Detox Cleanse For Drug Test: Walmart An Option?

I regularly get and see questions from people asking about whether it’s just easier, cheaper and quicker to buy the stuff you need to do a detox clean for a drug test from Walmart.

Well, I’m going to give you the lowdown on all of that right here. When it comes to doing a detox cleanse for a drug test Walmart is probably not a great choice, in fact, even in an emergency situation is it a choice, or waste of time?

So let’s talk about Walmart detox kits, detox drinks, and the quality of Walmart detox pills, discuss what’s available, and if there are better options out there that you can use to pass drug test.

What Walmart Detox Kits Can You Buy?

When it comes to detox kits, we are actually talking about Walmart detox pills and drinks. A detox kit doesn’t really exist, it’s either pills or a drink, or combo of both.

In terms of buying detox pills at Walmart, you really only talking about Herbal Clean Pre-Cleanse Q Caps. There’s no need to go any further than to say that these are not good quality pills.

You basically take the pills over several days, along with drinking lots of water and they are meant to flush out your system to pass a drug test. I’ve already reviewed these a while back, and they just don’t work.

walmart detox drinks

Can You Buy Walmart Detox Drinks?

I’ve already reviewed most of the Walmart detox drinks available. You can buy a few different brands at Walmart, things like Stinger, Champ Flush Out, Zydot Ultimate Blend/Euro Blend, Qcarbo32 and Mega Clean.

I will talk about Mega Clean in a minute, but from the rest, QCarbo is the only one I would ever recommend buying. I reviewed it a while back on here as well.

But for a regular smoker without any pre-cleanse treatment or detox done naturally in advance, just using QCarbo is a big risk. Synthetic urine would be far safer, or using a proper, high quality detox drink.

You can buy a combo deal of Qcarbo and Herbal Pre-Cleanse pills on for just $50, which is a far safer option because you get the pre-cleanse pills to help flush out the toxins in advance of the test day, and then you can use QCarbo on the day of the test.

Yes You Can Buy Mega Clean Detox Drink At Walmart

Detox Cleanse For Drug Test Walmart

The only detox drink at Walmart I would recommend you use is Mega Clean. But the problem is that if you buy it through Walmart then you don’t get a proper detox kit.

If you visit the specialist drug testing retailer, you can get Mega Clean with six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills.

All you have to do is take these pills in the two days leading up to the test, alongside a natural detox and they will help to flush your system out.

So when you then drink Mega Clean on the day of the test there are less toxins for it to mask.

So yes you can buy Mega Clean at Walmart, and it’s the only Walmart detox drink I would recommend, but on its own it’s a higher risk, and when you can buy it for around the same price with the high quality pre-rid pills, why bother with Walmart?

Should You Buy Pills, Drinks Or Detox Cleanses At Walmart?

Pretty much the full answer to that question about asking if buying a detox cleanse for a drug test at Walmart is the way to go is, no, no it’s not.

In fact, there’s any one worse thing you can do, and that’s to buy them from Amazon or eBay.

They might be cheap to buy at Walmart, and even cheaper at Amazon or eBay, but you are just not getting high quality products.

In fact, a lot of the stuff sold on Amazon and eBay isn’t even the real product, it’s a fake, just colored water and flavors. Maybe even a completely different drink with a fake printed label.

The bottom line is that if you want to buy high quality detox cleanse products then you need to go to high quality detox retailers, and Walmart is just not that.

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Where To Buy Detox Products

A good quality detox drink costs money. In terms of the best out there, my recommendations are:

  • Ultra Eliminex
  • Rescue Cleanse
  • Mega Clean

I’ve already talked about Mega Clean, and how it’s only a cast-iron choice if you get it with the six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills. You can get it from a trusted vendor right here for $69 with the pills.

Rescue Cleanse is probably the best out there, and certainly the number one brand for me and usually the one I will always drink if I face a urine drug test.

It costs about $55, but it’s quite often out of stop because it’s such high quality and in demand. So my recommendation is to buy some right now and have a bottle in stock should that horrible moment come when you are told you going for a drug test.

A new arrival is my third choice, Ultra Eliminex. It’s by the same people who make Qcarbo, and it’s expensive at $80 a bottle, or $65 if you get it on offer.

But it is the real deal, I’ve reviewed it right here, and in my tests it’s worked. It’s also specifically designed for heavier smokers with a large body mass.

Also anecdotal evidence from people I know and people online are telling me that the quality of Ultra Eliminex is high enough to be put up there with Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean.

So to finish with the conclusion, a detox cleanse for drug test at Walmart is not very possible. Walmart detox drinks and Walmart detox pills are not high quality. On top of that, there’s no such thing as a Walmart detox kit.

If you want to pass a drug test you need to buy high quality products from specialist retailers, whether it’s high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution, or one of three brands of detox drink recommended by anyone who is actually use them for a drug test, Mega Clean, Rescue Cleanse and Ultra Eliminex.