Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review

Herbal Clean are a company that has been around for a few years with a range of products that isn’t just one drink and formula. They are best known for the detox drink Qcarbo32.

Unfortunately, QCarbo32 hasn’t got the best reputation and I personally have heard of people failing drug tests because of it. I’ve also written a review about Qcarbo16 where it failed in a test for me as well.

So I didn’t hold up high hopes when I heard that Herbal Clean had another detox drink on the market called Ultra Eliminex, that claims to be the most powerful formula out there.

My gut feeling was that it was the same formula in shiny new bottle, which is what companies usually do in this marketplace.

Which is why I thought I’d jump in quick on this one and do a detailed Ultra Eliminex review. I’m going to test it, tell you my personal testing experiences, and look in detail at the claims made by the company about its potency.

I am also planning to review Qcarbo again in the near future, but this time, the bigger version Qcarbo32.

What Exactly Is Ultra Eliminex?

Ultra Eliminex is basically another detox drink. They are all the same in terms of what they do, they flush the toxins out your system that are passing through your bladder at the time, while at the same time they increase the level of nutrients in your body.

When you go for a drug test, the sample will be tested, and hopefully be found toxin free, and checks to make sure that the sample has not been diluted, or suffer from a lack of normal nutrients, won’t find anything unusual.

I think part of my initial skepticism of it, which made me focus on writing a proper Ultra Eliminex review, was around the marketing talk from the company themselves, with statements like this in their marketing:

“Often times we are asked how detoxing works. It is simple to detox quickly.”

Unfortunately, that’s just not true. If they know how detoxing works, then they know that it’s not simple to detox quickly. In fact it takes the average person at least a week, and even with detox products, a true detox still takes several days.

So when the company are not being entirely truthful, it makes you wonder.

What this detox drink does, as I’ve already explained, is mask the toxins for a few hours. But does it do that?

Ultra Eliminex Vs Qcarbo32

Herbal Clean already have another detox drink out there called Qcarbo32. So it makes sense to look at Ultra Eliminex Vs Qcarbo32 as a starting point to see if it’s effective or not.

Well, QCarbo32 has poor reputation. Look online and you’ll find lots of people saying it failed a drug test. I’ve also tested it and failed a home drug test kit with the smaller version of Qcarbo. For me, it’s not something I would recommend.

QCarbo32 is also half the price nearly of their new Ultra Eliminex drink. That’s a hell of a difference, but if it works to get you through a drug test then you’re better off spending that money.

Qcarbo review

How To Use Ultra Eliminex

I decided to do a proper test of this, by investing in a bottle of Ultra Eliminex.

I followed the instructions for using Ultra Eliminex exactly:

  1. I shook the bottle well, and drank the contents steadily over the course of 30 minutes.
  2. I urinated three times in the hour after drinking the bottle of Ultra Eliminex.

That’s all the instructions the company give you, so that’s all I did. Some detox drinks say you have to drink a volume of water afterwards, but that is not the case with this drink.

I didn’t smoke weed the night before or on the day I took the test, which would be well in line with what anybody with a brain would do if they were going to use a detox drink to get through a drug test anyway.

So Does Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Work For A Drug Test?

The key question in this review is obviously to answer the question will Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex work for drug test passing?

Well, the good news on answering that question is that I took a home drug test and I passed it.

I waited another hour, and I took a second home drug test, and I passed as well.

I’m a regular smoker, every other day really, and I’m quite a large guy, but it worked for me. So this detox drink does seem to be worth considering further.

Ultra Eliminex vsQcarbo32

Ultra Eliminex Review: How Does It Stack Up?

One of the reasons I decided to try and review Ultra Eliminex is because it’s sold in the smoke shop I work in. So it was staring me in in the face, begging to be tested for weeks.

On top of that, I’ve had some feedback from people who bought it to get through a drug test, and they all so far come back and said that Ultra Eliminex works for them.

Which means my conclusion in this review has to be that Ultra Eliminex is a detox drink I recommend using.

There are not many I say that about, with the only others I would ever recommend being Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean.

In terms of buying Ultra Eliminex, you can buy it online from Testnegative.com its  quickly, securely and at a great price (20% OFF)

It is more expensive than Rescue Cleanse. On top of that, you can only buy Rescue Cleanse online.

But if you are walking into a smoke shop to buy a detox drink, then I would strongly recommend you only look at Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex.

And if you have time before your test, or you want to be prepared in case you face one, then buying a bottle online any of these three detox drinks to keep in stock just in case is highly recommended.