Test Pass Maximum Strength Detox Drink Wild Cherry Review

I have a friend who bought a bottle of Test Pass detox in Walmart a while back. After reading about it, he gave me the bottle for free. Which is why I’m going to do a proper Test Pass detox drink review, including an actual test of the product.

So what’s the deal with test pass maximum strength detox drink?

Is it an affordable way to guarantee passing a drug test, or is it throwing money down the drain, and failing that drug test instead?

What Is Test Pass Maximum Strength Detox Drink?

As I said, my buddy bought this from Walmart, but when he got home he checked the reviews online, and found that it was overwhelmingly reviewed as useless.

When he bought it, he didn’t know I ran a detox product review blog, and he didn’t know I was an expert in that sort of thing nowadays. When we talked about it recently, he realized he still had the bottle, and that it was well in date, so he gave it to me to test.

Test Pass Maximum Strength detox drink is basically one of those low price brands of detox drink that makes big claims.

But it’s tough to find out anything about where it’s made, or get any validation on the quality of what’s in it. The company Test Pass also have a poor reputation for their other products.

The big red flashing warning light right on the front of the bottle, at the start of this review, is that it claims this maximum strength product has an up to a “300% success rate”.

What the hell does that even mean?

Basically, it appears to be another generic drink, that is labeled as a detox drink. But let’s not assume too much, and actually do a full test.

Test Pass Maximum Strength Detox Drink Instructions

Test pass detox drink reviewTest pass detox instructions are pretty straightforward. You drink the bottle of liquid, urinate frequently, and within one hour, you should be clean for up to 5 hours.

So it’s that simple to get rid of drug toxins using this drink. It’s pretty much the same as with any detox drink, but I’m still laughing at that claim that the “full body detox works 300%”.

I hadn’t smoked for a couple of days, and I was eating and exercising, so my metabolite levels weren’t that high.

An hour after drinking the detox drink, I did a home test kit, and unsurprisingly I failed.

I waited another hour, during which time I urinated again, and I failed again.

So just as I thought, Test Pass Maximum Strength detox drink is a scam. Looking at the ingredients, it’s all additives, flavorings and not a lot else.

There is literally nothing in this which would clean out the toxins from your bladder and urinary tract, while at the same time replacing lost nutrients to keep the sample looking natural.

Does Test Pass Detox Work?

The bottom line is that Test Pass Maximum Strength detox drink does not work.

Negative Test Pass Detox Drink Review

Looking at Amazon, 50% of the reviews are one star. The ones that are positive are literally all one line reviews, which are blatantly paid fakes. You can buy fake reviews for a couple of dollars from guys based in places like Mexico and the Far East, on sites like Mechanical Turk and SEO Clerks. That’s how easy it is to fake good product feedback.

Test Pass are a company that doesn’t appear to have any reputation, and all the products I’ve ever seen from them are cheap rubbish. So there’s literally no reason to risk anything by using Test Pass detox drink.

Does test pass detox drink work

The Detox Drinks That 100% Work

So the conclusion of my Test Pass detox drink review is to avoid it like the plague. It simply doesn’t work.

Instead, I advise you stick to the more expensive, and reliable, detox drinks out there.

The one I’m going to recommend, a relatively new drink that has already got a strong reputation, is Ultra Eliminex.  It’s very high quality, and I passed a real drug test using it.

On top of that, the guy who gave me the bottle of Test Pass a few months ago, has also now had a pre-employment drug test, which he took after masking his drug toxins using my recommendation of Ultra Eliminex.

And guess what, his sample was negative, and he got the job. So forget rubbish like Test Pass, and stick to high quality detox drinks like Ultra Eliminex.