

So a detox drink is a bigger risk on its own, and not a permanent solution. A detox pill can aid your body and if you have more than a handful of days, and is the way to guarantee to pass a drug test.

I do say that with a small caveat though. If you are a really chronic smoker, like several joints a day, or an every day coke user example, then the toxins can stay in your system for a couple of weeks at least, and in some cases longer than that.

Even the strongest drug detox pills, with so using a detox drink won’t work unless you cut that stuff out until after the test, which is what we’re going to cover now.

For more info on detox drinks check out my detailed review.

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The Best Way To Do A Natural Detox For A Drug Test

Look, the best way to pass a drug test is not to have drug toxins in your system. That’s not rocket science, and it could be easier to achieve then you think if you are a light, or moderate smoker or user.

The steps to doing a natural detox are actually quite straightforward, it just takes around 7-14 days to achieve, depending on how heavy your use is: 

  1. Stop smoking marijuana or whatever it is you’re doing.
  2. Eat healthily. Lots of fruit, vegetables, and fiber. Small, regular meals to keep your system moving along and supplied with the nutrients it needs.
  3. Cut out the alcohol and caffeine.
  4. Go to the sauna, exercise, sleep a lot.
  5. Drink lots of water. It actually amazing how much you are meant to drink a day, and how few of us actually do it. Shall I tell you? 

A man of average size should be drinking  8 x 8oz glasses a day or half a gallon. If you are in Europe, that’s about 2 liters. That’s a lot of water!

Recommended THC Detox Pills

The bottom line is that a good quality drug detox pill with accelerating a natural detox by several days, allowing you to get through a drug test in a far shorter time span.

But the problem is there aren’t many good quality detox pill brands out there. In actual fact, there’s really only one brand I would recommend, based on my own detox experiences and those people I know.

I’m going to talk about two brands though because the second can help you with detox, but it just isn’t as powerful and shouldn’t be used in the same way.

  1. Toxin Rid

Hands-down, Toxin Rid is simply the best detox pill for drug test you can buy. It comes in a range of complete courses, from one day through to 10 days in duration.

Now as we’ve already talked about, the body can only detox at its natural maximum rate, and a detox pill can only enhance this a little.

Basically, anything less than five days and you aren’t really going to stand much chance of clearing all the toxins, your body’s can’t flush them out, and nothing will make it push things out that fast.

 So I wouldn’t really recommend the Toxin Rid, 1, 2 or 3-day courses, only the 5, 7 and 10-day ones. 

But having said that, the shorter courses, taken alongside a natural detox, and using a detox drink on the day of the test, will dramatically increase your chances of getting a negative result.

The process of doing the course is the same, it’s just the number of pills and days which are different:

  • Undertake a natural detox
  • Take three pills per hour, five hours per day, each day of the course
  • On the day of your drug test take the fiber supplement and detox drink included

So as you can see, Toxin Rid isn’t just a powerful detox pill specifically designed for drug testing, it’s also a fiber supplement and detox drink which will increase your chances on the day, basically, it’s a complete solution.

It comes with a money back guarantee, doesn’t contain any fillers or unnatural chemicals, and if you have five days or more, then in conjunction with a natural detox, it really can get the toxins out of your body in time.

Toxin Rid is certainly not cheap and the price reflects its power. The three-day course is $69, and the 10-day course is $189. It’s certainly an investment, but it’s powerful and works. You can order it straight from the manufacturer.

For more info check out my Toxin Rid 5 day detox course review.

Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox

  1. Rescue 5 day detox cleanse

If you can’t afford the number one detox pill I recommend, Toxin Rid, then your second best choice is Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox. It’s not as powerful, but it will really help to speed up the elimination of toxins.

So if you’re ready to do a natural detox, which means no taking in toxins, exercising, eating better, and drinking water frequently, then this detox pill course will really help. It can boost your body at key times the day to help you to kick those toxins out of your bloodstream more efficiently.

Basically, there are four types of pills in this course. You take them at certain times of the day, over the five days. This helps to boost the body’s natural elimination process and will mean you are cleaner, faster.

I say it’s not as powerful as Toxin Rid, because in my experience, and others, over the same that time, you are less likely to completely get rid of the toxins. However, this will depend on who you are, and how many toxins have taken in.

So if you are a heavy weed smoker, like multiple times a day, then it can take several weeks to naturally eliminate all the toxins. But taking Rescue 5 Day Detox will speed up the elimination of these toxins massively.

If you’re a really heavy smoker, even a good detox drink might not work for very long, but if you do a natural detox with this pill, and the detox drink on the day of your drug test, then it really is going to be a massive insurance policy.

You can buy it as a bundle from my trusted source as well. You get eight high-strength ICE capsules as well, which you take at the completion of the five-day course. This will give you an additional boost, helping to get rid of any lingering toxins just before you go to your test.

So if you don’t have as much money, and can’t afford toxin rid, then a genuine alternative that will work, unless you are really stuffed full of toxins, is Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox.

Rescue Detox review

  1. Herbal Pre Cleanse

Manufactured by the reputable company Clear Choice , who also make the best detox drink, Rescue Cleanse, Herbal Pre Cleanse is solid support for a natural detox.

It’s not like Toxin Rid, I will say that upfront. It’s only $32 for a 60 pill, one month supply, so compare that to a Toxin Rid course and you can see what I mean.

And the company who make it don’t claim it will get you detoxified just by using it. It is constructed as a herbal supplement that will your metabolism to work faster, therefore speeding up a natural detox.

But it’s certainly not as powerful as Toxin Rid, and shouldn’t be viewed in the same way. Where Toxin Rid is your get out of jail card, Herbal Pre Cleanse is yours don’t go there in the first place card.

But what it will do is keep the toxins moving out of your body faster. So if you use it as a daily supplement then you will have fewer toxins in your body than you would without using it.

Which means it could be a good strategy to the employee for the long term.

So it’s a different type of marijuana detox pill, in that it will allow you to hit the ground running more quickly with a natural detox, and accelerate the speed at which you do one.

But it’s not in the same ballpark as Toxin Rid, but it can get you from full of toxins to clear, in conjunction with a natural detox, in as little as seven days under the right circumstances.

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Using Detox Pills For Drugs: Final Tips

If you have a drug test coming up in the next 10 days, then the only real option you have is to follow the guidelines for natural detox and get a Toxin Rid course started same time.

But if you haven’t, then the cheaper Herbal Pre Cleanse can be enough to keep the toxins pushing out a quicker rate, so that when you do start a natural detox using it, you can get clear in a couple of weeks should need to.

However, Herbal Pre Cleanse is not a nuclear option in the same way as Toxin Rid is.

I going to make one final recommendation, and that always invests in a good quality detox drink whichever path you choose.

The only one I would recommend is Rescue Cleanse. If you take it on the day of the test, after a natural detox and accelerating it with good quality detox pills, then you stand a chance.

If you’re a regular smoker, and you want a marijuana detox pill that works, then I’m going to suggest that you make sure you have a full 10 day Toxin Rid course in your cupboard.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got 10 days, you have at least got the maximum course duration and you can just take as many of the pills as you can the rate of three per hour, 15 per day.

Then also have a bottle of Rescue Cleanse in your cupboard as well. The combination of those two powerful drug test evasion products sees you through successfully.