Detoxify Green Clean Review

Detoxify makes an awesome group of detox products. For a start they make Mega Clean, a detox drink which I always recommend.  But when it comes to another one of their products, it’s not quite so clear-cut.

So I thought it was time that I did a proper Detoxify Green Clean review, to see how it stacks up alongside proven options.

I guess the point of this review has to be to answer whether Green Clean detox will eliminate drug metabolites, so that you can pass a urine drug test. If it doesn’t do that, then what’s the point of it

So let’s take a look in detail at the instructions and ingredients of Green Clean, plus most importantly, whether you can use Green Clean to pass a drug test.

What Is Detoxify Green Clean Detox?

Detoxify Green Clean is made by the same company who have a range of highly regarded detox products. Probably the best known is Mega Clean, a detox drink that I use and recommend myself.

So you would expect Green Clean to be just as good, but unfortunately some of the feedback I’ve heard is that it’s actually quite poor.

Which means it needs to be tested, and investigated, to see if there’s any evidence that it could help you to pass a drug test.

Now it’s not explicitly stated that it’s meant for that purpose, states it’s a herbal cleanse, but the marketing, the parent company, and the instructions, all suggest strongly that it’s designed for flushing out drug toxins.

So this experiment and review is based on the fact I’m suspicious that it’s not specifically designed for flushing out toxins in a few hours, but more for an ongoing assistance to a natural detox, but they are marketing Detoxify Green Clean to subtly to appeal to the people who need to pass a drug test as well.

Detoxify Green Cleen review

Detoxify Green Clean Instructions & Ingredients

The first thing to do when it comes to determining if something can flush out drug toxins, is to look at the ingredients. You will get a good idea of how powerful it is based on those.

On the surface, the ingredients don’t look too bad. It’s full of vitamins and other replacement ingredients, including creatine. All of these will be flushed away when you drink any type of detox drink.

The point is that a good detox product will replace the natural balance, so that your urine sample will not be excluded.

However, the problem for me is the volume of ingredients. You don’t get enough to fill the void. On top of that, a lot of this is just green tea, which although it’s a slight diuretic, and is linked to having minor detox properties, you need to drink a ton of it, over several days for it to work.

In terms of the Detoxify Green Clean instructions, they are pretty straightforward: 

  1. First you drink the cleansing blend, then you drink the meta boost. You don’t really need to do this separately, but I suspect that it’s in two bottles to make it feel more of an occasion, more scientific.
  1. Wait 15 minutes, and then drink 32oz of water.
  1. Urinate frequently over the next few hours, and drink more water every hour as well. 

Online Detoxify Green Clean Reviews And My Experience

Well, this is the key bit of any Detoxify Green Clean review isn’t it, does this stuff work, can use Green Clean detox for a drug test?

We sell it in the smoke shop I work in, and I have to say that anecdotal feedback is mixed. A couple of people said they passed, but over the past year, I can remember at least four people who said it failed, and they didn’t get a job.

That doesn’t sound too good, and online Green Clean reviews are similarly patchy, so I decided to test this stuff for myself.

I stopped smoking weed 36 hours, and I ate well and exercised. I drank lots of water, and basically for two days put myself in a good physical state.

I followed the instructions for using Green Clean Detox precisely.

An hour after drinking it I did a home drug test. Unfortunately, it failed. So I drank some more water, urinated a couple more times, and two hours after drinking Green Clean, I did another home test.

The second home drug test was positive as well. So even though I didn’t have a lot of THC metabolites racing round my body, and I did everything right, I would have still failed a lab drug test.

Alternatives To Detoxify Green Clean

mega clean reviewSo for me, the conclusion of this detoxify green clean review has to be to not use it.

On top of the mixed reviews and my failed test, it’s going to cost you $60 to buy this stuff.

For just $50, you can buy yourself a bottle of Mega Clean. For $69, you can buy Mega Clean with a toxin rid pill combo. This boosts the elimination of toxins, before you even take the detox drink.

I personally would always take the option of pre-rid pills (preferably Toxin Rid) with any detox drink, if I have the choice. It gives your system a little extra kick over the 24 hours beforehand, allowing you to minimize the toxins that a detox drink will have to deal with on the day.

So when it comes to Detoxify Green Clean cleanse, I really can’t recommend it.

It’s basically tea packed with a load of vitamins and minerals, which although it can help, it’s not in enough volume to do the job as far as I am concerned.

And when you add in my own failed double home drug test experiment, then it really does seem an expensive and risky option.

The same company sell Mega Clean, which is a far better detox drink for drug test, that I’ve tested myself, and which people I know regularly use to pass professional quality drug tests. I recommend you go for that instead of Green Clean detox.