Does Magnum Detox Instant Flush Work? [Review 2018]

Magnum detox is a very professional looking detox drink, with an impressive website to back it up. There are also absolutely tons of Magnum detox instant flush reviews online singing its praises.

But what’s the truth? Is it a brilliant and affordable detox drink that will flush out your system, and get you through a drug test, or is it an expensive, and risky, waste?

As I work in a smoke shop, I’ve had tons of feedback about this drink, and I wondered why it’s not popular to buy any more where I work.

I decided to put together this Magnum detox review, to see how it stacks up in terms of effects, and against the top brands of detox drink on the market.

What Is Magnum Detox Instant Flush?

Magnum detox is sold by a company called PIV Enterprises. It’s been well known for a lot of years, and is widely available to buy online, and in stores.

It’s this availability that’s made it popular. On top of that, it used to have quite a good reputation. But the thing is, drug testing has moved on, and I don’t think Magnum detox instant flush has.

It’s not crazy expensive, retailing on the main company website at $44.95. But if it doesn’t work, then even one dollar is just too much to pay.

Like a say, we have sold in the smoke shop since I started working there, but I have noticed in the past couple of years that sales have pretty much died down to nothing, with feedback from people coming back after using it being pretty poor.

Magnum Detox Instructions

Magnum detox reviews

The company claim Magnum detox instant flush allows you to literally flush toxins out of your body.

On the company website, it states you don’t even need to avoid toxins before consumption. Apparently, you can smoke as much weed as you want, drink down this stuff, and you’ll piss like a child.

The company even claim that it is specially created as a thick drink, to allow it to bond to toxins, and drag them out of the body. Now I’m saying upfront that that’s a load of bull.

The drink would be broken down in your stomach, by the far stronger stomach acids.

But anyway, the instructions for using Magnum detox instant flush are pretty straightforward: 

  1. Drink the contents of the bottle at a steady pace over 20 minutes.
  1. Drink at least 16 ounces of water over the following hour.
  1. Going and take your drug test. 

Does Magnum Detox Drink Work?

Does Magnum detox work

The instructions for consuming Magnum detox drink are pretty straightforward, and the claims made by the company are pretty huge.

I think for me, it’s the red flags in the contradictions that worry me most. On the main product page, the company claims that Magnum detox drink works without you even needing to stop intake of toxins.

Does Magnum detox drink work? Well I don’t think so.

The reason for this is mainly the huge claims made by the company. Secondly, online reviews nowadays are increasingly poor.


And in terms of my own evidence, people coming back to the smoke shop after using our very mixed about it working. I know that everybody is different in terms of their body and toxin levels, but I know several people who have failed, but only one friend who recommended it, because they passed a test.

The thing is, I’m not seeing the same pattern with what I know are the best brands of detox drink, which I’ll cover in a moment.

Mixed reviews, mixed feedback, bizarre claims that don’t stack up against other detox drinks, for me, Magnum detox drink doesn’t work.

Well, what I mean by that is, the chances of it working are low enough to make it not worth the risk, especially for the money.

Recommended Detox Drinks That Will Pass A Drug Test

Magnum detox instant flush is $20 cheaper than Mega Clean, and $10 cheaper than Rescue Cleanse. That should tell you everything you need to know, when it comes to quality.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t believe Magnum detox instant flush reviews that say it works. What you need, is to use advanced detox drinks, with modern formulas, that have got a strong track record, with recent reviews:

If you really don’t have the money, or there are literally no other options out there, then yes Magnum detox instant flush is going to be better than doing nothing, but the four detox drinks I just listed really are a much better option.

The thing is, a detox drink cannot do what Magnum claim. It cannot flush toxins out of your bloodstream for example.

What it does is to flush toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract, while at the same time replacing the nutrients it’s flushing out at the same time.

That will allow you to pass a drug test, by submitting a clean sample. But you can only have a clean sample for a few hours, until toxins start leaving your bloodstream to be eliminated through your urine again.

So detox drinks have to have a powerful formula that will flush toxins out, and replace nutrients.

Mega clean can be bought with six pre-rid pills, giving you a real chance of flushing toxins out of your system so that you can pass a urine test.

The formula of Rescue Cleanse 32Oz for 55$ is strong and trusted, and the new kid on the block, Ultra Eliminex for 65$ already has strong positive reviews.

I’ve tried and tested these detox drinks, and they really are the real deal, and they will work far better than low price, low quality drinks like Magnum detox instant flush.

So the bottom line here is that Magnum detox instant flush review should not be believed if they are hugely positive. Sure it could work, but there are far better options out there.