Detoxify Mega Clean Review

If you are up for a urine sample drug test and you are a regular weed smoker or drug user, then you are definitely going to have drug metabolites in your system.

Now obviously the longer you abstain from smoking or whatever before the test will help, but the problem is that drug metabolites can stay in your system for weeks, in extreme situations where you are a chronic cannabis smoker, months.

So if you are up for a urine sample drug test in the next seven days, then your options are pretty limited. Obviously the first thing you are going to do, unless you are crazy, is to stop taking stuff so that your body isn’t converting active ingredients into metabolites.

The second thing you going to need to do is to somehow hide the toxins while you submit your sample. That’s where a detox drink like Mega Clean comes in. But many Detoxify Mega Clean reviews miss crucial details, so let’s set that straight in this one.

What Is Mega Clean Detox Drink?

Mega clean detox drink review

Mega Clean is one of only a few detox drinks that has a genuine track record of people saying that it works.

If you use it correctly, while abstaining from putting new toxins into your system, then it can increase your chance of getting through a urine sample drug test.

In line with other detox drinks it contains ingredients which are supposed to flush out the toxins temporarily, while also not changing the natural markers in your urine.

The problem is that not many of these detox drinks work (you can read my detailed detox drink guide here).

At their worst they are literally just additives and water, and you might as well just drink water or fruit juice instead.

But Mega Clean is one of those that can actually work, if it’s used right.

Does Mega Clean Work For A Drug Test?

The answer this question is an unfortunate maybe, rather than a guaranteed yes.  The objectives of Mega Clean are to:

  • Block toxins from entering the bladder
  • Flush out the toxins in the bladder
  • Maintain the natural markers that are used to determine a genuine sample
  • To create a “safe zone” of around five hours to submit your sample in

What you have to understand is that a detox drink doesn’t genuinely detox you.

What it does, if it works, is to flush out the toxins entering the bladder and leave only toxin free urine entering the bladder so that you can submit a clean sample.

Once a few hours pass, the effects of a detox drink wear off and the toxins start to appear in your urine again. So it’s not a detoxification at all, it’s a masking tool.

Mega Clean Instructions

I wanted to know does Detoxify work for a drug test, and in my experience, as a regular smoker of slightly above average weight, is that after drinking it and then doing a home drug test, it did work.

I’ve also used it for job drug test, and it worked for that as well. But that is only me, and everybody’s results could be different, but if you check out some Mega Clean reviews online, they are usually positive.

But generally, if you follow the Mega Clean detox drink instructions carefully, you do stand a significantly increased chance of submitting a clean sample:

  1. Make sure you buy Mega Clean with the included pack of six pre-rid tablets.
  2. On the day before the urine drug test, take the six pre-rid tablets at a rate of one every four hours. With each pill make sure you consume 16oz of water.
  3. On the morning of your test, around two hours before you are going to submit your sample, shake the bottle and then drink all of the Mega Clean in around 15 minutes.
  4. Wait 15 minutes, then refill the bottle with water and drink that in around another 15 minutes.
  5. Soon as you are able, urinate several times over the next hour.

The maximum efficiency of Mega Clean is around three hours after drinking it, so you are going to need to drink it and the accompanying water in one hour, leave for your test and then submit your sample in hours 2-3 to stand the best chance of passing.

There are some other things you can do to increase the chances of Mega Clean working for you, namely making sure your body is working at its best:

  • Eat light and healthy food regularly and in small amounts
  • Avoid fatty foods, alcohol and caffeine
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do some light exercise, a gentle run, lift light weights, or a long walk
  • …and of course, stop taking the drugs!

Mega Clean Vs Mighty Clean

Most Detoxify Mega Clean reviews miss the comparison between Mega Clean and the newer Detoxify product called Mighty Clean. There are several sites out there which have done a pretty good Detoxify Mighty Clean review, unfortunately they missed the key point.

Mighty Clean is almost exactly the same formula, almost exactly the same ingredients list as Mega Clean. On top of that, it’s also more expensive.

So I really don’t see any point in choosing Detoxify Might Clean over Mega Clean, when Mega Clean has a strong track record of success anyway.

Mighty clean review

Detoxify Mega Clean Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, there are only a small number of detox drinks that genuinely have a good track record of working. I’ve used several myself, and Mega Clean definitely works. But you have to be aware that there are a couple of important things to remember.

Firstly, it might not work for you on its own, not without the pre-rid tablets. You order Mega Clean with 6 pre rid tablets HERE.

Secondly, you only get the small window of opportunity to submit your urine sample in, a couple of hours at most. If you miss that then you are at risk as well.

But if you abstain from taking stuff, follow the instructions, drink plenty of water and hit the window of opportunity right, then Mega Clean certainly can help you to submit a clean sample.