X-Pulsion Detox Review: Does This Detox Drink Work?

There are tons of brands of detox drink out there, each one trying to convince you that simply by drinking it, you can be toxin free for several hours, to pass a urine drug test. In this X-Pulsion detox review, I’m going to tell you whether this is one of those brands that really can do that job, or whether it’s a failure.

It’s not a well-known brand of detox drink, which is why a lot of people are asking: does X-Pulsion detox drink work?

Well, I’ve done a bit of research about this detox drink, and I’m going to give you the evidence from people I talk to face-to-face, so that you can make your own decision about whether it’s worth buying.

What Is X-Pulsion Detox By Herbal Extreme ?

X-Pulsion by Herbal Extreme, is a detox drink that is designed to flush toxins out of your body. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to pass a urine drug test and not be caught with drug toxins being found present.

It’s not a well-known brand, and be honest, it doesn’t have great reviews. In fact, it has terrible reviews. Most are one star, and the only positive X-Pulsion detox reviews seem to be blatantly fake.

The bottom line here is that a good quality detox drink will flush the toxins out of your urinary tract. At the same time it will replace the nutrients and maintain a natural balance, so that your sample not only tests as toxin free, but won’t fail for being unusual or diluted.

Instructions For Using X-Pulsion

Instructions for using X-Pulsion detox by Herbal Extreme are pretty straightforward, similar to most other detox drinks out there:

First, you shake the bottle after chilling it for a couple of hours.

Second, you drink it steadily over about 15 minutes.

Third, you refill the bottle with cold water, and steadily drink that as well.

After you done all that, you urinate at least four times over the next hour, and according to Herbal Extreme, X-Pulsion detox drink will then give you up to 8 hours toxin free, which is a huge claim, as even the best detox drinks only claim up to 5 hours toxin free time.

X-Pulsion Detox by herbal extreme

Does X-Pulsion Detox Drink Work?

I looked online to answer the question does X-Pulsion detox drink work.

I wanted to see what people online were saying, to see if they backed up my personal conversations.

To the honest, I could not be bothered to buy a bottle to do an X-Pulsion detox review of my own, based on what I heard about it.

I work in a smoke shop, and only a few bottles have been sold to my knowledge. Several of those guys came back to the shop tell us that it didn’t work.

A couple of them were cool about it, it was only pre-employment testing for part-time jobs, so they didn’t care particularly. One guy was really angry though, and demanded his money back, because he had not got a job because his sample had failed. His sample got flagged for being diluted.

This backs up what people seem to be saying online, if you look at reputable forums where people tell the truth about detox drinks.

Try These Alternatives To X-Pulsion Detox Instead

So my conclusion is that X-Pulsion detox drink reviews that claim it works are simply  not telling the truth. Or those guys got very lucky.

For me, I just don’t get why you would buy a cheap, unknown detox drink, when there are three brands on the market which are high-quality, and that really work. These three brands have worked for me time and again, and they are the only ones I ever recommend:

  1. Ultra Eliminex

This is a relatively new detox drink, compared to my other two recommended brands. It’s really high-quality, which comes at a price, but you can get it cheaper if you know where to look. The instructions are simple, and in my testing, and real-life experience, this delivers.

  1. Mega Clean

This is another popular drink, which is slightly cheaper. However, it’s not quite as strong, which is why I recommend you always buy with the six pre-rid pills you can get as a bundle.

  1. Rescue Cleanse

This detox drink is well-established, has worked for me, and has brilliant reviews online. It’s by the same people who make Sub Solution, which is the best synthetic urine on the market.

That should tell you everything about its quality and reputation.

So with good quality alternatives out there, I really don’t see any reason to recommend X-Pulsion by Herbal Extreme, it would be stitching people up to do so.