Spectrum Labs Absolute Detox Drink Review

The difference between a detox drink that works, and one that doesn’t, is not always about the money you spend. That’s why thought it was time to write an absolute detox drink review, to highlight that point.

Cheap does not mean ineffective, but generally the cheaper a detox drink is, the less likely it is to work.

Absolute Detox XXL is an example of a detox drink that sits in that middle ground, costing less than $50. But does it work, does its reputation warrant a positive review, or would you be better off looking elsewhere for a detox drink that can pass a drug test?

Let’s give you the answers, and some recommendations for alternatives as well.

What Is Absolute Detox XXL?

Absolute Detox is produced by company called Spectrum Labs. In fact Absolute Detox Spectrum Labs has been around for several years, and has been one of the top-selling detox drinks in that time.

It comes in a large 32oz bottle, and is sold as being suitable for people who are heavy in body size, and heavy in toxins.

Spectrum Labs also make Quick Fix. Quick Fix 6.2 is one of the best brands of synthetic urine you can buy. The only brand that is better is Sub Solution, but what this demonstrates is that the company is not selling rubbish, it has a flagship product and very high quality.

Does Absolute detox work

Absolute Detox Instructions

The instructions for using Absolute Detox XXL are pretty straightforward. In fact, apart from a few exceptions, these are the standard instructions for any detox drink

  1. Fill the bottle in the refrigerator, then shake well.
  2. Drink the contents of the Absolute Detox bottle at a steady pace over about 15 minutes
  3. Refill the bottle, shake well, and repeat the drinking process will stop
  4. Over the next hour, try and urinate at least three times. 

This should then give you a clear “window of opportunity” of around 3-5 hours when you will be able to submit a clean sample.

Does Absolute Detox Work?

There is a misconception about how detox drinks work. They quite simply do not detox your body.

What they actually do to flush out any toxins that have been expelled from your bloodstream, and are currently in your bladder and urinary tract.

These are the toxins that will be flushed out in a sample, and picked up by a drug test.

So a good quality detox drink flushes out the toxins. But more than that, a good quality detox drink also replaces the nutrients lost by flushing everything out, and gets the balance right again.

In effect, it flushes out your bladder, and replaces everything you need, so that when you submit your sample, it’s not rejected as abnormal.

Does absolute detox work? Well, to answer that question, although it’s not available in the shop where I work, so I haven’t got any feedback from customers, I do have feedback from a friend.

A few months back, he had a bottle of Absolute Detox XXL in stock, and he drank it prior to going for a job interview drug test. He passed the drug test.

He is a little smaller than me, but he smokes a lot of weed, and the only other thing he did was to abstain 48 hours before he drank it.

Ignoring online reviews that are obviously not fake and trying to put the product down, then yes absolute detox appears to work for a lot of people.

However, as a caveat with that, a lot of people also say it didn’t work for them. Compared to other brands out there, it doesn’t seem quite as effective overall.

Spectrum drug test

Other Detox Drinks Like Spectrum Labs Absolute Detox

Absolute Detox has been around for a long time, and I’m not even sure the company make it any more, as they seem to be pushing another detox drink now.

So I’m guessing the formula might be a bit outdated, and perhaps not as powerful and effective some of the more modern brands.

So the conclusion of this Absolute Detox drink review is yes it will work for you in most circumstances, I certainly wouldn’t rely on it.

I’d rather get my hands on one of the more modern and powerful drinks with best reputations:

  1. Mega Clean. This is been one of the top sellers for several years, if you can get this with the six pre-rid pills, then it really is a top detox drink.
  2. Rescue cleanse. This is also been around for a number of years, but the formula is so powerful that it still has a great reputation. It sold by the company who make sub solution, the top brand of synthetic urine. That tells me it’s high quality, and it’s a drink I’ve used several times in real life.
  3. Ultra Eliminex. This is a new kid on the block, and also the most expensive, usually retailing at around $80. However, with special deals, you can get it for $65. I’ve tested this, and I’ve had real-life experience with it. It’s an incredibly powerful blend that worked hundred percent for me.

So the conclusion of this absolute detox review is that sure, it could still work, and it’s an example of how a cheaper detox drink can work, but there are three more powerful alternatives out there that I would go for first.