High Voltage Detox Drink Review: Does It Work For A Drug Test?

I thought I should write about High Voltage detox for drug test passing, as I’ve seen and heard some concerning stuff about it recently.

One of my mates watched a review on YouTube of High Voltage detox double flush, and the guy in the video claimed that it worked for him.

However, my buddy followed the instructions, wasn’t even a heavy weed smoker, and he failed his drug test. He even stopped smoking for four days before the test as part of a partial natural detox.

So what’s the deal here? Are High Voltage detox reviews lying, or are people using this detox drink incorrectly?

What Is High Voltage Detox Double Flush?

High Voltage detox double flush has been around for a while. It comes in a good-looking box and bottle, and obviously a lot of it has been sold.

However, if you look on Amazon, 43% of the reviews are one star reviews. Sure you get the obvious fake reviews which are saying it’s wonderful, but nearly half the people using it say it didn’t work.

That’s a lot of people who bought it and then did home drug test and failed them, or even went as far as doing one at work, and not getting the job, or even losing their job because they relied on High Voltage detox.

High Voltage Detox Instructions

I took a look at the instructions for using High Voltage detox, to see if there is something obvious people are missing. But the instructions for using it are pretty much exactly the same as any other type of detox drink, and pretty impossible to get wrong: 

  1. Avoid toxins for about 48 hours before you drink it
  2. Drink the contents of the High Voltage detox bottle
  3. Fill the bottle up and drink that water
  4. Wait 15 minutes, refill the bottle and drink that water as well
  5. In the hour afterwards urinate at least three times 

So as you can see, it’s pretty standard stuff for drinking a detox drink. I think my only concern is that they then recommend you carry on drinking water, which on top of the two bottles you’ve already drunk, that’s an awful lot of water.

I worry that people are drinking too much water, flushing out the nutrients the detox drink puts in, and diluting their sample.

high voltage detox drug test

Are High Voltage Detox Reviews Accurate?

Some people say that High Voltage detox drink work for them. And I don’t disbelieve them.

I just think it’s not very strong, and if you are a regular smoker for example, the amount of toxins coming out are going to be so constant, that the detox drink will not be able to mask them for any length of time (they claim it masks toxins for seven hours, which is just ridiculous).

I just think you have to take the reviews with pinch of salt. A lot of people will be recommending it for commission payments, other people recommending something they never tried. Plus a lot of the retail site reviews are going to be fake, put in place by the company to boost the reputation of the product.

Should You Use High Voltage Detox For Drug Test?

I think the conclusion of my High Voltage detox double flush review, has to be that the evidence suggests it’s unreliable.

I’m not going to say doesn’t work, but it’s cheap, and there are hundreds of people online saying they failed a drug test after taking it. In comparison to the detox drinks I recommend, that’s very high, and the evidence kind of speaks for itself.

If you’re desperate, nothing else is available, or you don’t have much money money, then sure, high-voltage detox is going to be better than nothing. But I’m going to recommend two much better alternatives for you right now.

Alternatives To High Voltage Detox That Work

When it comes to detox drinks that will work, even people with high levels of toxins in the body, they really are only two products I generally recommend.

Both of these have great reputations. As long as you follow the instructions, then you will be able to pass a drug test.

  1. Mega Clean + Pre-Rid Pills

mega clean reviewI don’t recommend Mega Clean unless you can buy it with the six free pre-rid pills as a bundle. Otherwise it can also be a little bit hit and miss.

If you can get that combo pack, then you can flush out a lot of the toxins with the pre-rid pills, then on the day of your test, drink the Mega Clean, and you will pass.

I’ve use Mega Clean myself, and so have lots of people I know. It’s the real deal and it works. It costs $69, which is a lot more expensive than High Voltage, but you get what you pay for.

To read a detailed review of Mega Clean, click here.

  1. Ultra Eliminex

Ultra eliminex detox drinkThis is a relatively new detox drink, replacing QCarbo32, whose formula was old and was not working very well. So it’s the same company making it.

But this is a different breed of detox drink, which is also reflected in the price. It can cost as much as $80, but from my trusted retailer you can get it for $65.

I have tested it and used it live, and I recommend it. It works, even for me as a heavy weed smoker.

Stacked-up alongside High Voltage, there is no comparison. Does High Voltage detox drink work? Maybe. Does Ultra Eliminex work? Definitely. That’s the difference.


So if you are looking for a detox drink that’s guaranteed to get you through a drug test, then this is the sort of thing you should be looking for.

For a detailed review of Ultra Eliminex, including full instructions on how to use it successfully, and where to buy it, click here.