Jazz Total Detox For Drug Tests: Does It Worth a Try?

People are claiming they use Jazz Total Detox for drug test success, because the company uses “Laboratory grade compounds” in their products, rather than “harmful” (again, their claim) herbal ingredients.

I wasn’t convinced by the negative claims claims, and I was speaking to someone the other day who reckoned they had used Jazz Total Detox to pass a drug test successfully. I’m skeptical, from a personal experience which set up this review.

I also looked online, and there’s a lot of negative stuff, so I thought it was time to test it out.

I work in a smoke shop, and a while back a guy bought some jazz detox, but then returned it to the shop. He hadn’t used it, he read online it doesn’t work, and you didn’t want to take the risk.

He wouldn’t take a refund, he gave it to me to review because he knows I have a site.

So here we go, buckle up for my review, to confirm whether Jazz Detox Drink reviews that say it works are accurate, or whether they are just crap trying to sell you a product that doesn’t work.

What Exactly Is Jazz Detox Drink?

Jazz Detox drink is sold by a company called “House of Jazz”. They are based in Chicago, and have been around for a number of years, selling a range of products under the Jazz brand.

In this review I’m going to look at the classic Jazz Detox 16oz drink. It’s the one most people try, and it’s also the one that the guy gave to me.

The company behind it claim that Jazz doesn’t just flush toxins out, it helps to remove them from every part of the body including the blood, lymph system and liver.

I simply don’t believe this claim, because nothing in the drink could possibly stay in your system after cleansing through the liver and kidneys, to flush things out of other parts of your body, especially the bloodstream and cells.

A detox drink simply flushes toxins out that are passing through your bladder and urinary tract, giving you a temporary window of opportunity, nothing more. The good ones can do that while also replacing nutrients and keeping the balance right, so that your sample is normal.

So a brand claiming a detox drink can do more than this immediately raises my suspicions.

Jazz Detox Drink Instructions

The Jazz detox drink instructions are pretty straightforward, but also made me wonder a bit, because of the sheer volume of liquid you have to drink: 

  1. Around 90 minutes before you want to be clean, drink the contents of the 16oz bottle.
  2. Refill the bottle THREE times, each time drinking that volume of water.
  3. Urinate at least three times after this. That shouldn’t be a problem after drinking so much water! 

Now that is one hell of a lot of liquid, 32oz more liquid than most detox drinks ask you to take.

To me, they are hoping the sheer volume of liquid will flush out the toxins. But the danger with that is that you will dilute your urine so close to a drug test, and fail for that reason.

The bottle also states that you should eat a lot of food before drinking the detox drink, and to minimize energy burning for 12 hours before taking the drink.

This is the complete opposite of what most detox drinks tell you to do. Most tell you to exercise and eat lightly, because this will increase your metabolic rate, and flush the toxins out.

So the fact that Jazz detox once you do the complete opposite seems incredibly odd to me.

Does Jazz Total Detox Work For Drug Test?

Jazz total detox reviewThe company market around the fact that Jazz doesn’t contain any herbs, but that’s literally all that is. They claim it contains laboratory grade compounds, which actually just means it’s got chemicals replacing the more usual herbs. There is literally no evidence these chemicals work any better.

But none of this matters if Jazz Total Detox results are effective. Unfortunately they aren’t.

I am a heavy guy, but my girlfriend isn’t. The company claim that if you are over 220lbs, then you should drink two bottles, which I didn’t have. So my girlfriend did the test for me. She’s a light smoker.

We follow the instructions exactly, over the course of 24 hours to include no exercise and heavy eating. It was burgers all the way. It was certainly one of the more pleasant detox drink experiments we have done!

She failed a home drug test not once, but twice. The first one was one hour after completing the consumption process. The second was an hour after that.

So Jazz Total Detox Reviews Are Fake?

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any reason why you should trust a bottle of Jazz Total Detox to get you through a drug test.

It just didn’t work in the test we did for this review. On top of that, take a look on Amazon, in fact anywhere other than the official website, and the reviews are typically negative.

Sure it contains vitamin B2 and creatine, both of which can be flushed out if you drink too much water. So potentially replacing the loss could balance things back out.

However, the amount of liquid you have to use on top of the detox drink makes me suspicious as to whether the amount of included B2 and creatine really makes any difference.

On top of that, the bottom line is that most Jazz detox drink reviews out there are unfortunately fake it appears to me, because they claim it works, and I’m not seeing any evidence it does.

Spectrum drug test

Alternatives To Jazz Detox

So putting aside all the claims about chemical compounds, you really need to stick to trusted brands if you are going to use a detox drink to pass a drug test.

There are only 4 brands out there that I have recommend, Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean,Ultra Eliminex and the Qcarbo32&Herbal pre cleanse combo.

They are double the price, or more, of Jazz Detox, but for that you getting tried and tested detoxification products with a long track record in working.

Any one of those will be better than Jazz Detox. The question I will put you is: why take the risk when for an extra $20 you don’t have to?

So the conclusion of this review is that Jazz Detox Drink does not work, and you should instead invest your money on passing a drug test using a high quality alternative.