Qcarbo32 Review: Will It Pass A Drug Test?

Buying the right detox drink to get you through a drug test can be a complicated and confusing experience.

There are tons of brands out there, and a lot of them have very mixed reviews. Who are you to believe, and which one are you going to choose such an important thing is passing a drug test to get a job?

QCarbo32 is a very popular detox drink because of the aggressive marketing around it. It is that the only reasons popular? I’ve already done a review of its sister product, the smaller QCarbo16, so I thought it was time to do a proper QCarbo32 review as well.

I’ve got some concerns, and going to get you up to date on my findings and whether you should use QCarbo32 for a drug test, or pass on it and try something else.

Why Consider Using Qcarbo32?

Basically, you are going to consider using a detox drink like Herbal Clean QCarbo if you need to pass a urine drug test quickly, like that day.

When you have a short space of time before a drug test, your options are pretty limited. Detox pills need a few days to really work, and there is no way you can naturally detox in less than a week, which only leaves the option of masking the toxins.

But let’s not keep things narrow. It’s not a case of just considering using QCarbo32 or not, it’s a choice of whether you try and mask the drug toxins using a detox drink, or take another path. So how exactly does a detox drink work?

What Happens With Toxins In Urine?

Let’s be clear, a detox drink does not truly detoxify you. What it does is to mask the toxins for a few hours by flushing them out of your bladder and increasing the nutrient level to compensate.

It cannot magically grab the toxins stored in your fat cells and drag them out of your system. All it can do is to flush out the toxins passing out of your bladder, which is achieved through the drink and frequent urination, and at the same time replace the nutrients flying out of your body to keep the levels balanced.

The whole point is to allow a drug test to be free of the toxins, and the checks around the validity of the sample to be passed. When the lab check the nutrient levels and for any dilution, they won’t find anything unusual.

So does QCarbo32 achieve this?

 Qcarbo16 review

Qcarbo Review : My Experiences

I’ve already done a detailed review of the sister product QCarbo16 a while back. Basically, I failed a home drug test with that.

But it is only a 16oz version, meant for smaller people and lighter weed smokers, or users of whatever substance you are trying to mask the toxins of.

So yes obviously, it’s going to be stronger and more effective generally, and certainly more likely to mask the toxins of somebody who is a regular smoker, or a big guy or girl like some of us are.

I also did a test of QCarbo32 for this review, I abstained from smoking for a few days beforehand, and I passed the test. I’m skeptical if I would pass if I had just kept smoking and used it on the day of the test. I know for a fact that I could do that with better quality detox drinks like Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex and Rescue Cleanse.

Buy Qcarbo32….Or Not?

Although it stand more chance of working than its smaller sister product, I don’t think it really safe to recommend that you try a Qcarbo 32 detox.

The conclusion of my QCarbo review here has to be that on its own it just is not going to work on its own with any guarantee. However, that’s not the whole story.

A bottle of QCarbo32 plus a pack of Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula pills together cost you just $50 if you pick up a special offer. That’s a great deal.

If you have a minimum of seven days before the test, then this combination will very likely work. The flushing out of the toxins at an increased rate using the pills, plus the undoubted positive effects of QCarbo32 on the day will be enough.

But you have to get a combo deal to be safe. Don’t take the QCarbo32 Walmart or Walgreens option. They cost as much there is they do with the combo deal I have just talked about.

Qcarbo review

Alternatives To Herbal Clean Qcarbo32

I’m straight up saying in this review of QCarbo32 that you should not rely on it alone. Sure in conjunction with something else it will probably work, but there are better options out there that are not a lot more money.

Rescue Cleanse for 55$ and Mega Clean for 69$ are detox drinks I would certainly recommend every time. They aren’t cheap, but they do have a long track record in getting people through a drug test. They work.

Mega Clean isn’t quite as powerful as Rescue Cleanse, and if you are a heavy smoker, I would always advise you buy Mega Clean with the pack of six pre-rid pills, only available from (this seller).

Another I’ve recently added to my strongly recommended list is the detox drink called Ultra Eliminex. I tested it myself and it works. It’s expensive, $80 for a bottle. But if you click here, you can pick up a bottle from a trusted seller that I always use for just $65, 15% off.

So I guess there’s a bit of a hierarchy here. Rescue Cleanse and Ultra Eliminex are certainly great quality and strong enough to flush out the toxins on their own.  Mega Clean is also good enough, but if you can buy it with the pre-rid pills as a guarantee, then that’s an obvious option to take.

Which means that QCarbo32 sit just below these three top choices, in fourth spot. Below that you talking about detox drinks that don’t work at all.  But with some support from abstinence and Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, QCarbo32 should work.