Stinger Detox Drink Review: Buzz 5x Extra Strength

Stinger detox drink has been around for quite a few years, and it’s sold widely online, and in some smoke shops, including on big retail sites like Amazon and eBay. I thought was time to do a proper Stinger detox review, because there is a lot of confusion around their range of products.

So in this detailed review of Stinger detox drinks, we are going to look at the products they sell, what’s in them, and do some testing to see if they really work.

One important thing is, Stinger detox is not cheap, with the more powerful Stinger 5x detox drink retailing at around $50, so this should be right up there with some of the other top brands at that price point, in terms of results.

Well, let’s dive straight in, and see what the deal is with Stinger. Is it a complete waste of money, or does Stinger detox drink work?

What Is Stinger Detox Drink?

Stinger make a range of detox products, the products they sell broadly fall into three groups: 

  1. Instant detox products, such as Instant and 5x Instant.
  2. 48 hour detox products, mainly consisting of softgels and caplets.
  3. Permanent detox products, mostly the 7 day detox range products. 

Let’s focus on the detox drinks that the company sell. Basically, they are instant detox drinks, where you drink them and are toxin free and a couple of hours.

They also do what looks like a detox drink, but it’s actually a seven-day “permanent” product, where you basically take like medicine, a couple of teaspoons each day.

In the middle ground, they also do Stinger detox drinks that you meant to detox for 48 hours before taking. I don’t really see the point in this, because if they do is claimed, eliminate toxins from your body, then why you need an extra 48 hours, if the instant detox drinks also make the same claim?

So for the purposes of this Stinger detox review, we going to focus on their range of instant detox drinks:

  • Stinger buzz 5x extra strength
  • Stinger instant detox 5x extra strength
  • Stinger instant detox regular strength

What Are The Ingredients In Stinger Detox?

For me, the Stinger detox ingredients list is the first big red flag that this drink is a dud, and is going to leave you high and dry if you want to pass a drug test.

All of the Stinger detox drinks contain the same basic sugars, flavorings and amounts of water. They also all contain what is known as the “Stinger proprietary blend”: 

  • L-Taurine
  • Methlysulfonylmethane
  • D-Ribose
  • L-Lysene
  • Niacin 

The only difference between the different types of Stinger detox drink are the proportions, 600 mg in the basic one, and 800 mg in the 5x strength ones.

That doesn’t seem a huge difference to me, and when the 5x products are literally described as “five times stronger”, the list of active ingredients simply does not back those proportion claims up.

Surely “five times” stronger than 600 mg is 3000 mg? As it’s not, the claim is rubbish.

Also, I looked up the ingredients online, and for example, L-Taurine is present in most energy drinks, there’s nothing special about it.

The scary sounding Methylsulfonylmethane is anything but. MSM is a very common supplement available online. It’s main strength appears to be to help with the absorption of nutrients.

When this product doesn’t claim to help you absorb nutrients, but it does claim to help remove toxins at the cellular level, this seems a pointless ingredient to me.

So as a looking through the list of ingredients, my research is not finding anything that directly helps with speeding up detoxification. The claim that Stinger detox doesn’t just mask your toxins, but that it actively removes toxins at the cellular level, seems like a load of bull to me.

Stinger Detox ingredients

Stinger Detox Instructions

The instructions for Stinger detox drinks are all basically the same.

You simply drink the contents of the bottle and then refill the bottle four times, and drink that as well. So basically in space of about an hour you are drinking the contents of the bottle, plus 32 ounces of water.

You then need to urinate frequently in the second hour after drinking.

This process will leave you clean up to 5 hours, and according to the Stinger detox website, able to pass a professional lab drug test, even though states you should never do that for legal purposes.

Again, if as the company claims, it removes toxins at the cellular level, why would you only be clean for five hours?

That sounds much more like a traditional detox drink, which just masks the toxins. But does even do that?

Does Stinger Detox Drink Work?

So this is the million-dollar question, does Stinger detox drink work? For the purposes of answering that, I bought a bottle of Stinger 5x detox drink, the extra strength version that is meant to work within two hours of consumption.

I also bought a good quality home drug test kit, so that I could see if it really did work or not.

On top of that, I made sure I didn’t smoke any weed the day before, I exercised, and ate well, so I was really set up physically to see if this would work. If it’s going to work, if it’s going to work as advertised, then I was in a position for it to do its stuff.

The bottom line is I followed the instructions exactly, and I failed a home drug test. Stinger detox drink didn’t work for me.

Now obviously that might not be the whole story, but the problem here is that it’s several things that make me conclude that it’s probably a bit of a scam.

Firstly, as I say, it didn’t work in my live testing, for the purposes of this Stinger detox review.

Secondly, the ingredients simply don’t seem to have the ability to push toxins out of your body. That’s the claim the company make, and nothing in it seems to stack up, especially when it’s the same thing in every single drink, and when the 5x is not actually five times stronger at all.

Negative Stinger Detox Reviews

Thirdly, I’m looking at reviews online. They sell this stuff on Amazon for example, and there’s loads of negative reviews on there. Sure, you get the usual obvious fake positive reviews, but the majority of reviews do not make for good reading.

The bottom line in this Stinger detox review for me, is that Stinger detox drink doesn’t work.

negative stinger detox reviews

Detox Drinks That Really Work

So now we’ve got to the conclusion that Stinger detox drink really probably isn’t a great purchase, especially when it’s almost $50 for the Stinger 5x extra strength premium drink, let’s look at some detox drinks which will work.

The thing is with a detox drink, is that any drink that claims to literally pull the toxins out of your system at the cellular level, detoxing you permanently, is talking rubbish.

A detox drink isn’t designed to do that.

A high quality detox drink will temporarily detox you, by removing the toxins currently in your bladder and urinary tract. As it does this, it replaces the nutrients lost during this flushing out.

That way, when you submit your sample, it will be a sample that contains all the right nutrients, but that doesn’t contain drug toxins.

Which is yet another reason why Stinger detox simply can’t work, because it can’t do what it claims to.

A high quality detox drinks which will work, which will drag the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract, and which will replace the lost nutrients, giving you a window of opportunity to submit a safe sample are:

Ultra Eliminex is the newest detox drink, I’ve reviewed it and tried it, and it really does work. It’s also the most expensive, but looking at the ingredients list, and looking at the results, it’s the real deal. Original price is 80 bucks, but you can get it now for 65$ only.

Detoxify Mega Clean reviews

In the middle ground, you have Mega Clean. It has a long track record of really working.

You can get a bottle of Mega Clean with Six pre rid tablets for 69$. This is a great deal, and that will really help to flush the toxins out.

And at the lower end, for just over $55, you can buy a bottle of Rescue Cleanse

So why spend about $50 on Stinger detox, when for an extra $10-$20 you can get a high quality detox drink, that doesn’t make fake claims, contains proprietor ingredients that really work, plus a herbal blend, and which has a long track record in working?

For more info on detox drinks click here.

The bottom line here at the end of this Stinger detox review is that it doesn’t work.

It’s got an awful history of reviews online, the claims the company makes are complete rubbish, and when you compare it to other detox drinks, it simply doesn’t stack up as a sensible choice, if you’re serious about passing a urine sample drug test.