Rescue Cleanse 32Oz Review

One of the most popular ways to try and pass a urine sample drug test is to use a detox drink.

The problem is literally 90% of the detox drinks out there are complete trash. They simply don’t work. That’s why I really wanted to put a high quality Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review out there for people.

Through email, Facebook and forums I’m hearing from too many people about failed drug tests because of poor quality detox drinks.

So let’s take a look at why Rescue Cleanse is so good, and why it’s the only drink I 100% recommend to my friends.

What Is Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink?

Rescue Cleanse detox drink is made by company called Clear Choice, who are well known for high quality products in the drug testing marketplace.

It’s available in two sizes, 16oz for smaller people or very light weed smokers, and a larger 32oz size for everyone else. I would always recommend the larger size just to make sure.

Just like any other detox drink, you follow a set of instructions and it masks the toxins for a few hours.

That’s the important thing to understand, a detox drink doesn’t actually detox you, it’s just flushes the toxins out of your system for a few hours, so that the urine in your bladder doesn’t contain drug metabolites.

But the thing is, most detox drinks out there don’t achieve that completely, which is why people fail.

Clear Choice Detox Instructions

The instructions for using Rescue Cleanse detox drink are pretty straightforward: 

  1. Avoid all toxins for 48 hours if possible. That means stop smoking, stop taking any narcotics, and try not to take medications which could interfere with things, or throw up a false positive in the test.
  2. Do not eat or drink for four hours before drinking Rescue Cleanse.
  3. Shake a refrigerated bottle of Clear Choice detox drink well and drink down in one go, at a comfortable pace.
  4. Wait 15 minutes then refill the container with cold water and drink that as well.
  5. Over the next 30-60 minutes urinate as frequently as possible to clear out the bladder. 

You will then be in what Clear Choice call the “clear zone”.

About an hour after consuming Rescue Cleanse you can go and submit your sample. It’s effective for up to 5 hours, but it’s in that first couple of hours after drinking it that it will be most effective.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

As I said at the start of this Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review, Rescue Cleanse is the only detox drink I would totally recommend to my friends and family.

You can also get Mega Clean, which is another good option. It comes with 6 Pre-Rid tablets which help to enhance your chances of removing toxins. The third option is using Absolute detox its costs only 45$, It has good reviews, but I have never tested myself.

Mega Clean with detox pills is around $69, whereas Rescue Cleanse is about $50,  a bit cheaper.

You can buy Rescue Cleanse at the best price from the manufacturer, with rapid shipping.

If you are a heavy weed smoker, and you don’t have time to detox, and you think that even Rescue Cleanse might let you down, then another option is the synthetic urine.

Sub Solution is the best fake pee for drug test its also made by Clear Choice, and is probably the only almost guaranteed way of passing a urine drug sample test if you are a really heavy user who will have lots of drug metabolites in their system.

But for most people, using Rescue Cleanse and following instructions will be more than enough.