Are The Stuff Detox Reviews Telling You A Lie?

There are a ton of detox drinks out there, and unfortunately people get drawn in by big claims and nice packaging. “The Stuff” detox, is one of those drinks that looks great, but has a very mixed reputation.

I thought it was time to do a detailed The Stuff detox review, to give you the reality of whether this great looking package delivers on the point of buying it.

So what’s the deal with using The Stuff detox for drug test? Can it help you to pass the test, or is it just an expensive purple bottle of fruit juice?

What Does A Detox Drink Really Do?

The big confusion when buying a detox drink is the idea sold to you that it will flush toxins out of your system completely. This is partly true, but people tend to think it’s permanent. But it’s not.

What a detox drink does, and The Stuff detox is exactly the same, is to flush the toxins that have worked their way into your bladder, out of your body quickly, while maintaining the natural balance in your urine.

So it doesn’t magically get rid of the drug toxins in your bloodstream, or the toxins that are clinging to your cells, waiting to come out. All it does is flush them out your bladder and urinary tract, and keeps the balance in your body natural at the same time.

Using The Stuff Detox For Drug Test Success

I decided to test The Stuff detox, by buying a bottle, as it’s pretty cheap. I got it for about $15

The ingredients are not earth-shattering, and nowhere near as complex as some other brands I’ve seen and successfully used:

Reverse osmosis water (which makes no difference at all), fructose, which is basically just sugar, citric acid, flavorings, sodium benzoate, and preservatives are the main ingredients.

So where’s the vitamin B? You’re flushing out a ton of that, and for your urine to look natural, you need vitamin B in it. Where are the vitamins and minerals you need to replace?

Which means, just by looking at the ingredients, I’m skeptical.

The Stuff Detox Drug Test Results

The Stuff detox reviewSo I went ahead and drank the contents of the bottle as instructed, and I hadn’t smoked that day or the day before either.

Then I drank some water as well, urinated frequently, and then an hour after taking it, I took a home urine drug test.

The Stuff detox drug test failed. So I drank some more water, went to the toilet again, and then did a second one. It failed again.The Stuff Detox Review: Conclusion

The bottom line here, is that The Stuff detox reviews that tell you it’s a great detox drink, and a low-cost way of passing a urine drug test, are telling you a lie.

A good quality THC detox drink is packed full of specific ingredients, and specially formulated, and the ingredients and composition of The Stuff are simply not up to the task.

So I can’t recommend it, and even though it’s cheap, you’re just taking a huge risk. There is literally nothing in it I can see will help you, and the bottom line for my testing, is that it just doesn’t work.

A Detox Drink That Really Works

But don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you dangling wondering how you’re going to pass that drug test.

If you’re looking for an affordable detox drink that contains all the ingredients you will need to get those drug toxins out, and keep the balance natural for a few hours so you can pass a drug test, then Mega Clean is drink I recommend you try.

Not many people know this, but you can buy Mega Clean in a bundle with six pre-rid pills from the online store I buy from.

You take the pre-rid pills the day before, don’t take any toxins in, and then on the day, a couple of hours before your drug test, you drink Mega Clean as instructed.

So it’s just as simple to take as the stuff detox, but it actually works.

On top of that, the six pre-rid pills (Toxin Rid) are high quality, and really help to boot the toxins out of your system in the lead up to drinking the bottle of Mega Clean. Putting less strain on the amount of toxins the drink has to flush out.

Click here for a detailed Detoxify Mega Clean review.

That’s the bottom line, so don’t be fooled by the great purple packaging of The Stuff. That stuff is just flavored water, and in my experience testing, it’s going to fail you a drug test.