Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Reviews Are Wrong!

There are an awful lot of positive Ultimate Gold detox drink reviews out there. I hadn’t used Ultimate Gold literally for years, so I decided it was time to have another look at it because it’s apparently an updated formula now.

I’ve read a lot of newer reviews which are negative, so I was keen to try it and get the truth out there.

So what’s the story? Is Ultimate Gold detox drink going to get you through a drug test, or is the new formulation an expensive waste of money?

What Is Ultimate Gold Detox Drink?

I tried Ultimate Gold detox a few years ago and I passed a drug test with it. So I was keen to try it again, just a home drug test to see if it works.

Basically Ultimate Gold was one of the big brands of detox drink out there. It’s been on sale a lot of years, and it’s formula seemed to work.

I tried it myself, and a few of my friends did, and it had a good reputation for getting you through a drug test even if you were pretty regular smoker, dabber, or whatever.

So it used to be a trusted brand.

Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Instructions

Ultimate Gold Detox Drink instructionsThe Ultimate Gold detox drink instructions are pretty standard, the same as any other detox drink really.

You simply drink the contents of the bottle a couple of hours before you are going to take a urine sample drug test, flush out your system with more water, urinate frequently, then go and submit your sample and you should pass with flying colors.

The problem when I drank it is that the formula is obviously completely different, it’s definitely changed.

It’s a different color now, it’s much thicker, almost so thick it’s difficult to glug down, and it doesn’t taste very good.

But putting aside the taste and texture, does Ultimate Gold detox drink work?

So Does Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Work?

Well, Ultimate Gold detox drink did not work for me. I followed the instructions for consuming it, and then I did a home drug test and failed.

I waited another hour and I tried a second home drug test and I failed again. So it definitely didn’t work for me.

It might work still for light weight people, light smokers or users, and I have to say the last time I used it successfully I was an infrequent weed smoker.

But the bottom line is that even though I tried the larger Ultimate Gold Detox 20oz size, I still failed.

Negative Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Reviews

Looking online, a lot of the more recent comments on websites and forums are also saying the same thing, and that’s backed up by comments on Facebook I’ve seen which prompted me to retry it myself.

On Amazon 44% of customers who left a review gave it one star and said it didn’t work.

Several people saying that they followed the instructions and then got popped for cannabis in a urine drug test.

So I’m afraid Ultimate Gold detox drink reviews are mostly wrong, it doesn’t work from what I’m seeing, and you can’t rely on the staff if you need to get through a urine drug test.

There are some much better alternatives out there.